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  • TM Robotics (Europe) LTD

    TM Robotics are the European partner for Toshiba Machine Industrial Robots and Cornerstone Automation.

    With an enviable reputation for Sales and Support, TM Robotics have a long and successful history of business within the European Automation sector.

    For the full range of Toshiba Machine Industrial Robots, visit TM Robotics.
Product Portfolio
  • ABOT - Automated Box Opening Technology

  • Every year, millions upon millions of cardboard boxes are used to package and ship products around the world. The Logistics Industry has evolved to develop automated machinery for packing, erecting and sealing cartons. However, opening cartons has remained the dangerous, labour-heavy manual process that it always was. Until now...
    • What is ABOT?

    • Automated Box Opening Technology (ABOT) is a programmable, stand-alone unit that cuts and opens cardboard boxes.

      The single ABOT1 and dual ABOTDuo are intelligent machines which measure the size of every incoming carton so that cut depth and height remain constant irrespective of box dimensions. Cut rates can be upto 1000 boxes per hour dependent upon box dimensions.
    • Benefits

      • Boxes can be fed in any size or mix without the need for program adjustment
      • Open many packaging styles, whether sealed with tape or glue
      • Protect valuable contents with programmable limited-cut depths
      • Save labour, improve safety, maximise profit
    • Options

      • Pick Window Cut
      • Auto Blade Change
      • Cut for Flap Openers
      • Bar Code Reader
      • Remote Inputs and Outputs for control of peripheral equipment
      • Fieldbus
      • Automatic box passing for ABOTDuo