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Company Profile

Festo Didactic – Worldwide leading in professional, industry-oriented qualification solutions for process and factory automation. Learning Systems From technology oriented Training Packages to Learning Factories, Software, Teachware and fully equipped turnkey learning centres for schools and universites Training and Consulting Approx. 42,000 course participants per year attend more than 2,900 courses. Modular and quality-assured training content in over 39 languages. Industrial Consulting projects in the areas of Product development, Lean production, Procurement and Logistics

Product Range

  • Closed-loop control techniques (research)
  • Electrical power engineering (research)
  • Field bus systems (research)
  • Measuring techniques (research)
  • Open-loop techniques (research)
  • Process automation (research)
  • Production automation (research)
  • Robots (research)
  • Safety, monitoring (research)
  • Sensors (research)
  • Simulation engineering (research)
  • Systems research and technology
  • Testing techniques (research)
  • Use of CA and CIM techniques (research)