Company Profile

With over 30 years expertize in providing innovative solutions for our customers, PSI has helped shape the face of modern technology as we know it. PSI develops complete software solutions in the area known as Resource Management - from conception to realization. We utilize in depth industry knowledge in combination with our technical skills to create customized and individual solutions. With expert knowledge in our customers core processes, we identify future trends and incorporate them into state-of-the-art software. In these ways, we are continuously strengthening our position as a leading provider of Resource Management via the Internet.
In the newly deregulated energy sector, PSI is market leader in the development of software for energy management systems. Our systems control and monitor the generation, transportation, and distribution of energy - in the forms of electricity, oil & gas.
For industry, PSI relies on its comprehensive knowledge of logistics which it uses to obtain a competitive advantage. As market leader in Germany, we provide logistics solutions for the metal, chemical, and printing industries. Our services range from production control to storage and transportation systems, and in the optimization of business processes.