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  • Offer Profile
  • Through games, friendship, critical thinking, education, teamwork, and other activities to:
    • develop awareness - inform of the capabilities of robotics technology
    • prepare the youth - involve for life after school and careers in science, technology and engineering
    • create future leaders - inspire in the areas of robotics and computer science
Product Portfolio
  • What is Roboteka International Educational Program for talented youth

  • In order to make robotics and computer science better accessible and closer to the youth, as well as to contribute to their development in the Republic of Macedonia and other countries, we have started building the foundations with the first educational program in the Balkans for children of age 10-16 to prepare them for life after school and careers in science, technology and engineering industries through a summer program. Our aim is to develop awareness of the capabilities of robotics technology and to create future potential leaders in the area of robotics and computer science. Through games, friendship, critical thinking, education, teamwork and other activities, the youth are faced with practical application of computer science and robotics, and solving problems in everyday life. After starting the educational summer camp of Roboteka, partnerships have been established with educational institutions throughout the Republic of Macedonia and internationally, providing knowledge enrichment to the youth and serving as a base for preparations for future European and World competitions.

    The respective program has been a starter on the robotics theme among the youngsters in the primary and secondary education, strengthening their desire for higher success in their education after completing the educational summer camp. Our ambitious project is aimed at giving options to the Balkan and World youth's future. Lastly, the educational project foster multi-ethnic and multi-national understanding, cooperation and teamwork through exploration of science and technology, much needed in the Balkans and throughout the World.

    The participants in the educational summer camp are 10 to 16 years old, students in primary and secondary schools. While during the school year, the participants are at the age of 10 to 18 years old. The participating students come from Macedonia, the neighboring Balkan countries as well as other countries, regardless of gender or ethnicity.
    • Vision

    • The Republic of Macedonia is a country where the investments in technology are in an embrion phase. The use of technology has just started to proliferate throughout society and industry. Computer science is a mandatory subject in the primary and secondary education, however that is not sufficient to motivate, inspire and to capture the true potential of the young in the area of technology. Therefore, an educational program through a summer program for children in the area of robotics and computer science is necessary for Macedonia and the Balkans.

      The educational summer program will offer friendship, games, education, team work, and opportunity for children to expand their desire for innovations, creativity and realization of their ideas. We consider that one summer program is important for the future development of children as an additional part of their regular education. As basic parts of the summer program education will be focused on computer science and robotics, as well as their application in various segments of the society. Robotics as science is still young with a fast development track that seeks adequate acceptance. Starting with timely education of the youth, Macedonia as a country will be in step with modern technologies.

      With the current wave of governmental technological projects, Macedonia is taking proper steps towards the necessary education of the wider population, especially paying attention to the youngsters. Unfortunately, the country has not kept up with the rest of the World technological development, especially in the area of robotics. As a country with great potential of intelligent young individuals, we believe that with this educational summer program we will contribute to the development of this area of computer science and technology in Macedonia and that we will spark interest and wide popularization of robotics, as well as its development. With it, we will generate forthcoming young innovators and creators that will lead the technical and technological development of Macedonia.

      Target group of the educational summer program are children of age 10-16. That is an age when their intellectual potential is great, the perception of knowledge greater, but may be lacking proper direction and possibility for affirmation and creation. During the program, the children will have an opportunity to discover in what direction they would really want to continue after high school. The program will serve as a filter for the truly interested and most capable youth to succeed in the area of robotics and computer science. With this target group, we are hoping to attract higher interest in the area of applicative computer science and robotics, even if that results in 10% of the participants. The rest will gain basic knowledge and experience for team work (flexibility, cooperation, understanding, and friendship).

      Participants in the program will have opportunity to easily spot the options for their future education. Those who are in primary education will have easier time to choose and prepare for their secondary education, while those already in secondary education, will have their options to think about the open opportunities for higher education and development in the computer and robotics science in Macedonia.
      • Objectives

      • 1. Main objective
        • Contribution towards the development of computer science and robotics in Macedonia and the region.

        2. Specific objectives

        • Create future potential leaders in the area of robotics and computer science.
        • Developing awareness for robotics technology capabilities.
        • Establishing partnerships with educational institutions throughout Macedonia and the region.
        • Increased understanding and confidence in using robotics, computer science and technology.
        • Innovative skills will increase with direct exposure to design and creation of robots.
        • Increased problem-solving skills as a result of direct human-robot interaction.
        • Challenge competitions and practical work will improve participants' critical thinking skills.