Company Profile

STASTO have been a reliable business partner in the field of automation for over thirty years.

We combine a comprehensive range of products in pneumatics, armatures and hydraulics with technical consultation and first class service to provide unequalled quality.

In our business, receiving competent advice and reliable service is a decisive factor for customers. With this in mind, STASTO Employees and Co-Entrepreneurs are constantly aware of the importance of solution and success orientated work. Meeting your expectations and ours!

New quality of service
With the introduction of the STASTO Co-Entrepreneurs-Model, understanding of our company has been transformed. Our company culture has developed and the commitment, dedication and mindset of our employees has been further enhanced.

You can rely on us!
Fairness, reliability and trustworthiness are principles which STASTO abide by. We personally guarantee our customers and business partners a level of service which is second to none.

Fair play!
STASTO guarantee its customers fair pricing and is committed to mutual value creation for all our business partners (customers, manufacturers and STASTO). STASTO – combining quality and performance
We operate independently and avail of a broad range of manufacturers. This enables us to create our excellent STASTO ServicePackages by applying comprehensive product knowledge and using only top quality products. Our priority is providing the best solutions for our customers.

STASTO - understanding quality
STASTO Manufacturers are required to be highly specialised in their product ranges and supply only products of the highest quality. All our suppliers correspond to ISO 9000 quality standards and are subject to continuously assessed STASTO QualityCriteria.

STASTO – delivering efficiency
Complex projects and deliveries made easier. Our well-engineered IT and logistic systems combined with the technical know-how of STASTO Employees ensure that our customers day-to-day tasks run smoothly and efficiently.

The activities and mindset of STASTO Employees are enduring, innovative and focused on the future needs of our customers. The STASTO partnership guarantee – commitment, responsibility and understanding of quality.

Product Range

  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Hydraulic motor
  • Hydraulic rotary drive unit
  • Hydraulic system for stationary applications
  • Hydraulic valve: 2/2-way valves
  • Hydraulic valve: Cetop check valves
  • Hydraulic valve: Cetop flow control valves
  • Hydraulic valve: Cetop manifolds
  • Hydraulic valve: Cetop pressure valves
  • Hydraulic valve: Cetop proportional valves
  • Hydraulic valve: Cetop way valves
  • Hydraulic valve: Cetop way valves 4/2
  • Hydraulic valve: Cetop way valves 4/3
  • Hydraulic valve: Check valves
  • Hydraulic valve: Flow control valves
  • Hydraulic valve: Manual slide valves
  • Hydraulic valve: Motion control valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Pressure limiting valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Pressure valves
  • Hydraulic valve: Special connectors
  • Hydraulic valve: Way valves
  • Pneumatic actuator
  • Pneumatic actuator: Rotary actuator
  • Pneumatic actuator: Rotary actuator, high pressure
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Air cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Ajustable cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Cartridge cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Compact and short stroke cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Compact cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Compact cylinder large bore size
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Custom cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Cylinder for heavy duty application
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Cylinder for high pressure applications
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Cylinder with lock
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Cylinder with position feedback
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Cylinder with valve
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Cylinder, large bore size
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Cylinder, middle bore size
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Cylinder, small bore size
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Double acting cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Double compact cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Double rod cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Flat cylinder compact
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Guided cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: ISO 15552
  • Pneumatic cylinder: ISO 6431 / VDMA 24562 cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: ISO 6431 cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: ISO 6432 cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Linear cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Linear slide cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Piston cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Rodless cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Rotary cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Short stroke cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Stainless steel cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Standard cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Twin-guide slide cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder: Twin-rod cylinder
  • Pneumatic rotary actuator: Rotary cylinder
  • Pneumatic valve: 2/2 valve
  • Pneumatic valve: 3/2 valve
  • Pneumatic valve: 5/2 valve
  • Pneumatic valve: 5/3 valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Air line valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Ball valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Bidirectional flow control valves
  • Pneumatic valve: Block manifold
  • Pneumatic valve: Cardridge valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Check valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Directional control valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Flow control valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Foot valves
  • Pneumatic valve: Handle valves
  • Pneumatic valve: Knob valves
  • Pneumatic valve: Logic units
  • Pneumatic valve: Magnetic valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Manifolds
  • Pneumatic valve: Monoblock valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Multiway valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Pilot valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Plunger valves
  • Pneumatic valve: Roller valves
  • Pneumatic valve: Solenoid valve
  • Pneumatic valve: Stainless steel valve