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  • Offer Profile
  • Construction and manufacturing – made in Germany!

    In short: the perfect solutions to make you even more competitive in today's highly competitive global market. At Nidec Graessner, all this is connected. We calculate our bevel gears using special gearing software, manufacture the gears ourselves and fulfil individual customer wishes.

    Nidec Graessner manufactures high quality bevel gears and gearboxes for high torque, low noise, and precision requirements utilizing own engineering and special grinding technologies.
Product Portfolio
  • Nidec Graessner Gears: Gearing precision with performance.

      • EvoGear – The all-rounder amongst servo right-angle gearboxes

      • EvoGear confidently combines all the advantages of a high-performance gearbox and is aimed at all those who set value on a high ratio variety, a shapely and easy-to-clean design.
            • The EvoGear of Nidec Graessner

            • The EvoGear is the optimum solution for allmost all applications and offers the user unique advantages:

              • 4 configurations - including planetary gear at the output
              • 17 transmission ratios
              • The compact and stable design ensures maximum performance with small dimensions and low weight
              • Due to the lifetime lubrication, the gearboxes are practically maintenance-free under normal operating conditions
              • Energy-saving due to high efficiency of up to 96%
              • Precise due to low backlash of <5 arcmin
              • Variable motor attachment via lantern and coupling
        • FLEXWAVE – The high precision gearbox for automation and robotics

        • Nidec-Shimpo Corporation is a global leader in various high precision gear technologies. Based on increased demand for higher accuracy from machine tool and robot manufacturers, Nidec-Shimpo Corporation utilized it's expertise to develop a new gear reduction mechanism.This new strain wave gear, called Flexwave, addresses the need for high torque density in a lightweight, compact package, combined with zero backlash and highreduction ratios.
              • The FLEXWAVE of Nidec Graessner

              • Reduction Mechanism:

                • Flex gear and elastic bearing take elliptic shape with the cam inserted.
                • Flex gear and internal gear are engaged at both ends of the long axis of the ellipse in a stable manner.
                • With the internal gear fixed, when the cam (input) is rotated clockwise, the flex gear (output) rotates counterclockwise. And its rotational speed is determined by the tooth count differential between two gears.
          • BevelGear

          • Almost no-one understands complex construction as well as Nidec Graessner , due to the fact that the gear tooth and gear specialist‘s creations are based on more than 60 years of experience.

            Intelligent solutions for a wide range of sectors and applications make Nidec Graessner  a reliable industry partner in both gear tooth technology and gear construction.
                • The bevel gears of Nidec Graessner

                • Advantages of Spiral, Hypoid and Zerol® Bevel Gears

                  • High level of coverage due to the fact that several teeth are meshed simultaneously
                  • Resistant to elastic deformation of gears, shafts and bearings
                  • Circular arc gear teeth are more resistant to bending than straight and oblique gear teeth
                  • Very gentle transmission even at high-speed operation and under heavy load
                  • Noise and oscillation damped even at high peripheral speeds
                  • Gear sets can be assembled in your preferred direction of rotation
                  • > 97% efficiency depending upon layout and lubrication
                  • Due to convex tooth-loading the load is not concentrated on the tooth-ends
                  • All gear sets can be lapped in pairs upon request

                  Spiral bevel gears
                  • With circular arc teeth.

                  Hypoid bevel gears
                  • Similar to spiral bevel gears, but with the drive pinion axially offset either above or below. This means a greater pinion diameter, longer life and more gentle tooth meshing.

                  Zerol® bevel gears
                  • Zerols are spiral bevel gears with a 0° central spiral angle, a combination of spiral- and straight-tooth bevel gears.
            • PowerGear

            • The high performance bevel gearbox

              The design of the PowerGear range has been influenced by extremely varied applications within many industry sectors. This bevel gearbox has been developed with a specific torque/speed relationship in mind and therefore benefits from many advantages.
              • compact and rigid design ensures highest performance whilst being space and weight efficient
              • Friction-locked fit between shaft and bevel gear
              • Energy-saving due to high efficiency rating of 98%

              • additional cooling: oil circulation system for cooling, cooling packs with or without additional fan
              • extended output hollow shaft for shrink disc (with or without shrink disc)
              • customized designs
              • mounting feet
              • also available in stainless steel
                • PowerGear P-Version

                • The high performance standard bevel gearbox

                  • 11 gearbox sizes, from P54 to P450
                  • Ratios from i = 1:1 to 5:1
                  • Input speeds n1max bis 7500 min-1
                  • Flange, solid or hollow shaft version
                  • High torque at smaller to medium input speeds
                  • Limited weight and smallest dimensions
                  • Sturdy, reliable and maintenance-free design
                • PowerGear HS Version

                • The HighSpeed bevel gearbox

                  Designed for special requirements – no adaption, no compromises: There are decades of engineering expertise of Nidec Graessner  in the newly developed PowerGearHS series. Thus each individual component was consistently developed and designed to meet the requirements at the highest speeds. With a multitude of benefits for a variety of applications and fields of application.
                  • Gearbox for highest speeds
                  • For dynamic servo drive-train units
                  • Higher permissible thermal performance limit
                  • Low backlash and high accurate transmission
                  • Motor mounting via coupling an lantern
                  • Friction-locked fit between shaft and bevel gear
                  • Suitable as pre-stage for coaxial gearboxes
                  • Energy-saving due to high efficiency rating of 98%
                • PowerGear X-Version

                • The power-pack amongst the bevel gearboxes for highest torques.

                  The PowerGear X-Version with the reinforced design implements with a ratio of i=1:1 the transmission of highest output torques at smallest overall size. The sturdy spiral bevel gear according to Gleason together with the reinforced mounting system guarantee the highest power-density.
                  • 9 gearbox sizes, from X54 to X280
                  • Ratio i = 1:1
                  • Torque T2N bis 5500 Nm
                  • Input speeds n1max bis 4000 min-1
                  • Solid or hollow shaft version
              • PowerGear Miniature

                    • PowerGear Miniature

                    • Impressively small and incredibly powerful.

                      Forget everything you know about miniature gears. Dimensions, weight, precision – the new PowerGear Miniature sets new standards. PowerGear Miniature has a sensationally small installation size, an extremely light-weight aluminium housing, maximum performance and precision as well as many other advantages.

                      The unique design of PowerGear Miniature will open up a vast range of applications in drive technology.
                      • miniature gear for maximum precision
                      • low backlash and high transmission accuracy
                      • case-hardened bevel gear tooth system
                      • friction-locked shaft-and-bevel-gear fit
                      • energy-efficient through high level of efficiency of 98%
                      • extremely light-weight aluminium housing
                      • maintenance free through synthetic oil
                • DynaGear

                • The design of the DynaGear range has been influenced by extremely varied applications within many industry sectors. The DynaGear range has been developed with a highly dynamic servo drive solution in mind and therefore benefits from many advantages.
                      • DynaGear

                      • The highly dynamic servo right angle gearbox.

                        Internal Highlights
                        • Right angle gearbox, single-stage, ratios from 3:1 to 15:1; higher ratios on request, two-stage up to 150:1
                        • The compact and rigid design ensures highest performance whilst being space and weight efficient.

                        External Highlights
                        • Lubricated for life, the gearboxes are virtually maintenance-free (when used under normal conditions). A case of fit and forget.
                        • The high efficiency rating of 96% saves energy costs (92 % at DG-HR).
                  • DynaGearEco

                  • The cost-effective right angle servo gearbox

                    The design of the DynaGearEconomy range has been influenced by extremely varied applications within many industry sectors. The DynaGearEconomy range has been developed with a dynamic servo drive solution in mind and therefore benefits from many advantages.

                    • Right angle gearbox, single-stage, ratios 5:1, 8:1, 10:1 and 15:1.
                    • The compact and rigid design ensures highest performance whilst being space and weight efficient.
                    • Lubricated for life, the gearboxes are virtually maintenance-free (when used under normal conditions).
                    • The high efficiency rating of up to 96% saves energy costs.
                        • DynaGear Eco – DE-PL

                        • The DynaGearEconomy series, versions DE-PL, is available with solid or hollow shafts on the output end. The dimensions of the output correspond to those of a standard planetary gear. The DE-PL series can be used to replace planetary gears.
                    • KS TwinGear

                    • The helical bevel gearbox

                      The KS TwinGear helical bevel gearbox is a high performance and precision gearbox. This two-stage gearbox available in ratios up to 75:1 is very space-efficient and suits an array of applications. High torsional stiffness and low backlash ensure a high transmission accuracy.
                          • KS TwinGear

                          • Features and benefits:
                            • Precision component parts
                            • Suitable for high input speeds
                            • Extremely compact design
                            • Motor mounting via coupling
                            • High torsional stiffness
                            • High torque
                            • Low-noise hypoid bevel gears

                            Input Option:
                            • Series K - Solid shaft version with coupling and lantern
                            • Series L - Solid shaft version
                            • Series F - Hollow shaft version with input flange

                            Output options
                            • Series L - Solid shaft version, both sides or one side only
                            • Series H - Hollow shaft version with keyway
                            • Series H - Hollow shaft version with extension for shrink disc
                      • SpurGear

                            • SpurGear

                            • Dynamic Spur Gearboxes

                              Nidec Graessner  produces customer-specific spur gearboxes of a helical or straight-toothed design. The design of the toothing is carried out using KISSsoft and our own design and calculation programs.

                              In addition to the provision of technical support and advice to our customers, we also take over the entire engineering process. By working closely together with our customers, we guarantee the development and production of the optimum drive solution in each case.

                              • economical production
                              • simple mechanical movement and power transmission
                              • high level of efficiency
                              • high running smoothness
                              • high axial and radial loads
                              • low circumferential backlash
                              • broad range of applications
                              • long service life
                        • PlanetGear

                              • PlanetGear

                              • The Planetary Gearbox for Power and Precision

                                Full power with the highest levels of precision. The PlanetGear has the necessary power reserves available for the most challenging power transmission requirements.

                                • compact design
                                • high level of efficiency
                                • high torsional rigidity
                                • low mass moment of inertia torque
                                • high overload capacity
                                • high dynamics
                                • large transmission ratios

                                Nidec Graessner  offers innovative, customised gearbox solutions in a helical or straight-toothed design. The design of the toothing is carried out using KISSsoft and our own design and calculation programs.

                                In addition to the provision of technical support and advice to our customers, we also take over the entire engineering process. By working closely together with our customers, we guarantee the development and production of the optimum drive solution in each case.
                          • DesignGear

                                • DesignGear

                                • The customised special gearbox

                                  For everyone who expects more: special gearboxes from the specialist.

                                  We provide gear solutions for your individual performance requirements, including designs, tooth developments, prototype manufacture, extensive tests and documentation, right up to the delivery of the series.

                                  Our customised gears include:
                                  • Single-stage bevel gears as control or reverse gears
                                  • Labyrinth-sealed gears with a degree of efficiency of > 98%
                                  • High temperature gears for ambient temperatures of up to 300°C
                                  • Saw drive gears
                                  • Test station gears with output speeds of up to 12000 min-1
                                  • Double gears with two transmission ratios
                                  • Robotic gears
                                  • Spur gears
                                  • High precision gears
                                  • And much more
                            • TorusGear

                                  • TorusGear

                                  • The planar spiral gearbox
                                    TorusGear Planar spiral gearboxHighest possible quality and precision, limited weight, simple construction and minimal space requirement makes the TorusGear highly efficient.

                                    With the TorusGear a new and unique gearbox was developed and patented. This new and unique gearbox has excellent characteristics compared to existing gearboxes.

                                    One gear step is the Torus wheel with spiral shaped tooth and the curve wheel with the curved tooth shape. The contact surface and the load on the material can be substantially reduced with the novel gearing module.

                                    The TorusGear is the first „Planar-Spiral Gear“ which is technically mature to be used for industrial applications.

                                    The technical superiority of the TorusGear compared to conventional gearboxes can be described as follows:

                                    The efficiency remains, irrespective of the gear ratio, almost constant. This means that the TorusGear reaches at high gear ratios, above 100:1, a substantial higher efficiency, compared to the worm gear, where the efficiency factor reduces with increasing gear ratios.

                                    High Gear Ratios
                                    With worm gearboxes, high ratios can only be realised with multiple gear stages or motors with low speeds (750 rpm or 1000 rpm), or a combination of the two options. Additional gearbox stages have a negative influence on the level of efficiency, and require more components, the immediate results of which are lower efficiency and higher costs. The same applies to the option of motors with lower speeds. Electric motors with speeds of 750 rpm or 1000 rpm are respectively approx. 250% and 160% heavier, and cost almost 99% and 33%, respectively, more than an electric motor with a speed of 1500 rpm. At an input speed of 750 rpm and a ratio of 200:1, a worm gearbox achieves the same output speed as a TorusGear with an input of 1500 rpm and a ratio of 400:1.

                                    The unique design of the TorusGear simplifies the adjustment or elimination of backlash. A built in spring preload eliminates backlash for life time.

                                    High Operational Reliability
                                    The low number of moving parts increases the operational reliability. Safety related functions can be maintained after a tooth break, as several teeth are meshing at the same time on the TorusGear.
                              • GearSystems [2.0]

                              • Gear Boxes - Racks - Spur Gears - Lubrication Components

                                GearSystems 20System Solutions for Rack and Pinion Applications:
                                As a supplement to the well-known gearbox product ranges, Nidec Graessner  offers system solutions in the field of rack and pinion applications for mechanical and plant engineering. The DynaGear, KS-TwinGear, DynaGear DG and DynaGear PL systems consist of precise system components developed for automation technology.

                                These include:
                                • low-backlash precision gearboxes
                                • spur gears
                                • toothed racks
                                • lubrication systems
                                  • DynaGearSystem

                                  • Smart, light and accurate

                                    • 8 sizes from T2B= 53 Nm to 2160 Nm
                                    • Feed forces up to approximately 35 kN
                                    • 3 precision classes
                                    • Input speeds up to n1max = 8000 min-1
                                    • Feed speeds up to 10 m/s
                                    • Gear ratios from 3:1 to 100:1
                                    • Spur gear modules from m2 to m6
                                  • KS TwinGearSystem

                                  • Compact, powerful and accurate

                                    • 8 sizes from T2B = 225 Nm to 11250 Nm
                                    • Feed forces up to approximately 200 kN
                                    • 3 precision classes
                                    • Input speeds up to n1max = 8000 min-1
                                    • Feed speeds up to 4 m/s
                                    • Gear transmission ratios from 15:1 to 75:1
                                    • Spur gear modules from m2 to m8
                                  • DynaGear DGEcoSystem

                                  • efficiency perfected

                                    • 4 sizes from T2B= 53 Nm to390 Nm
                                    • Feed forces up to 11 kN
                                    • 2 precision classes
                                    • Input speeds up to n1max = 6000 min-1
                                    • Feed speeds up 6 m/s
                                    • Gear ratios from 5:1 to 15:1
                                    • Spur gear modules from to m2 bis m4
                                  • DynaGear PLEcoSystem

                                  • efficiency perfected

                                    • With planetary gear output flange
                                    • 3 sizes from T2B= 53 Nm to 210 Nm
                                    • Feed forces up to 8 kN
                                    • 2 precision classes
                                    • Input speeds up to n1max = 5000 min-1
                                    • Feed speeds up to 6 m/s
                                    • Gear ratios from 5:1 to 15:1
                                    • Spur gear modules from m2 bis m4
                                • Accessories + Replacement parts

                                    • SmartCheck

                                    • Vibration Analysis

                                      Why vibration analysis?
                                      • Information available regarding lifetime of the gearbox
                                      • Detection of damages on gearset or bearings, impacts, imbalance
                                      • Lifetime extension of the gearbox and prevention of sudden gearbox failures
                                      • Cost savings through prevention of unscheduled machine stops
                                      • Timely maintenance measures before gearbox failure: change of bearings, gearset and other effected parts, replacement gearbox
                                    • PT1000

                                    • Temperature measuring system

                                      Why temperature measurement?
                                      • Information available regarding lifetime of the gearbox
                                      • Lifetime extension of the gearbox and prevention of sudden gearbox failures
                                      • Cost savings through prevention of unplanned machine stops
                                      • Determination of oil temperature and oil condition
                                      • Immediate reaction to thermic influences: timely maintenance measures (oil changes, change of the seals, replacement gearbox)
                                  • Comprehensive Expertise

                                      • Machine Tools

                                      • Always moving forward for you
                                        When our products are used in the machine-tool field, everything revolves around the highest switch-on times with the highest rotational speeds. And for these special requirements we have very special solutions.

                                        Precise, high-torque and fast – the feed drives in the machine tools are designed, among other things, with our straight bevel gear pairs – also as a master-slave combination that includes a toothed rack. This guarantees high levels of stiffness and dynamics.

                                        The auxiliary drives of the machine tools are as varied as they are demanding: during processes such as sawing, drilling, milling, planing, pressing, grinding, machining and finishing – to mention just a few – clamping, rotating and centring must be efficient. Our experienced engineers find an optimum solution here. This is also confirmed by a large number of references from well-known customers. Incidentally: our engineers are also happy to work together with customers or according to a requirements specification sheet to develop special solutions for machine-tool construction. Because we love a challenge
                                        Image source: CHIRON Werke GmbH & Co. KG
                                      • Robotics und Automation

                                      • Man and Machine Hand in Hand.
                                        We are the robots – this title granting a hit for the German band Kraftwerk in the 1970s applies more than ever today. Robots are becoming more and more indispensable from an economic perspective for an increasing number of tasks in a wide range of industries. For the perfect interplay between man and machine, for the perfect accomplishment of specific tasks.

                                        As we are a competent partner for demanding customers, you can count on our long-standing experience in robotics and automation. During the development of the powertrain, particular attention is paid to availability and resilience. High-precision toothing solutions inside the gearbox as well as all-round system solutions are our speciality.

                                        Furthermore, we offer an all-round standard range of dynamic angular gearboxes which stand out due to the fact that with minimal adjustments they are perfectly suited for a broad range of automation solutions. All of our products feature the highest levels availability and system stability, coupled with power density and optimum energy efficiency.
                                        Image source: Kuka Roboter GmbH
                                      • Drive Technology

                                      • Our drive: your success
                                        Your competitiveness drives us forward. Specifically, this means: we develop highly efficient bevel gear units as a preliminary stage or post-stage in conjunction with connected planetary gear units or other precision gears. With the highest precision, small installation space and the highest torques

                                        And our customers can rely on over 60 years of experience and our pronounced enthusiasm for innovation in the field of drive technology. This is demonstrated every day by Graessner gearboxes in virtually all industrial sectors.

                                        Not least the extremely high levels of reliability and durability of our drive solutions enable our end customers to carry out reliable and plannable production. Our products and services therefore reliably safeguard the production of the industrial plants of our customers and their customers all over the world.

                                        Our range of services is almost unlimited: we offer the entire engineering of the powertrain and its production, including service. This includes, among other things, toothing solutions, angular gearboxes, spur gear units and planetary gearboxes for a wide range of applications. When developing customised solutions we think outside the box – by means of a holistic approach to the tasks we are set.
                                        Image source: TAKRAF GmbH
                                      • Packaging Machines for the Food Industry

                                      • Bon appetit! – Our gear units are pure pleasure
                                        Hardly anywhere else are the demands placed on cleanliness greater than in the food industry. Also on the availability of the filling and packaging machines – because a standstill can be expensive.

                                        The stainless steel or coated designs of our gearboxes fulfil these high hygiene requirements. They allow optimum cleaning with the minimal adhesion of dirt. Food-safe lubricating oils are used as a matter of course. And what drives us on: developing particularly energy-efficient drives and generating solutions which make it possible for machine manufacturers to create genuine competitive advantages for their customers from the food industry.
                                        Image source: ILLIG Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
                                      • Measurement and Testing Technology

                                      • Trust is good, control is better!
                                        The corporate landscape nowadays is shaped by faster and faster time-to-market processes. Due to the ever shorter cycle times for new products, highly efficient test beds are particularly important. We have experience with these – because for decades we have been providing support to our customers with special test bed gearboxes.

                                        Our highly dynamic labyrinth gearboxes satisfy all requirements with respect to efficiency and running smoothness.

                                        For example, we offer the automotive industry, with its modern production processes and high level of automation, efficient solutions for their test beds.
                                        Image source: AVL Schrick
                                      • Medical Technology

                                      • The technology behind modern medical technology
                                        State-of-the-art drive technology and innovative medical technology solutions often go hand-in-hand nowadays. Our mechanical drive solutions are therefore used in many areas of medical technology.

                                        Small angular gears, for example miniature gearboxes made of stainless steel with planetary gear as the preliminary stage, are frequently used for therapeutic devices, among other things. Here, it is possible to offer the patient long-term assistance with efficient accumulators and our drive solution. For example in intelligent prostheses and many other solutions in the eHealth field. Not for nothing are our customers in this field mostly high-tech companies and innovation leaders.

                                        Technical expertise in conjunction with a high level of safety for our systems are of the highest priority. Additional assistance during the development and subsequent pilot run production is guaranteed by our numerous calculation and design programs. Our equally well-founded and broad knowledge of the field of medical technology forms the basis for our ability to find solutions quickly. It is therefore no surprise that our medical technology solutions both at home and abroad are highly appreciated by customers and patients alike.
                                        Image source: ReWalk Robotics, Ltd.
                                      • E-Motive

                                      • The whole world in motion
                                        E-motive moves the world. In this field we also have our noses in front – our long-standing experience of electric mobility sets international standards. For some years now we have been a competent development partner for our customers in the e-motive field. We are the point of contact for the development of e-bikes, lawnmowers, pleasure craft or parking aids – to name just a few products. Our expertise across the entire powertrain enables us to produce energy-efficient systems with a high service life.

                                        Our drive solutions impress with their high power density, low weight and outstanding level of efficiency.

                                        Our range of services: we offer the entire range of technical design for the e-motive field – also for hybrid and electric vehicles. Our offers are rounded off by our in-house service package with experienced engineers.
                                      • Mechanical and Plant Engineering

                                      • Our guiding principle is nothing less than to set standards
                                        For over 60 years we have been the competent partner for companies from the field of mechanical and plant engineering. Strictly speaking, our guiding principle is always the same: a size which is as compact as possible with the simultaneous transmission of high torques. And we translate this principle into practice individually with each project – always with the objective of setting standards.

                                        Whether angular gearboxes or other mechanical gear units are involved, our guiding principle is always to be the number 1 technically. We also manufacture high-precision spur and bevel gear sets, planetary gear units as well as dynamic and robust bevel gear units for a wide range of applications.

                                        In the development of customised solutions in particular we are unique in terms of our in-house processes such as our efficient workflow management. And we are delighted that our many customers see things the same way – and confirm this to us through long-standing customer relationships.
                                        Image source Quelle: Cantec GmbH & Co. KG
                                    • Nidec Graessner  – Engineering

                                    • For everyone who expects more: special gearboxes from the specialist
                                      Our engineering and special manufacturing techniques have helped us become precision manufacturer of tooth systems and bevel gearboxes for almost 60 years, as well as specialist in special gearboxes.

                                      For us, individual solutions are standard. And instead of offering expertise that‘s confined to certain areas, like pure development for instance, we offer comprehensive know-how in all relevant areas – from the specifications and the first sketch up to the manufacturing of the zero series including intensive test operations.

                                      Our expertise also extends to a special in-house developed workflow management system: for optimal processes between all areas involved and the customer. Our quality management system thus guarantees highest quality and cost certainty.

                                      We use the following software solutions:
                                        • GEARFOX Software

                                        • The internet-based GEARFOX software, specially developed by Nidec Graessner , leaves nothing to chance. GEARFOX developer software is based on the claim to consider each design task as a challenge, with the ambition to find not just any possible solution, but the best solution – from the development and construction of an individual drive element to the calculation of a complete, perfectly coordinated drive train, including gearboxes.
                                        • KISSsoft Software

                                        • KISSsoft is a program for sizing, optimizing and recalculating designs for machine components such as gears.

                                          In addition to cylindrical gears in different configurations (as pair, planetary set, three or four gears as chain, gear rack and as single gear), the KISSsoft gear design software also covers bevel gears and hypoid gears, crossed helical gears, worms, and face gears. In addition to strength verification in accordance with applicable standards numerous optimization functions are also offered. Naturally all important geometry calculations are also executed, reference dimensions are provided for manufacturing, and tooth form is determined in two and three dimensions.
                                        • Gleason Software

                                          • Generates nominal data for gear tooth inspection
                                          • Calculates Gleason machine corrections
                                          • Corrections can be sent over network to Gleason machines
                                          • Runs in a multi-user network environment with shared databases
                                          • Tight integration with CAGE (auto linking)
                                          • Operates from engineering workstations and gear inspection machines
                                          • Higher order corrections capability
                                        • Nidec Graessner  Workflow-Management

                                        • Our in-house, continually optimised Nidec Graessner  workflow management system guarantees an optimal engineering process: in an iterative, itself meaningfully repeating process with defined interfaces – closed loop (manufacturing loop) – all areas involved, including sales, development, production and customer, are integrated at an early stage and at all relevant points. Thus the optimal coordination of all departments involved is guaranteed at every stage of the engineering process. This benefits quality assurance, communication and thus the acceleration of innovation and product cycles.

                                          Workflow advantages
                                          • Shorter innovation and product cycles
                                          • Better communication through the involvement of all participants
                                          • Large knowledge base
                                          • Guided resources and capacities
                                          • Cost savings