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About the Congressional Robotics Caucus The Congressional Bi-Partisan Robotics Caucus, chaired by Congressman Mike Doyle (PA) and co-chaired by Congressman Phil Gingrey (GA), was formed in 2007 to focus on key issues facing the nation's robotics industry and related emerging technology. Members of Congress will learn first hand about the use of robotics in agriculture, mining, logistics, defense, education, manufacturing and healthcare. more Robotics Caucus Goals • Increase general awareness of challenges and issues among Members of Congress and policy analysts; • Educate Members of Congress and congressional staff on current & future research and development, and utilization initiatives • Serve as a forum where robotics-related policy issues can be exchanged, debated and discussed by members of Congress; • Ensure that our nation remains globally competitive as the robotics industry expands and further affects the way we live our lives. Robots go where it's dirty, dull, or dangerous. They reduce exposure to toxins and perform jobs nobody should, as in pipeline inspections. Robots increase accuracy and reliability on assembly lines and improve speed, producing cheaper mass-produced goods. They reduce risk to the military and First Responders, and go where humans can't. Joining the Caucus If you are interested in joining the caucus, contact David Lucas in Representative Mike Doyle's office at 202.225.2135, or Mike Calvo in Representative Phil Gingrey's office at 202.225.2931. If you would like more information about the caucus contact the Committee representative, Patti Rote at 412-576-9742. The Advisory Planning Committee consists of the Technology Collaborative, the IEEE-USA, the Robotic Industries Association, and the National Defense Industrial Association.