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Company Profile

Brand has designed, manufactured, assembled and tested hydraulic valves for over fifty years. In 1997, Brand began to design and incorporate electronic controllers and custom wiring harnesses into their product line. Brand is strongly committed to the future of hydraulics and electro-hydraulic components and plans to continue developing hydraulic valves, electronic controllers and products which incorporate both (electro-hydraulics). Many of the products Brand provides are modified to specifically fit our customers’ applications and needs. Feel free to give our engineering department a call to learn more about special modifications to meet your needs.

Product Range

  • Hydraulic valve: Directional control valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Electro fluid control valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Flow control valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Flow divider, combiner
  • Hydraulic valve: Four way valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Pilot operated pressure relief valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Pressure compensated valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Relief valve