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  • Offer Profile
  • The Ruhstrat GmbH is a modern company with a great tradition. Ruhstrat is a technology provider covering the segments of Electrical Engineering and special machines. Ruhstrat manufactures non-standard products, but individually tailored to the needs of the customer leading edge technology.
Product Portfolio
  •  Industrial furnaces

  • Convincing down to the smallest detail
    Do you treat organic substances, metals or carbon fibre? Would you like to harden or temper, sinter or anneal, oxidize or graphitize your work parts?
    In each single case – and many more – we are the right person to contact for you. Since we are specialized in the development, construction, commissioning and maintenance of specific heat treatment plants and industrial furnaces – for more than 120 years. Therefore you can rely on the continuity and the practical experiences of our company.
    Furthermore we stand out on the market due to our efficient and high quality, individually produced heat treatment plants. And also our comprehensive range of service offers and our after sales service are a real additional value for our customers.
      • Chemical industry

      • Forward looking technology
        For companies of the chemical industry energy efficiency and sustainability are of great importance regarding heat treatment. Due to the outstanding training of our engineers and the close connection of our company to research departments we develop solutions for you that meet the demands in an optimal way and are tailored according to your job definition.
        Thereby we offer a comprehensive spectrum of customized solutions, which enable you in different ways to treat different material. Of course we also undertake the development and adjustment of the corresponding periphery.
      • Carbon fiber and graphite industry

      • High Flexibility through specific plants

        Whether in the automobile industry or somewhere else – due to their variety and specific advantages carbon fiber and graphite are still on the rise and are increasingly used in the production. With our customized solutions we are able to meet this vast spectrum.
        Our industrial furnaces are used for the processing of different materials and enable you to work with different heat treatment methods. The development and installation of the corresponding periphery belongs also to our core competencies.
      • Metal-processing industry

      • Energy efficient and process optimized
        In the metal-processing industry heat treatment plants need to be integrated ideally in the production process. Thereby companies can strengthen and enlarge their position on the competitive marked. Due to our special know-how and our long lasting experience in this sector we are an excellent partner for you.
        The range of our customized solutions include industrial furnaces for different heat treatment plants and a number of materials. Of course our range of services also include the development and construction of the corresponding periphery.
      • Iron ore or coke testing

      • For precise results
        When it comes to precise data, a fully developed technology is the best guarantor for liability. Even though our lab furnaces are very different in use and application they have one characteristic in common: With our furnaces you are able to determine assured and comparable data – irrespective of the fact if you would like to use our furnaces for testing iron ore or coke.
      • Process control

      • Perfection up to the periphery

        Our industrial furnaces are individual plants for which we also design, develop, build and maintain the corresponding peripheral devices.
        Because only with exact control, optimal regulation and complete supervision of processes you obtain reliably the results that you can expect from a Ruhstrat plant.
        Therefore our range of system solutions is ample
      • Advice / Competences

      • From the very first beginning on your side

        At Ruhstrat you as the customer are always centre stage. Because we develop in a closely design matching process with you in a high quality, forward-looking and economical working technologies which exactly meets your individual requirements.
        Rely simply on our over more than 120 years old practical experience in the industrial furnace construction, the flexibility and the active follow of our highly qualified employees.
      • Service

      • Safety by service
        With our comprehensive care you are best served. Because we are at your disposal also after the delivery of an industrial furnace with words and deeds.
        Since our single-part productions are specific harmonised to the special features of the use at you, our technicians and engineers install by request the equipment on-site and perform the commissioning. Also we take over the observation at the start-up of the equipment and we instruct your operating staff, to ensure a smoothly workflow for the following production process. The long life time cycle of our equipments assures next to the service also the quick supply with the fitting original parts.
    • Transformers / Power Resistors

      Ruhstrat has decades of experience in developing and manufacturing electrical winding products. We offer more than innovative technology. Being a reliable partner we assist our customers by developing optimal solutions customized to their needs.
      While carrying out the development, the design, the delivery and the creation of solutions is an important part of our business, another important part is the performance of a service comprising all expected tasks, from the maintenance to the support.
      Ruhstrat has been specialized in developing and designing transformers, reactors, power supplies and power resistors. Besides the complete standard programme of these business fields Ruhstrat emphasizes the design and manufacturing of plants and systems individually tailored to the requirements of our customers. We manufacture custom-made transformers, reactors, power supplies and power resistors. Ruhstrat components are used wherever products made to specification and small and minimum batch sizes are needed, so for uses which cannot be provided with bulk goods.
        • Variable Transformers

          • as variable toroidal tranformers
          • as variable column transformers
          • according to VDE 0552, IEC/EN
          • single-phase and three-phase design
          • construction for normal or heavy-duty
            operation according to VDE 0552 § 5
          • power: up to 2.000 kVA
          • voltage: from 0 to 10.000 V
          • current: up to 30.000 A
          • frequencies: 16 2⁄3 Hz, 50 Hz to 400 Hz
          • types of protection: from IP00 to IP54
          • as test engineering plant including electronical
            control for the application a
        • Transformer-type Voltage

          • according to IEC 60439-1, IEC/EN 61558,
            VDE 0552
          • single-phase and three-phase design
          • power: up to 2.000 kVA
          • voltage: up to 10.000 V
          • control range: ± 30%
          • control speed: max. 60V/s
          • types of protection: from IP00 to IP54
        • Magnetic Voltage Stabilizers

          • according to EN 61558, VDE 0570
          • single-phase design
          • power: up to 10 kVA
          • control speed from 40 to 60 ms
          • types of protection: from IP00 to IP65
        • Power Transformers

          • single-phase and three-phase design
          • galvanically isolated winding or autowinding
          • according to IEC/EN 61558, VDE 0570
          • power: up to 2.000 kVA
          • voltage: up to 10.000 V
          • current: up to 30.000 A
          • frequencies: 16 ⅔ Hz, 50 Hz until 400 Hz
          • types of protection: from IP00 until IP54
          • with rectifier as DC power supply
          • as energy-saving tranformer with a power
            efficiency > 99 %
        • Cast Resin Transformers

          • according IEC/EN 60076-11, VDE 0532, DIN 42523
          • single-phase and three-phase design
          • power: up to 8 MVA
          • voltage: up to 36 KV
          • types of protection: from IP00 to IP43
          • winding material: aluminium or copper
          • environmental testing E2, climatic testing C2 and
            testing with regard to fire behaviour F1, according
            to IEC/EN 60076-11
          • flash light test and short-circuit test according to
            IC/EN 60076-1-2-3.
        • AC/DC Reactors

          • according to IEC/EN 61558, VDE 0570
          • single-phase and three-phase with freely
            selectable inductivity up to 3.000 A
          • frequencies: from 16 Hz up to 400 Hz
        • Power Supplies

          • voltage and current supplies for industry
            and building management systems, individually
            made to customers specifications
          • combined with industrial electronics, all
            switching and protection devices, electronical
            assembly groups, etc., which
            are required beside the transformer, are
        • Toroidal Core Transformers

          • according to IEC/EN 61558, VDE 0570
          • single-phase and three-phase design
          • galvanically isolated winding or
          • power: up to 400 kVA
          • as high-current transformer
            (actuator coil) up to 30.000 A
        • High-Current Transformer

          • according to DIN EN 61558 (VDE 0532)
          • rated current range up to 30.000 A *
          • type of protection: IP 54 fully potted design (Protection class 2)
      • Power Resistors

      • For more than 100 years Ruhstrat power resistors have been used all around the world in many electrotechnical fields. Our concept is to offer complete solutions and to be a reliable partner for our customers. We develop and manufacture power resistors for a large variety of different technical applications, in a power range from 10W up to several 5.000 kW. Ruhstrat is not only characterized by a broad application programme but most notably by the know-how concerning project planning of various resistor plants. According to the requirements and specifications of the respective project we dimension and manufacture the desired resistor plant.

        rated power 50 W up to 5.000 kW
          • Load Resistors

          • Whether they are needed for test purposes and for proving batteries, transformers, generators, power generation aggregates and power supply units or as load bank for your test field – Ruhstrat offers you an economic solution for each kind of application. Power values of several MW under permanent operation as well as special constructions can be implemented. The devices which are in most of the cases customized products can be equipped with any kind of step control, regulation, measurement and control unit.
          • Test Resistors

          • Whether you need a proof of functioning for generators or a load bank for your test field, we offer you an economic solution for each kind of application. Power values of several MW under permanent operation as well as special constructions can be implemented. In case of test field application the operation surface of the resistor enclosure is made with screenprint, if desired, for easier and clearer usability.

          • Laboratory Resistors

          • Ruhstrat laboratory resistors have been developed specially for schools, colleges, institutes and universities. Whether they are needed as fixed resistors, slide resistors or variable resistors - all laboratory resistors are completely equipped with bottom plate and rubber feet, shock-proof Ruhstrat binding posts and earthing terminal as well as with a protective cover.

          • Steel Grid Resistors

          • Ruhstrat resistor elements are available with resistances ranging from 8.8 mOhm to 6.2 Ohm.

            The continuous output of these grids is approximately 500 W.

            The plates may be switched in series and parallel. As a result, every conceivable resistance value can be realised quickly and easily. You may choose between standard stainless steel resistor elements or our special alloyed version.
          • Tube Resistors

          • High-quality ceramic tubes, perfect windings are the basis of the high quality of our tube resistance and allow for long life and high reliability. By a layer of a special cementing the windings are mechanically fixed and protected against external influences, which removes the heat dissipation is improved.
          • Wirewound Resistors

          • For the winding of the resistors round resistor wire or band made of Isotan CuNi44 is used, with a very small thermal coefficient of resistance. Our resistor elements are outstandingly suitable, specially for applications which demand a high resistance accuracy over a broad temperature range. Thanks to the high resistance accuracy there are no tolerances with the resistance values. The resistor elements serve for the assembly of big load resistors. Thanks to their space-saving construction, their flat design and their modular system they are all-purpose resistor elements.
          • Variable Toroidal Resistor (Potentiometer)

          • Stepless adjustable, these rheostats offer flexibility in the smallest place. Operation can manual or motor driven, but in either case Ruhstrat can supply modules to meet your individual requirements with drives and limit switches. All rheostats are fitted with 3 terminals and insulated axis. Therefore, they can be used as voltage divider and also as compensating resistance. Silver contacts are used for making contact. He windings are mechanically fixed and protected against influence from outside by a layer made of special cementation so that the dissipation of heat is improved.
          • Braking Resistors

          • Ruhstrat braking resistors can take short-time loads as well as the desired permanent power (e. g. braking resistors for frequency converter drives). For smaller drives resistor elements are very frequently used and for bigger drives steel grid resistors are used.
          • Damping Resistors

          • Ruhstrat damping resistors are integral parts of inrush current damping units. Especially with the manufacture of transformers damping resistors are used for limiting the inrush current. With Ruhstrat inrush current damping units inrush currents are limited to the 3.5-fold rated current.
          • Starting Resistors

          • Whether you need a proof of functioning for generators or a load bank for your test field, we offer you an economic solution for each kind of application. Power values of several MW under permanent operation as well as special constructions can be implemented. In case of test field application the operation surface of the resistor enclosure is made with screenprint, if desired, for easier and clearer usability.
          • Discharge Resistors

          • By means of Ruhstrat discharge resistors inductive and capacitive components resp. batteries are discharged. With batteries they are used to ascertain which is the remaining capacity of an accumulator battery which had been fully charged before. Whether you need the discharge resistor for insertion into substations or as mobile device, with natural air cooling or with forced air ventilation, Ruhstrat has the ideal solution for each kind of application.
          • Grounding Resistors

          • In medium-voltage mains with neutral earthing with low resistance our grounding resistors limit a coming up earth fault current to an admissible maximum value until the respective protective relays have switched off the faulty circuit. Ruhstrat grounding resistors are completely delivered according to the customer´s requirements, with a current transformer, no-load switch or load switch etc.