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Business Profile

Ultra-high precision spatial positioning of objects is of prime importance in the emerging field of nanotechnology. mechOnics patented new type of precision-positioning technology is based on an innovative concept that meets those market demands. The ultra-compact translation stages allow operation under ambient and extreme environmental conditions such as cryogenic temperatures (4 K) and ultra-high vacuum environments (10-9 mbar). These features present a revolutionary advancement for the positioning market leading to new research in numerous areas.

Applications of these outstanding nanopositioning modules, well-known in many labs around the world, include open and closed loop nanopositioning stages with resolution up to 1 nm, ultra compact 3D-positioner with up to 10 mm in travel, or monomode coupler for fibres, to name just a few. Furthermore, they are suitable for general beam manipulation applications involving optical fibers and solid state waveguides.

The product line of mechOnics AG ranges from these stand-alone simple positioning components for laboratory applications to complete automated and integrated solutions for low temperature-positioning. The product range includes different sizes and travel of the stages for ambient temperature up to low temperature operation.

The product range is completed by innovative and highly flexible control systems for multiple axes operation.

As a market leader for micro-/nanopositioning devices we continuously work on supporting our customers to achieve reliable scientific results efficiently. Thus, our aim is to open up new possibilities ranging from scientific research to industrial applications.

Linear positioners are available with travel ranges up to 50 mm for ambient temperatures and UHV applications, for cryogenic application linear stages up to 20 mm can be delivered. Together with the open or closed loop controllers you can reach a repeatability up to 1 nm over the total travel range.