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Company Profile

Pizzato Elettrica is one of the main European firms manufacturing position switches, safety devices, safety modules, control devices, lift devices, foot switches, microswitches.
An entrepreneurial company such as Pizzato Elettrica has its foundations in a system of solid shared values. The pillars that form the basis of the company’s work remain constant and constitute the fundamental guiding principles of Pizzato Elettrica.
• TERRITORIAL ROOTS. Pizzato Elettrica is a prime example of the rich entrepreneurship that characterises the North East of Italy. The area is highly productive in many business sectors from agriculture to high technology and makes a significant contribution to Italian wealth creation. The productivity rate is among the highest in Europe and is the result of the tradition of export orientated businesses in the region. The North East of Italy hosts over 400,000 firms in a territory of just over 4 million inhabitants.
• ORIENTATION TO EXCELLENCE. Innovation and development: this company philosophy is at the heart of the operations and product quality assessments. Pizzato Elettrica applies this philosophy to all and every aspect of the organisation. The strong propensity for research and innovation characterises the design of products to bring a reliable and innovative solution to the market. Customers choose Pizzato Elettrica products in the certain knowledge they are of certified quality and the fruits of a scrupulous development and production process.
• LISTEN TO THE CUSTOMER. To be successful a product must respond to the needs of those who will use it. Quality alone is not enough. Market developments must be carefully monitored to disseminate truly useful trends. This is why Pizzato Elettrica has always cultivated close connections with and feedback from the end user. This continuous dialogue helps to identify the useful demands and therefore potential developments to the product range to provide optimal solutions.

Product Range

  • Switches:
  • Switches: Belt alignment switch
  • Switches: Explosion proof switch
  • Switches: Foot switch
  • Switches: Gear-switch
  • Switches: Inductive proximity switch
  • Switches: Magnetic reed switch
  • Switches: Micro switch
  • Switches: Multiple limit
  • Switches: Photo-electric proximity switch
  • Switches: Position switch
  • Switches: Pressure switch
  • Switches: Pull-wire switch
  • Switches: Push button switch
  • Switches: Reed Switch
  • Switches: Rotating spindle limit switch
  • Switches: Selector switch
  • Switches: Slack-wire switch