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  • Offer Profile
  •  Klüber Lubrication offers approximately 2000 different speciality lubricants, many of them developed and manufactured to specific customer requirements. With competent and customer-oriented consulting and wide-ranging services, our employees have established Klüber Lubrication's excellent reputation as a partner to industry and trade.

    With more than 80 years of experience, ample expertise in the industry, numerous certifications, some 150 research and development engineers and other technical specialists as well as high-performance testing facilities, we are one of the leading speciality lubricants suppliers worldwide.
Product Portfolio
  • Bonded coatings

  • Bonded coatings offer many lubrication advantages compared to conventional oils and greases for high temperatures, special hygiene requirements or highly loaded machine elements. Our special tribo-coatings help you optimise friction coefficients and sliding properties of your components and ensure longer lifetimes.

    Bonded coatings form a continuous, dry and adherent friction-reducing lubricant layer on your materials and components. While oils and greases may drip off the friction point, with bonded coatings the surroundings remain clean, which is a particularly important benefit when it comes to hygiene and safety requirements. Bonded coatings can also be used at temperatures exceeding 300 °C. Our product range includes bonded coatings for metal surfaces, plastics and elastomers. They help you to reduce component wear and maintenance costs considerably.
      • Bonded coatings for metal surfaces

      • Bonded coatings protect metals against corrosion and wear. They are particularly suitable for applications involving extremely high or low temperatures, in contact with aggressive media, subject to UV or x-rays and vacuum applications. These speciality lubricants ensure for example constant friction for the entire lifetime of safety belt components.

        Klübertop TN 01-311 A/B is one of our bonded coatings for metal surfaces offering particularly high performance with its formulation based on nano-particles. Measurements show that it increases the lifetime of your components by a factor between five and ten compared to conventional bonded coatings.
          • Bonded coatings for plastics

          • Bonded coatings for plastics must ensure low friction coefficients to protect reliably against wear; they should also reduce noise and extend the lifetime of components. It is important to select the right bonded coating to ensure good adhesion to your components. Our product range comprises a wide selection of special bonded coatings for plastics like PA, PPS, ABS, PC, POM and PE.
              • Bonded coatings for elastomers

              • Compatibility with the elastomer material is an important selection criterion for bonded coatings. They also often have to be resistant to UV radiation and elongation of up to 150 %. Our special bonded coatings for seals and elastomers increase wear resistance and extend the lifetime of these materials. They also improve the optical and tactile characteristics of visible elastomers, reduce noise and facilitate assembly. Our speciality lubricant Klübertop TP 38-901 also offers NSF H1 registration and a DVGW drinking water approval.

                All our light-coloured, water-miscible bonded coatings from the Klübertop and Klüberplus ranges can be pigmented with commercially available pastes without performance impairments, allowing you to highlight smaller components and to avoid production errors by clearly distinguishing different parts.
                  • Corrosion inhibitors

                  • Reliable protection and lubrication

                    Corrosion may cause considerable damage to your machines and installations which are often exposed to friction and wear. Our speciality lubricants lubricate your components and protect them reliably against corrosion. Corrosion prevention is just one factor in extending a component's life. We always recommend seeing corrosion protection in conjunction with all the tribological requirements. For example, in the marine industry, components and machines are not only exposed to corrosive salt water, but also to vibration and high mechanical loads. In the automotive industry, door locks require a lubricant offering good corrosion protection as well as optimised friction properties and a wide temperature range. Only a speciality lubricant covering all these requirements offers real added value: longer relubrication intervals, high thermal resistance and minimised wear.

                    Corrosion protection and more
                    For all metal parts susceptible to corrosion we manufacture a comprehensive range of greases, oils and bonded coatings which offer a lot more than corrosion prevention. Our special lubricating pastes and greases are the right solution to prevent all forms of corrosion including tribocorrosion, fretting or galvanic corrosion. Our lubricant specialists have long-standing experience and will be pleased to advise you on selecting the right product for your application.
                      • Lubricant dispensers

                      • Lubricant and dispenser - a perfect match

                        In many production sectors, automatic lubricant dispensers perfectly complement the use of speciality lubricants. They help you to apply the correct lubricant quantity consistently while considerably reducing maintenance costs. We provide the individual components and advise you on the ideal package solution for your...

                        Many components and machines must be relubricated on a regular basis, which often requires considerable effort. The lubrication points may be difficult to access or distant from one another, and sometimes relubrication simply takes a lot of time because there are so many points to lubricate. Our Klübermatic lubricant dispensers offer you many benefits: they allow you to lubricate machines, sub-assemblies and installations cleanly and continuously with just the right amount of lubricant. At the same time, plant availability increases, as operation does not have to be interrupted for relubrication.

                        Automatic lubricant dispensers are also a good choice in terms of safety and hygiene. They increase occupational safety as they reduce maintenance work in risk areas to a minimum. The risk of leakage or excessive lubrication causing slip hazards is also reduced. Lubrication points and the lubricating system are reliably protected against dust, contamination and humidity. The correct description of the lubricant at the lubrication point ensures that you always use the right lubricant in the right place.

                        Our Klübermatic electromechanical or electrochemical lubricant dispensers are suitable for the lubrication of many different kinds of applications, e.g. for electric motor bearings, fans, pumps, chains and spindles.
                          • Klübermatic FLEX

                          • The compact and flexible lubrication unit

                            Klübermatic FLEX is a compact, ready-to-use lubricator. It can be used for diverse applications at temperatures between -20 °C and +60 °C. The lubrication interval can be selected in monthly increments between 1 and 12 months.

                            An electronically controlled chemical reaction generates the pressure to ensure continuous fresh lubricant supply to the lubrication point at set intervals. Klübermatic FLEX is available in volumes of 60 cm³ and 125 cm³.
                          • Klübermatic NOVA

                          • Klübermatic NOVA can be used for all applications between −20 °C and +60 °C.

                            On the Klübermatic NOVA control unit, a discharge period from 1 to 12 months can be set by push-button. The control unit will then calculate the amount of gas required for constant and reliable lubricant release over that time, taking into account the ambient temperature. Klübermatic NOVA consists of a reusable control unit, an LC unit (LC = lubricant canister) with integrated oil retention valve – filled with 130 cm3 of grease or oil – and a protection cover.
                          • Klübermatic STAR VARIO

                          • Temperature-independent precision lubrication

                            Klübermatic STAR VARIO is fully automatic and works independent of the ambient temperature. It dispenses lubricant with utmost accuracy over 1 to12 months.

                            It consists of an electro-mechanical drive unit with LCD display with push button control, an LC unit containing 250, 120 or 60 cm³ of lubricant and a battery set. The functional condition can be monitored by all around LED lights so that an empty LC unit or malfunction can be detected and remedied without delay.
                          • Klübermatic STAR CONTROL TIME

                          • Individual automatic relubrication by means of external control

                            Klübermatic STAR CONTROL TIME supplies the lubrication point with oil or grease immediately on starting – ensuring constant, accurate and temperature-independent lubrication.

                            Klübermatic STAR CONTROL TIME is power-supplied directly from the machine it is connected to and can be linked up to the machine’s PLC unit for control and monitoring. Klübermatic STAR CONTROL TIME automatically discharges a set amount of lubricant as long as it remains connected to power. The LC unit contains 120 cm³ of lubricant as standard.
                          • Klübermatic Basic Kits

                          • The complete package to get started

                            We want to make the changeover from manual to automatic lubrication as easy and convenient for you as possible. We have therefore developed a basic kit for each of the lubricant dispenser models that comprises all components required for operation under normal circumstances.

                            It allows you to start dispenser operation without having to gather all your data or go through a complex component selection procedure first. The kit contains adapters for regular thread sizes, enabling easy connection of the lubricant dispenser and its LC unit once the machine’s lubricating nipple has been removed.
                        • Lubricant sprays

                              • Lubricant sprays

                              • Speciality lubricants at the push of a button

                                Lubricant sprays ensure quick and easy lubrication and relubrication of areas difficult to access and for spot application. We offer speciality lubricants in spray cans for a wide range of applications to protect your machines and components reliably against wear.

                                Sprays are an easy-to-use alternative to conventional lubricant containers. They lubricate chains, linear guides or cables and can be used for assembly, cleaning, coating, as contact spray, rust remover and in metalworking. Additionally, sprays are suitable for testing purposes before replacing a lubricant.
                                Wide selection of oils, greases, fluids, pastes and dry lubricants

                                Our tried and tested speciality lubricants sprays cover a huge variety of applications. Our product portfolio includes lubricants which are readily biodegradable, comply with food standards and regulations, are noise-damping and withstand extreme temperatures and loads.
                          • Lubricating greases

                                • Lubricating greases

                                • Speciality lubricating greases – as diverse as the requirements

                                  Greases are the best choice if the lubricant is to stay in place at the friction point long term. Not only do they provide good lubrication; they also protect the friction point against external influences like splash water, humidity, contamination, corrosion and wear.

                                  Our wide range of lubricating greases is comprised of the following types:
                                  Lubricating greases for valves and fittings

                                  Valves and fittings require lubrication for reliable operation. Klüber Lubrication has specifically developed the right lubricating grease for each medium, be it food, drinking water, gas or oxygen.
                            • Lubricating oils

                                  • Lubricating oils

                                  • Reduced friction, reduced wear

                                    Things run smoother with the right lubricating oil. Speciality lubricating oils with good penetration and wetting abilities protect reliably against friction and wear. It's important to select the right oil for your application and you will find the matching solution for your application in our wide product range.

                                    High-quality lubricating oils have a good wetting ability and spread easily across the components. Their good viscosity-temperature behaviour ensures that the oil film viscosity is maintained, making them a good choice for high speeds and high temperature applications. Many of our lubricating oils also remove heat, contaminating particles and residues from the friction points, allowing continuous cooling, cleaning and lubrication.

                                    By choosing an oil from our comprehensive product range, you benefit from all these advantages. We offer high-performance oils in a wide range of viscosities for different material combinations, applications and industries. Examples include gears, chains, compressors, machine tools and in industries such as automotive, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. We work closely with manufacturers of components and machines and operators to develop individual solutions. Our speciality lubricants are tested in our comprehensive test labs to ensure they work as you expect as soon as you receive them.
                              • Lubricating pastes

                                    • Lubricating pastes

                                    • Reliable lubrication under extreme conditions

                                      Lubricating and assembly pastes are often used under extreme conditions – for example with temperatures up to 1200 °C, where there are high-frequency oscillations or at very low speeds. Our lubricating pastes protect your components reliably against premature wear. Ease of assembly and dismantling is ensured using our...

                                      Lubricating and assembly pastes containing a high percentage of solid lubricating particles form an efficient lubricating film to separate component surfaces reliably even under extreme conditions. They are particularly suitable for applications requiring high load-carrying capacity, particular emergency lubricating properties and permanent media resistance. Our speciality pastes offer many advantages: minimised tribocorrosion, stick-slip and anti-fretting corrosion protection, prevention of adhesive wear or seizure of the lubricated components. The service life of your components increases.

                                      We also have special pastes for high temperatures which meet food safe requirements. For outdoor applications we offer readily biodegradable lubricating pastes providing protection against corrosion. Many of our lubricating and assembly pastes are also suitable for the lubrication of chucks and guideways, power locking and positive-fit connections, and improve start-up and running-in of your components and machines.
                                • Lubricating waxes

                                      • Lubricating waxes

                                      • Dry lubrication made easy

                                        The right lubricant can make the assembly of small parts considerably easier. Our lubricating waxes ensure your surfaces are dry to the touch for clean and quick working processes while protecting your components reliably against corrosion.

                                        Lubricating waxes form a dry to the touch layer on the surface to ensure reliable lubrication while reducing boundary and mixed friction. Dry lubrication offers you many benefits: small parts like bolts, bushes or rivets can be installed without difficulty. Our lubricating waxes prevent squeaking hinges and ensure smooth running and operation of parts in frictional contact. While greases are often very susceptible to contamination, the surfaces of wax-lubricated components stay cleaner. Additionally, waxes reliably protect components like chains and cables against corrosion.

                                        We will be happy to advise you in selecting the right lubricant. Our lubricating wax Klüberplus SK 02-295, for instance, is suitable for many different applications. It is registered as NSF H1 and can be used for the lubrication of food-industry components that have incidental, technically unavoidable food contact. With Klüberplus SK 13-398, you can lubricate and protect steel cables against corrosion and wear during the production stages.
                                  • Release agents

                                        • Release agents

                                        • The right lubricants for metal-forming

                                          When metal is cast, pressed in dies or punched - having the right release agent is a significant factor for a successful forming process. Our speciality products enable a more profitable operation of your plant due to lower consumption rates, but also because downstream processes are kept simpler.

                                          Which type of product should be used depends largely on the individual forming process: in casting operations the focus is very much on release, hot forging requires additional good lubrication.
                                          Die dressings - Speciality lubricants for casting operations

                                          For uninterrupted production, you need to have release agents (die dressings) enabling maximum service life of your dies and moulds. The die dressing should not just provide good separation of the casting material from the die or mould, but also enable optimum metal flow. With the right product, you can cast homogeneous workpieces with a uniform surface texture. We offer you speciality products with high thermal resistance excelling in their long service life. This means you can maintain production for longer without lubricant reapplication. Additionally, the product's optimised flow characteristics reduce your need to rework.