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Company Profile

miniBOOSTER® hydraulic pressure boosters offer a full range of dedicated solutions engineered to lower costs by turning low system pressure into high pressures ranges of 20 – 5,000 bar. - Reduce energy and operating costs: miniBOOSTER’s hydraulic pressure intensifier capabilities mean you can keep system pressure low to reduce energy and maintenance costs. - Save on components: With miniBOOSTER hydraulic pressure booster technology, you only need low-pressure components, eliminating the need for expensive high-pressure components. Another advantage: Low-pressure components integrate easily into any system! - Boost performance, save space: miniBOOSTER offer a reliable way to boost performance. They are also compact, so you save space! miniBOOSTER Hydraulics A/S is a Danish company based in Sønderborg situated in the south of Jutland. miniBOOSTER was founded on the 1st of January 1994. The first six and a half years we were known as Iversen Hydraulics ApS. In 2000 we changed to our present name miniBOOSTER Hydraulics A/S. During this period miniBOOSTER has developed a comprehensive application and product programme. Consequently we have successfully grown to be the world largest manufacturer of oscillating boosters, selling our products all over the globe, via a world wide distribution network. We are now able to solve most applications requiring pressure intensification. The product programme includes solutions for pressures up to 5,000 bar, flows up to 70 l/min and almost every fluid media. This demonstrates our commitment to ongoing and dynamic product development at miniBOOSTER Hydraulics.