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  • Offer Profile

    We are your partner for innovative mass finishing and blasting technology

    Rösler is the only surface finishing supplier in the world that offers the two most essential finishing technologies, mass finishing and shot blasting, as well as industrial washing systems and in-house production and development.

    Rösler’s mass finishing systems are the best-selling systems in the world, thanks to their high level of innovation, cost-effectiveness and ability to significantly reduce cycle times. Significant cost reductions can be realized by using Rosler’s mass finishing systems, especially when used as a replacement for time consuming and labor intensive manual finishing processes.

    Rösler blasting technology is characterized by intelligent design, innovative features and durable, long-lasting components. Rösler’s blasting technology machine program includes systems for precise pressurized air blasting, as well as blasting with highly efficient turbines.

Product Portfolio

  • The best advice on everything surface finishing, from machines to cleaning agents

    With a mass finishing product from Rosler, you don't just get a machine, you are choosing an all-around, worry-free package. In-house production of mass finishing equipment and media, customer focused designs, our own trained service and application technicians, spare parts, waste water recycling and reline service, all make Rosler mass finishing equipment a comprehensive and sustainable concept for our customers.

    The Rosler portfolio of mass finishing machines ranges from simple rotary vibrator to fully automated surf finishers with robotic equipment. The conception and implementation of systems and processes which are individually designed for the customer are one of Rosler's core strengths. Metal, plastic, ceramic or wood...deburring, degreasing, descaling, rust removal or polishing: The options for the use of Rosler mass finishing machines are simply endless.


      • Continuous Flow Installations–Fully-automatic vibratory finishing

        The continuous loading process is just one benefit of the continuous flow installations. Part input rates and dwell times may be varied in conjunction with the size and sensitivity of the components. Consequently, this technology integrates well into automated process environments. Our innovative attention to detail has been key to our continued success. These factors allow us to offer our customers the widest range of linear continuous flow systems in the industry.


      • Centrifugal disc finishing for increased efficiency

        High-energy disc machines offer an efficient alternative to conventional vibratory machines, providing performance levels of up to 10 to 30 times higher than conventional vibratory equipment. Our wide range of machine sizes and varying levels of automation, offer solutions to any kind of finishing problem.

        Double-Batch System
        Rösler has revolutionized the industry with our high-productivity "Double Batch" system and reliable precision gap control features automatically or manually operated.


      • Saving in Resources by Using Closed-Loop Systems

        Rösler Process Water Recycling Systems can be connected to virtually any vibratory finishing machine. This increases the savings potential of vibratory finishing. Most vibratory finishing processes such as de-burring, precision grinding, rough grinding, radiussing or polishing are wet processes. Water and cleaning agents (compounds) are the carriers for resultant removal of media and metal fines.
        The resultant process water is completely recycled via a closed-loop system. Water and compound savings contribute to significant cost reductions. The system technology is based on special centrifugal technology with an acceleration factor of up to 2000 g, coupled with environmentally-friendly chemistry developed in-house.
        Rösler Process-Water Circulation Systems can be adapted to any vibratory finishing application. Semi- and fully-automatic centrifugal systems are available.


      • Rösler Centrifuges – efficient cleaning of industrial liquids

        This technologies utilized for treating process liquids like coolants, sludge from painting operations and other industrial liquids must not only guarantee an excellent cleaning effect but they must also be economical. With its sturdy and sophisticated centrifuge technology Rösler offers a wide range of cleaning solutions which include not only numerous technical features but also excel with their outstanding cost efficiency. The powerful centrifugal filters from Rösler, available with 2- or 3-phase separation, are usable for a wide range of different cleaning tasks and can easily be adapted to specific applications.


      • A proven vibratory finishing technology - rotary vibrators

        Rösler rotary vibrators can be adapted to automated processing at any time with modular auxiliary systems for loading, unloading, rinsing, drying and other "pre-" and "post-finish" operations.
        Sturdy and easy to operate, Rösler provides vibratory installations for a wide range of applications. A wide variety of part shapes and sizes can be finished to any kind of surface requirements.


      • Impingement-free mass finishing

        Drag Finishing systems are ideal for finishing high value and sensitive parts which cannot touch each other during the finishing process.
        A rotary carousel with up to twelve spindles and fixed parts "drags" the workpieces through the media mass. The rotation of both the carousel and the spindles guarantee an even treatment of the parts. Drag finishing offers a metal removal rate which is up to 40 times higher than vibratory finishing.


      • A innovation from the Rösler mass finishing division!

        … for the automated, precision finishing of single components

        With its rotating work bowl the Surf-Finisher creates an intensive finishing process at very short cycle times. It allows a highly defined, controlled deburring, edge breaking/radiusing, surface grinding & smoothing and high gloss polishing. The multi axis robotic component holder can precisely target the different surface areas of complex components.
        Surf-Finishing can be run as a dry and wet process and allows the finishing of specific component sections without affecting other surface sectors. The Surf-Finisher produces perfect surface finishes on the most intricate components with surface readings of as low as Ra = 0.04 µm.


      • Precise and consistent surface finishing of sensitive components

        Plunge grinding machines may be used to surface finish high quality parts which must not touch each other during the finishing process.
        In a Rösler plunge finishing system, the parts are attached to a high-speed rotating spindle, which is then lowered into a work bowl filled with grinding or polishing media.
        The spindle is not limited to rotational action. In addition, vertical oscillation and eccentric orbital movement can be used to enhance the grinding action.

      • DRYERS

      • Rosler dryers are specifically designed to handle parts exiting surface finishing processes. They can be integrated into mass finishing systems and will accommodate various part sizes. All dryers include thermostat controls and easy automation features
      • Tub Vibrators

      • You can find this type of machine in applications where the biggest Rotary vibrator, because of the size of the parts, might still be too small. Straight tubs are very suitable for large and sensitive parts which if necessary, can be treated in separate compartments without the risk of part on part impingement. In our unique range you will find different models with sizes from 178 mm x 533 mm up to 1,499 mm x 3,988 mm. Our special long trough vibrators have a cross section of 850 mm and a length of 6000 mm.

      • Two-in-one integrated washing and drying system reduces manual parts handling.

        Typical mass finishing processes of the WTA are deburring, edge breaking/radiusing, smoothing & polishing, cleaning & degreasing of small bulk parts. This system was specifically developed for part-on-part processing without any grinding or polishing media. WTA systems are available as rotary vibrators as well as centrifugal disk finishing systems. Both machine types allow the complete unloading of a batch of finished parts to take place either by tilting the work bowl or by activating an unload gate in the bottom of the work bowl.


      • Innovation and individuality are two of the principles driving the Rösler Group forward. This also results in the constant ambition to address new and increasing customer requirements to perfection. In recent years, we have continually developed new solutions based on the individual needs of our customers. We have put together a selection of our special solutions on this page for you.

    • Trust the global market leader in the vibratory finishing and shot blasting industry

      Vibratory finishing and shot blasting technology are used everyday in many applications in nearly all branches of industry. Whether metal, plastic, ceramics, glass, textiles, stone or wood, deburring, degreasing, descaling or sanding, removing rust, roughening, matting, smoothing, edge rounding or solidification, wet-blasting or high shine polishing: The options for the use of Rösler vibratory finishing machines are simply endless.

      The desires and requirements of the customer are the focus of Rösler developments. Through comprehensive know-how in procedure technology, the skills for system contexts as well as numerous proprietary global Rösler development and test centers, user-related solutions are particular strengths of Rösler, which ensure our customers the highest degree of quality and cost-effectiveness.

        • ABRADING


          Anyone can do abrasion. However, for the quality of abrasion, the machine technology is decisive in addition to the procedure. Rösler surface technology offers you a broad spectrum for all abrasion applications with numerous tried and true systems for turbine and compressed air blasting - from clocks to steel sheeting, from frying pans to climate control pistons.

          From an aesthetic point of you, a smooth surfaces is not always best or the target in the processing of a material. Therefore, abrasion of various materials using shot blasting technology is a daily challenge in surface finishing in numerous industries. Abraded surfaces are characterized by a larger surface and thus offer improved adhesion when coating or adhering various materials.

        • DEFLASHING


          You set the requirements. In our development and test center we find the economical and technically sensible solution to remove such undesired structures as sharp edges, disruptive flashing or flitter using shot blasting or vibratory procedures.

          The bandwidth of Rösler systems ranges from simple, manual machines to fully-automatic, linked designs. Thanks to the high deflashing performance, the machine systems can also be used for finishing (deflashing and cleaning) of magnesium, zinc and aluminum cast parts.

          In addition, with the Hunziker® brand, Rösler offers the technological trailblazer in industrial deflashing technology of Duroplast parts and high-fill Thermoplast parts. These machines are developed, produced and sold around the world by Rösler Switzerland AG.

        • STRIPPING


          Stripping and repainting serve above all for corrosion protection, as regularly required in the aviation and space industries. The aviation and space industries set the highest requirements for materials and technology, in which the limits of technical feasibility are constantly being redefined and minimum production tolerances must be upheld.

          Rösler meets this challenge with technologies including procedures for automatic or manual stripping of composite and metal surfaces in which special wheat starch is used. Stripping can be complete (paint and primer) or selective (primer retained).

          Rösler has designed a special nozzle for even paint removal. Compared to regular cylindrical nozzles, this ensures an optimal distribution of the medium over a larger area, avoiding the so-called hot spot.

          A 6 axle robot is used for absolute process control and safety in use of the nozzle. The nozzle movement is set by computer using a laser measurement system.

        • RUST REMOVAL


          You can't avoid corrosion. But professional corrosion protection which is systematically monitored renewed if necessary can prevent the destruction of valuable components.

          Rust removal from metal components is one of the classic applications in vibratory finishing and shot blasting technology, and is the basis for further finishing processes. Rösler offers various methods for rust removal, which are aligned exactly to the special needs of the metal industry. 

        • SANDING


          Sanding of components from casting sets high requirements for the stability of the machine, the durability of the turbines and filter technology for the abrasives.

          The Rösler portfolio of shot blasting machines for the foundry industry includes numerous different types of machines (including tumble belt machines, overhead rail machines, rotary table, wire mesh belt, drum and robot blasting machines, but also special systems such as high capacity rotary table machines or motor block blasting machines), which are best suited to these requirements and fulfill all of the specifications for surface finishing in modern foundries.

          Thus blasting chambers made of manganese steel ensure perfect impermeability and stability. Individually exchangeable and rotary wear protection plates of manganese steel in the blasting area, which are attached in the patented ceiling tile principle, increase the operational time of the machine. High performance turbines ensure high blasting performance for short processing times.

          Additionally, components can be added such as vibration conveyors to separate out sand and fragments even before blasting preparation or the Rösler magnet separator for a perfect degree of separation of the casting sand from the abrasives.

        • DECOATING


          Removing material is one of the most frequent applications in surface finishing, depending on the industry. Semi-automatic and fully-automatic decoating systems have become indispensable in this.

          Whether paint, Teflon or ceramic coatings, window profiles or turbine components, Rösler offers you efficient and reliable solutions for various industries with its large range of shot blasting systems and its comprehensive skills for system contexts.

          The decisive question in the selection of the right system and consumables is always: How much material removal leads to the perfect result? In our numerous proprietary worldwide development and test centers we will find the most sensible economical and technical solution pursuant to your individual needs. Processing of mineral-based construction materials such as concrete or sandstone, glass, textiles and wood is possible with Rösler machines, as well as the finishing of plastics and metals. 

        • DESCALING


          Despite the newest heat treatment processes, discoloration, oxidation, scale and hard residues are found on cast and forged products through manufacturing and environmental influences. Modern production methods, control and testing processes and an uninterrupted continual processing of the cast and forged parts requires clean, light work piece surfaces.

          Rösler's broad portfolio offers shot blasting machines and vibratory finishing machines for descaling: Rösler blasting machines for the casting and forging industries are exclusively equipped with our modern turbine technology to effectively and economically descale work pieces.

          Rösler vibratory finishing machines, in combination with our proprietary etching compounds are ideal to economically process bulk parts in an environmentally friendly manner.

          Regardless of cog wheel or marine diesel crank shafts, whether bulk materials, particularly sensitive pieces or components with complex geometry: We have the perfect machine for your surface finishing in our program. The complete portfolio can be automated perfectly with the various feed and unloading systems or with robots.



          With Rösler high pressure water jet machines, pure water is blasted at up to 5000 bar through a rotating multi-nozzle on the work piece to be finished. Through the rotation of this nozzle, a “milling effect” is created, which gently removes even hard coatings.

          Water blasting has many advantages:

          • no deformation, because there is no peening effect
          • very low material removal of the base material, because no abrasive is used
          • very environmentally-friendly
          • the process water can be reused in a closed circuit
          • subsequent cleaning of the work pieces of dust or abrasive residue is eliminated
          • no use of abrasive materials
          • temporary corrosion protection on the work pieces by addition of compounds is possible
        • ISF


          ISF® stands for Isotropic Superfinishing – chemically accelerated vibratory finishing. The patented process was developed in collaboration with REM Chemicals, to finish high quality parts sparing the edges as much as possible. It is used primarily in the aviation and space industries, in motor and racing manufacturing, in medical technology and for high precision parts.

          In the ISF® process is an ideal combination of chemical and mechanical surface finishing. By using compounds in the acidic range, initially a thin oxide layer is applied to the treated components, which is then removed optimally from the components using selected abrasives. This creates a superfine finish (in the end finish roughness values of up to Ra = 0.02 μm, Rz = 0.14 μm), which leads to the rolling and running noises of components being reduced, reducing friction and thus the energy costs and increasing the service intervals and life.



          Angular work pieces not only represent a risk of injury and safety in the assembly process, rounded edged pieces are often technically necessary to ensure functionality. Vibratory finishing is the most economical solution to round off the edges of bulk goods as well as very delicate pieces with high quality requirements in a reproducible and rapid manner.

          The most comprehensive range of consumables on the worldwide market, as well as a broad portfolio of vibratory finishing machines, Rösler can deliver optimal results from complete deflashing to completely rounded edges.

        • WET BLASTING


          Surface improvement, cleaning, preparation, decoating, preparation for initial coating, deflashing and shot peening, these are all tasks for which the wet blasting method can be used. It is a water based method with abrasives and is particularly suited for the finishing of delicate, precision-produced parts.

          The significant advantages of wet blasting are:

          • No dust
          • Ability to use fine abrasives
          • Low abrasive consumption due to the protective water layer (suitable for shot peening)
          • Low risk of embedding (particularly for soft metals)

          Special surface finishes can be achieved through the enrichment of the process water with ceramic and mineral abrasives. In addition, through the wet blasting method, blasting of materials is possible which should not come into contact with the air for health reasons.

          For consistent process uniformity and high quality surface finishing of the work pieces, the control of the blasting nozzles in Rösler wet blasting machines is assumed by industrial robots or by CNC systems. Loading and unloading can also be automated in many ways, and the individual production requirements implemented.



          The surface finishing through polishing requires not only specially designed process technology if the piece is to reach its optimal function and life span. This final treatment also embosses the product with the quality seal of the processor. Because very smooth and/or high-shine surfaces are a sign of proven aesthetics and quality.

          This type of high performance surface with little roughness is required above all in medical technology, turbine and transmission manufacturing, the jewelry industry and the automotive industry. Polishing work pieces can optimize the resistance to wear and tear and minimize the energy consumption and noise. With its own program of polishing abrasives, polishing pastes and a large offering of various vibratory finishing machines, wet as well as dry methods, Rösler offers the ideal conditions for your polishing needs.



          The cleanliness of components between process stages or before installation is becoming more and more important in the production process. Even today, 10 to 20 percent of production costs fall on industrial cleaning due to rising quality requirements, and this an upward trend. Rösler offers you the efficient and thorough cleaning of components, individually adapted to your production process.

          For industrial component cleaning, Rösler offers innovative filter technologies and proprietary cleaning compounds in addition to industrial washing machines of various types, which have high compatibility with Rösler vibratory finishing processes.

          Vibratory finishing offers cleaning processes specially for a number work pieces, to either clean them part against part, or using abrasives in combination with wash-active process water. You can also remove oil, degrease and clean in combination processes with deflashing or light edge rounding. This can often avoid an additional cleaning process and production times and costs are effectively reduced.

          We will gladly perform a cleaning test on your components in our own test center and test the adherence to your specifications for cleanliness of the cleaned components pursuant to VDA 19 and ISO 16232 in our lab.

        • GRINDING


          Surface defects, mold release seams on components, die-cast surfaces, grinding grooves or roughness from additive production methods and other manufacturing processes need uniform, finely structured surfaces for further use or refining. Rösler vibratory finishing processes create the ideal basis for surface coatings and galvanizing, in particular with complex component shapes.

          The application is nearly unlimited for metals, plastics, rubber, wood and ceramics. As the market and technological leader in the vibratory finishing industry, Rösler has not only a nearly unlimited portfolio of the most varied vibratory finishing machines, but also has the largest product pallet in the world of consumables. Plastic composite media as well as ceramic media and 60 different abrasive pastes are produced in house.

        • SHOT PEENING


          Shot peening is a process specially developed to improve the properties of components which are exposed to changing strains. For safety reasons, shot peening is also now absolutely necessary in the aviation and space industries. And shot peening is essential in all industries requiring long lives for components. This includes the automotive sector as well as many other industries. 
          The requirements for the shot peening method are becoming increasingly more comprehensive.

          Rösler shot peening machines ensure absolute precision and reproducibility. By applying internal compressive stress on the component surface, the life of the component is significantly improved. Fatigue cracks and other signs of age during the operation of components are significantly reduced through the use of shot peening.

          The desires and requirements of the customer are the focus of Rösler developments: Individually tailored complete solutions are our strength. Rösler shot peening processes are characterized by intelligent process supervision, innovative details and particularly durable components. 

          In particular:

          • the supervision of the abrasive flow on a magnetic basis or through a single Coriolis dosing system, depending on whether you are using metal abrasives or not
          • the automatic calculation, analysis, preparation and saving of data within the finishing process by our HMI interface system “PC Supervisor” for maximum process consistency and safety
          • preparation of abrasives using precise classification systems

        • Cutlery cleaning / drying

          Cutlery cleaning and drying with Rösler: For cleanliness and shine
          Cleaning dirty cutlery is time consuming, it eats up time, the time of your staff, and is cost intensive. With normal washing machines, clean and spot-free cutlery clean does not always end in satisfactory results. In addition, high quality cutlery often loses its smooth surface and stops shining over time.

          Rösler meets this challenge with cleverly devised cutlery cleaning and drying machines. Rösler offers the special KeramoFinish® process for the refinishing of cutlery, giving your cutlery a high shine!

          Our machine portfolio for industrial cutlery cleaning and drying includes:

          • our cutlery cleaning system RCC for residue-free cleaning of dirty cutlery from a kitchen fork to a skimmer
          • the Duomatic 125 C, our space-saving cutlery cleaning, polishing and
          • drying system - all in one process.
          • the RCD cutlery dryer for spot-free drying and polishing
          • the drying and polishing machines type C&S 3000 Rösler and C&S 7000 Rösler for hygienic cleanliness within the shortest amount of time 

      • Longer service life, lower maintenance times, optimized process safety

        Technical products require superior functionality and aesthetics in order to be successful in the marketplace. Rosler shot blasting systems offer you nearly unlimited options from deflashing, descaling, sanding and rust removal to roughening, matting, smoothing, edge rounding and shot peening.

        There are few technical applications for metal surfaces that can offer the variety of uses that shot blasting technology can offer. Finishing of mineral components such as concrete and sandstone, glass, textiles, wood and plastics is all possible with Rosler machines.


          • Uninterrupted loading and unloading process

            The RBD is exceptionally suited for high volume continuous processing. The continuous belt blasting machine is available both with turbine and compressed air technology.


          • Wire mesh belt blast machine RDGE

            These machines are excellent for all-round, complete and continuous blasting treatment of flat as well as voluminous and very complex components.

            With 4 or 8 high power Hurricane turbines, mounted around the housing (both vertically and horizontally inclined), it is also possible to treat very complex components, which have "pockets" or difficult to reach areas. A highly wear-resistant wire mesh belt, with tension adjustment, provides the part transport.

            The special belt guiding enables the lower turbines to blast only through one belt position, which means that any masking is kept to a minimum.


          • Rotary table blast machine RDT

            This type of system is characterised by its multiple applications. Components with different sizes, shapes and geometries, as well as delicate components, can be processed easily.

            Satellite table blast machine RDT-S - Turbine Principle

            These machines have three satellite turntable inserts (multiple table options are available upon request), each with a diameter of 1000 mm. These are integrated into the main table level, which has a diameter of 2500 mm. Once on the rotary disks, the components are blasted by high-performance Hurricane or Rutten turbines.



          • Spinner hanger blast machine RHBE

            Overhead rail shot blasting units are recommended for the treatment of sensitive parts which cannot be tumbled in bulk loads, and for particularly complex, heavy, or large parts. The parts are mounted on a hook and transported into the blasting chamber. The simultaneous rotating and oscillating movement of the hook ensures that the blasting media, accelerated by the multiple turbines, reaches every component, providing the best possible uniform blasting result. Rösler Overhead Rail units are very versatile units, and their compact design requires minimum floor space.


          • Preservation line

            A complete blasting and painting line consisting of individually adapted conveyor systems, a pre-heater, shotblasting machine, paint booth, and a post treatment dryer. Conveyor systems can be chosen according to individual requirements, together with roller conveyors, traveling grates, and cross transfer lines, etc. A gas-fired pre-heater unit allows the treatment of wet or even ice-covered material from outside storage. The paint layer produced in the paint booth will be dried in line by the post dryer unit,  allowing the handling of the components immediately upon exit for further treatment steps. To  reduce energy costs, the final drying process uses waste heat energy from the pre-heater.

            Our Services:

            • Plant engineering
            • Customer oriented project management
            • Engineering / Manufacturing / Assembly
            • Modernisation of existing installations
            • Fast supply of spare and wear parts

            Roller conveyor lines are an essential part of the overall preservation system. The components (plates, tubes or profiles) continuously pass through the pre-treatment chamber, the blasting chamber and the cleaning chamber, on a special roller conveyor. The high performance turbines mounted on the cabin housing ensure all-round coverage under controlled process conditions, and thus produce the desired cleaning effect.


          • Tumble belt blast machine RMBC

            Mass-produced components, which can be tumbled, are ideal for processing in tumble belt batch machines, no matter what materials they are made from. Anything from small, delicate plastic parts to large, forged components, can be finished to the highest standard.

            The batch system can be extended to a fully automatic system with the addition of peripheral loading and unloading equipment.

          • MULTI-TUMBLER

          • Specially designed rotary barrel
            The central feature of the MT machine series is the geometry of the rotating barrel. The inside wall of the barrel features specially contoured ridges, while the bottom is shaped in the form of a three-sided pyramid. This unique design creates the innovative "multi-tumbling" action of the different barrel elements: when the drum rotates, the ridges on the internal wall of the barrel tumble and mix the work pieces. At the same time the pyramid causes the parts at the bottom of the barrel to move to the top of the mass. This multi-tumbling action ensures that the blast stream reaches all surface areas, thus producing even and consistent blast results. Brightly cleaned parts surface, free of sand, rust or scale, are achieved in short cycle times with an MT system with a highly consistent finish.

          • Continuous feed tube and bar blast machine RDR

            These specialised blast machines allow comprehensive and uniform shot blast treatment of tubes and round bars in a continuous process.

            Ideal for integration into an existing production facility.


          • Roller conveyor blast machine for weldments RRBK

            These special roller conveyor machines for blast cleaning of complex welding constructions where all surfaces are cleaned. For example head- and base-plates, welded ribs and re-enforcements must be de-scaled and de-rusted. And the welding seams must be cleaned.

            All-around blast cleaning of outer and inner surfaces takes place through 2 “blast zones”. The first "blast zone" consists of equally spaced blast wheels mounted onto the roof and bottom of the blast cabin – with larger machines there are also blast wheels mounted to the cabin walls. The second "blast zone" of blast wheels is placed at a negative angle relative to the direction of the parts transport. The blast pattern created by these two "blast zones" allows all-around blast cleaning of a vertically placed base-plate.

            Typical areas of application: Steel and shipbuilding, mechanical engineering


          • Roller conveyor blast machine RRB

            Roller conveyor shot blasting machines are mainly used for treating long and/or flat components. The components continuously pass through the "pre" chamber, the blasting chamber, and the cleaning chamber on a special roller conveyor.

            Highly efficient turbines fixed on the machine housing make it possible to treat the components on all sides.

            Rösler roller conveyor shot blasting machines are used to remove scale, rust and paint from long and/or flat components.

            The RRB designed was fitted with our heavy-duty turbine system, which  generates significant operating cost reductions due to faster throughput times, as well as reductions in shot-blasting media consumption and energy requirements.


          • Satellite table blast machine (air blasting) RSA 1400

            With the Rösler RSA 1400 indexing rotary table machine, gentle finishing of different kinds of components with no part-on-part contact is possible.
            The entire spectrum of blasting applications ranges from delicate deburring up  to  shot peening. The installation is particularly interesting for applications in which the entire surface of the components need not be blasted, but only specific sections.

            The RSA 1400 concept is based on a modular system and can be equipped with 6, 8, 10 or 12 satellites operating completely automatically.

            These machines can be equipped with either injection or pressure blasting systems.


          • Continuous feed loop belt blast machine SBM

            Rösler continuous flow shot blasting machines are ideally suited for treating small, high-volume bulk components. The special design of the V-shaped loop belt creates a screw-like movement of the parts through the machine, ensuring homogenous treatment of all parts. Another advantage of this loop belt conveyor system is to enable supply and extraction systems for a continuous flow of components of upstream and downstream processes.

          • BLAST CABINETS

          • Blast cabinets RSKI, RSKD

            Blast cabinets are ideal when a variety of small parts is to be treated. The cabinets can be equipped with turntables, baskets, blast nozzles, pressure blasting systems, oscillators and other special auxiliary equipment, making them very versatile. The full-width front-opening door provides clear access to the complete blast chamber and the special design prevents blast media spillage when opened:

            Pressure and injector blast cabins are used for:

            • cleaning,
            • deflashing,
            • surface finishing,
            • decorative blasting.

            The range of shot blast media that can be used covers all non-hygroscopic media from very abrasive materials (e.g. aluminium oxide or silicon carbide) to plastic media and corn cob.


          • Can be effortlessly integrated into existing or new production lines

            The RWK features manual or fully automatic material handling in parallel with an ongoing blasting process, significantly reducing costly auxiliary process times.
            The turning chamber blasting machine is the ideal blasting solution for cleaning, deflashing and peening a wide variety of work pieces, such as; cylinder heads, engine blocks, springs and automobile industry frame components.


          • A compact blasting solution with optimal results 

            The RWT is a space-saving blasting machine that can be fully automated with any corresponding handling devices. The work pieces (e.g. transmission components, gear wheels, shafts...) are delivered to a rotating satellite for processing. The horizontally and vertically traveling blasting unit guarantees an optimal and repeatable blasting outcome. Extensive options are available for process monitoring (e.g. blasting abrasive quantity, pressure regulation...)


          • Customer-specific solutions for finishing surfaces

            Your challenge drives us – we develop and produce customer-specific, specialized solutions for modern and efficient production. 
            Here you can find a brief overview of a variety of special solutions. We would be happy to meet with you regarding your own personal requests.

        • Aerospace

        • Increase component life span through targeted surface treatment

          Protecting human lives: The aerospace industry is a technologically advanced industry subject to extreme quality and safety standards. Accordingly, aerospace industry companies have high demands for their service providers, as well as high material competency and adherence to minimum production tolerances. Rosler Metal Finishing is a complete and competent provider of finishing equipment for turbines, undercarriage and structural components. The surface finishing of these important aircraft components can prevent material fatigue, while creating the desired surface finish and increasing life span.


            • Optimized efficiency in surface finishing processes requires automated loading and unloading capabilities. Production space costs money and that's why compact, high-performance shot blasting machines are used.

              With our compressed air blasting systems featuring loading carts for the aerospace industry, Rosler offers technologically advanced, space-saving solutions for the finishing of small to medium sized components, such as turbine blades and turbine rings made of inconel, titanium or steel.

              Rosler compressed air blasting machines featuring retractable load carts enable optimal access in the loading and unloading areas. They are constructed modularly and have multi-functional uses. The spectrum of applications ranges from deburring, striping and cleaning to surface strengthening using shot peening.

              Rosler compressed air blasting machines featuring retractable load carts enable optimal access in the loading and unloading areas. They are constructed modularly and have multi-functional uses. The spectrum of applications ranges from deburring, striping and cleaning to surface strengthening using shot peening.


            • Whether its wing segments, stiffeners or stringers, Rosler continuous flow installations for the aerospace industry display their strength in the finishing of structural components. Shot blasting and peening are the ideal applications for this industry.

              Through their modular construction, Rosler continuous flow installations are ideally suited for the continual and thorough finishing of very long components. Two independent robots allow for simultaneous finishing of the components on two sides.

              The component transport is possible in both horizontal and vertical directions.


            • With our solvent spray installations, Rosler offers user-friendly solutions for the automated cleaning of gear parts and similar components.

              The solvent is sprayed at high pressure onto the components to flush out shavings and remove stubborn contamination such as residual oil from the surface. Then the solvent is recycled and reused.


            • Featuring our L-door installations, Rosler offers ideal finishing solutions for undercarriage manufacturers. Designed for the finishing of large format components, our L-shaped access door allows for problem-free loading and unloading, using an overhead crane.

              Rosler’s L-door installations cover a wide spectrum of applications including the precise finishing of defined exterior surfaces, as well as the internal blasting of drill holes and feed-throughs. Parts can be finished inside and out simultaneously.

              The use of robots ensures reliable, efficient and fully automated production processes. Automatic nozzle changes can also be integrated into the finishing process.

            • MOBILE BLAST UNITS

            • The work on previously installed components is significantly simplified with Rosler's mobile blasting systems. Significant reductions in time and costs are made possible by flexible use in all installation situations. Available in various expansion stages, we will find the most suitable mobile blast unit for your application.

              The spectrum of applications of Rosler’s mobile blasting units ranges from simple cleaning tasks, to stripping of painted surfaces to manual directional blasting on aircraft structures.


            • With a broad portfolio of wet blasting processes, Rosler can offer the right installation for manual or automatic blasting tasks, capable of processing both small and large components.

              The wet blasting method is typically used for surface improvement, cleaning, stripping, preparation of coatings, deburring and shot peening. Wet blasting is especially well suited for finishing delicate, precision produced parts.

              The main advantages are:

              • No dust
              • Ability to use fine abrasives
              • Reduced fragmentation due to the protective water film
              • Reduced risk of abrasive inclusions

              The recirculation of the water/abrasive mixture is achieved by using special, high durability sludge pumps, which provide excellent technical and environmental benefits.

              All installations are available with Rosler’s innovative line of process water recycling systems. These include centrifuge and hydrocyclones, as well as our patented chemical process water cleaners.


            • Production space costs money. With Rosler’s swivel table installations, we offer you an extremely compact machine for the finishing of small to large components.

              The table, which swivels outwards, is not only extremely ergonomic and space-saving, but aids in the loading and unloading outside of the machine. The table is equipped with satellites for optimal component placement. This makes the finishing of nearly every component possible: from small turbine blades to the larger parts of the undercarriage.

              Optional interior blast lances on the roof of the swivel table installation also enable interior blasting of cylindrical components, such as drive shafts.


            • The design and implementation of tailor made finishing systems, based around the customer's needs, is one of Rosler's core strengths. Through comprehensive procedural know-how and the skills for system development in our numerous global test centers, Rösler's solutions offer you the highest degree of quality and cost-effectiveness, providing you with decisive competitive advantages.

              Rosler has earned the reputation as a trailblazer, innovator and market leader in the surface finishing industry. Rosler's machines are among the most sold systems around the world. Numerous certifications and satisfied customers reinforce the innovative character of the company.

              We offer individually engineered and built special components. Travel distances can be accurately calculated and determined in advance by using computer-based robot simulations.

              See for yourself, and let’s find a better way together: Rösler – finding a better way...


            • Time is money and saving time is the decisive advantage of Rosler’s revolving door installations. Installations with revolving swivel doors make simultaneous finishing, loading and unloading possible, optimizing costs and production time.

              Revolving door installations from Rosler are able to be loaded with identical or different components on either side. A special inflatable rubber seal ensures that it is absolutely dust proof, while also serving as an effective noise insulator.

              The scope of use for Rosler’s revolving door installations ranges from small components such as drive shafts or turbine blades to medium-sized turbine rings (OGV).


            • The highest degree of process safety and reliability are the criteria which make process supervision essential today. With the PC Supervisor, Rosler has developed a computer control specifically for the aerospace industry, which supervises and visualizes the entire finishing process.

              This forms the basis for an improved and comprehensive understanding of your process engineering, through remote maintenance and fine alignments. All functions of Industry 4.0 are supported by the PC Supervisor.

              The PC supervisor is available in two versions: As PC Supervisor SPC, it is used during the finishing process for statistical process control and above all for the user-friendly creation of protocols and documentation.

              As PC Supervisor Master, it is available for integral process control. At this higher level of design, systems can be controlled directly from the computer or individual process optimization can be done. Integrated service management is also possible for component wear and tear. The installation and its individual systems are designed to be visually pleasing and enable a perfect overview of the process.

              Direct network integration with the customer network is also possible.

            • CONTROLS

            • Because we plan, design and create our control units completely in-house, we can offer comprehensive procedural know-how and expertise. This guarantees our customers the highest degree of quality and cost-effectiveness and the best basis for all services.

              Rosler control units stand out with a comprehensive view of processes, components and systems. All units are individually designed for your finishing process, built and then planned specifically for your system.


          • Improved component durability through automated surface finishing

            Functional components made of Duroplast and Thermoplast are typically exposed to high amounts of stress, such as; parts for engines, belt pulleys, fuel pump parts, semiconductors and lead frames. Decorative plastic parts, such as light switches or pan handles require a gentle finish that is both durable and esthetically appealing, while remaining highly functional and inexpensive.

            Expert advice, from the start. The Rosler group has a long and successful history in plastic deflashing. For over 50 years, Rosler Switzerland, formerly Hunziker, has developed innovative solutions for the deflashing of Duroplast and Thermoplast parts, making Rosler one of the most trusted names in the field of plastic deflashing.

            In Rosler’s duroplast testing center in Switzerland, we can process your components for you in order to develop the optimal blasting solution for you application needs. This serves as the basis for the design and production of your application.

            A wide selection of consumables rounds out Rosler’s plastic deflashing portfolio. In cooperation with Swiss company Emsodur, we offer polyamide, polycarbonate, nutshells and duroplastic blasting agents. To maximize post production cleanliness, we also offer separate sandblasting and cleaning stations.


              • With its wire mesh belt system for plastics deflashing, Rosler offers high performance machines for continual deflashing of Duroplast and high-fill Thermoplast components. Rösler wire mesh belt systems are capable of achieving a particularly gentle finishing process.

                It is particularly suited for finishing pieces which need to avoid part-on-part contact, such as switch housings, iron parts or power protection switches.

                Innovative details, such as; modern suction systems for blasting agent transport, cleaning and re-finishing, multi-level sieve processes, cascade and dust separators and anti-static equipment are standard at Rosler. Even further, we equip our wire mesh belt systems with additional automation systems such as robots, and offer integration into existing equipment lines.


              • With its manufacturing cells, Rosler offers a variety of options for deflashing delicate pieces with contours that are difficult to access. Designed for targeted, yet gentle deflashing of Duroplast and high-fill Thermoplast pieces, there are manufacturing cells available in the form of satellite systems, turntable systems and swing table systems.

                Manufacturing cells are highly suitable for deflashing plug parts, pump segments and other parts for the automotive industry. Rosler manufacturing cells cover a wide spectrum of applications from the precise finishing of defined exterior surfaces, to the internal blasting of drill holes and feed-throughs. Parts can be finished inside and out simultaneously.

                Rosler manufacturing cells can be seamlessly integrated into existing manufacturing islands and production chains, and can be use modularly with robotic and handling systems.


              • Whether you’re finishing camshafts, valves or pan handles, Rosler bulk deflashing machines provide the ideal process for finishing small or moderately sized non-delicate work pieces. The continual deflashing with even piece transport at a defined speed is the center point of this.

                Thanks to an innovative drum design and screw conveyors, Rosler bulk deflashing machines are ideally suited for efficient and reliable finishing of bulk pieces. While the Multitumbler RMTS captivates above all through a 100% batch purity and high reliability, even under raw starting conditions, the SBSK loop belt machines score points for their integrated cleaning drums for optimal cleanliness of the parts after the blasting process.


            • From cleaners to complete solutions for surface finishing

              The cleanliness of components between process stages or before installation is becoming more and more important in the production process. Even today, 10 to 20 percent of production costs fall on industrial cleaning due to rising quality requirements, and this an upward trend. Rosler offers you the efficient and thorough cleaning of components, individually adapted to your production process. 


                • Rösler´s continuous transport belt washing machines are manufactured from stainless steel1.4301 (AISI 304) and used for degreasing, washing, blowing and drying of metallic components which are placed directly on the belt or on customized pallets according to the components to be treated.

                  Our machines can be equipped with oil separators, medium or high pressure blowers, compound dosing systems, filter systems and vapor condensers.

                • WASHING CABINETS

                • Rösler manufactures washing cabinets in stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304), with different processing zones: multistage with degreasing, washing, passivation, blow off and drying.
                  The washing is carried out via centrifugal pumps that blast the cleaning liquid at high pressure, removing any stubborn contaminates and oils which can be on the surface.

                  Alternative processes:

                  • Horizontal rotation of the baskets.
                  • Vertical rotation of the baskets for immersion bath and spray washing processes.
                  • Placed on special fixtures for medium or large delicate components.


                  • Oil skimmer.
                  • Filter system with removeable cartridges.

                • Rösler´s rotary washing machines consist of a rotary platform and various chambers for separating the washing, degreasing and blow off process. The components are placed directly on the rotary platform or on special designed fixtures based on the shape and size of the components to be treated. The loading and unloading can be carried out manually or automatically using a robot.

                  Washing machine with three process steps: degreasing (divided in two zones: high and medium pressure), high pressure washing and blow off.

                  The components are placed vertically on rotary transport fixtures. The loading and unloading of the components is carried out using a robot.

                • DRUM WASHING SYSTEMS

                • The Rösler drum type machine is ideal for bulk treatment of large production volumes (nuts and bolts, machined and turned components).

                  Manufactured from stainless steel AISI 304, the washing machines can have different cycles such as: immerged degreasing, sprayed degreasing, washing, passivation or oiling and drying.

                  We provide various models with different diameters and a variable production (from 20 litres/h to 1000 litres/h). We also manufacture special type large diameter drums for volumes over 3000kg/h of components.

                  Our washing machines can be equipped with automatic component loading systems and weight control at the discharge point; in addition to oil separation, compound dosing systems and steam condensers.

                • EQUIPMENT COMPONENTS

                • As a guarantee of quality, all components installed in our washing equipment are brand name leaders in the market.