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  • ENGEL offers injection moulding turnkey solutions from a single source: As the global leader in injection moulding machine manufacturing, we stand for seminal development and production of injection moulding machines and their automation. With the latest technologies, state-of-the-art production facilities and sustainable service & support, we enable our customers to be competitive and successful.
Product Portfolio
  • Injection Moulding Machines

  • The ideal machine concept for every application: ENGEL reassures with its experience and know-how as global market leader in plastics machinery. With proven and innovative injection moulding machines from 280 kN to 55,000 kN clamping force, hydraulic, fully electric, horizontal and vertical solutions.
      • ENGEL duo

      • The powerful injection moulding machine for large parts

        With its flexible layout and compact size, the ENGEL duo integrates ideally with your production. No matter whether you produce large parts, manufacture highly sophisticated components for the automotive industry or absolutely need a perfect surface for your high-tech products.

        • compact size – injection moulding machine with a small footprint and low height
        • flexible machine layout – perfectly designed, variable large-scale machine with a standardised modular kit
        • short cycle times – thanks to optimised movement dynamics and synchronised locking
        • efficient production – smart energy concept & maximum cost-effectiveness in the production of large-volume and large-scale parts
        • clamping force – from 3,500 kN to 55,000 kN
        • clean & highly precise linear guidance system - available for clamping forces from 3,500 to 7,000 kN
      • ENGEL e-duo

      • The electric powerhouse for large precision parts

        When large parts require extreme accuracy: The ENGEL e-duo injection moulding machine combines the power and flexibility of our successful dual-platen, large-scale machine with the special precision and energy efficiency of our proven electric drive technology. In particular, the ENGEL e-duo is ideal for manufacturing parts with long flow paths that perfectly meet your high quality and efficiency standards.

        • efficient production – space-saving, flexible injection moulding machine with an intelligent, energy-efficient drive concept
        • high productivity – high injection speed & integrated servo-hydraulic system for parallel operation of the core pulls
        • precise quality – perfect platen parallelism, intelligent contact force system and force transmission through two symmetrically arranged spindles
        • clamping force – from 5,000 kN to 7,000 kN
      • ENGEL v-duo

      • The space-saving vertical machine for large lightweight components

        The future of the automobile is driven by lightweight design: This is why we developed the ENGEL v-duo. This vertical large-scale machine is a sensitive power package that achieves extremely precise results, especially, in fibre composite applications and processes with high cavity pressure. In addition, it is highlighted by many individual equipment options, excellent energy efficiency and its compact size.

        • space-saving precision – ideal for inserting prepregs or for the high-pressure RTM process
        • versatile clamping unit – maximum accessibility & operational safety make the ENGEL v-duo the perfect choice for fully automated production processes
        • excellent cost-effectiveness – tie-bar guiding, platen parallelism control & ENGEL ecodrive as standards
        • clamping force – from 4,000 kN to 36,000 kN
      • ENGEL victory

      • The tie-bar-less machine for efficient production of technical mouldings

        Flexible, energy-efficient and reliable: The universal ENGEL victory is your perfect modular system for manufacturing a wide range of technical mouldings. With its proven tie-bar-less technology, you can use this relatively small injection moulding machine even for large moulds. This means that you only invest in the clamping force you actually require.

        • universal all-rounder – the optimal basic machine for all-round applications and a variety of technologies
        • low energy consumption – low friction, clamping pressure lock-in & electro-hydraulic control pump, ENGEL ecodrive (optional)
        • absolute freedom – ENGEL tie-bar-less technology for complex, innovative, mould designs, rapid mould change & unobstructed robot movements
        • optimal mould protection – patented ENGEL force divider for outstanding platen parallelism and uniform clamping force distribution
        • clamping force – from 280 kN to 5,000 kN
      • ENGEL e-victory

      • The tie-bar-less machine for precision technical mouldings

        Whether filigree or complex, optical or micro-parts: the ENGEL e-victory injection moulding machine delivers quality that meets the strictest requirements. With its servo-electric injection unit, the tie-bar-less mould area and the low-emission drive technology, the ENGEL e-victory is the smart, clean choice for the production of precision technical mouldings or small medical parts.

        • perfect precision – tie-bar-less injection moulding machine with a precision, servo-powered, electrical injection unit
        • flexible use – suitable for moulds with and without core pulls thanks to "on-board" hydraulics
        • excellent energy efficiency – tie-bar-less machine with a servo-powered, electrical injection unit, clamp pressure lock-in & innovative, quiet ENGEL ecodrive servo-hydraulics
        • excellent mould protection – ENGEL force divider: perfect platen parallelism & uniform clamping force distribution
        • more freedom – for complex, innovative, mould designs, rapid mould change & unobstructed robot movements
        • clamping force – from 280 kN to 4,000 kN
      • ENGEL e-mac

      • the small all-electric injection moulding machine for standard applications

        Small machine and high output for a low investment: Impressive on account of its speed, precision and extremely economical, energy-efficient operation, the ENGEL e-mac is your successful entry into the world of all-electric injection moulding. To keep a long story short: it is an investment that pays dividends surprisingly quickly thanks to the attractive purchasing price.

        • compact efficiency – injection moulding machine with high productivity and small footprint
        • flexible range of applications – advanced options package for standard applications
        • long service life – thanks to linear guiding of the moving platen
        • low energy consumption – all-electric drive concept with an innovative energy recovery system
        • clamping force – from 500 kN to 1,800 kN
      • ENGEL e-motion

      • The all-electric injection moulding machine for high-end applications

        Greater output, more speed, higher precision, top cleanliness: The ENGEL e-motion is the optimal production unit for the ever-growing demands of a dynamic market. Thanks to a sophisticated, flexible, all-electric machine concept that gives you constant, clean quality in a highly efficient way.

        • low maintenance costs – durable injection moulding machine with a perfectly designed, closed-circuit lubrication system
        • high dynamic – short injection times due to dynamic servo-motors with breath-taking acceleration performance
        • efficient production – energy-efficient drive systems & high performance thanks to short dry cycle times
        • precise cleanliness – clean room capability thanks to sealed toggle levers & precision linear guides for the moving platen
        • clamping force – from 300 kN to 6,500 kN
      • ENGEL e-cap

      • The caps & closures machine with maximum energy efficiency

        Maximum output with minimal energy consumption: The ENGEL e-cap is the all-electric, high-performance injection moulding machine for your efficient caps & closures production. Shortest cycle times, top productivity and a maximum of good parts allow you to achieve unbeatable production conditions in the future.

        • maximum performance – powerful injection unit combined with increased ejector force & increased clamping speed
        • precise manufacturing – impressive process stability results in a maximum of good parts
        • optimum efficiency – less energy and cooling water consumption & top availability
        • top system competence – strong global partnerships for moulds and auxiliaries
        • clamping force – from 1100 kN to 4200 kN
      • ENGEL speed | e-speed

      • The high-speed machine for maximum output

        Maximum speed, dynamics and performance: The ENGEL speed is trimmed for durable high-performance from top to tail. All system components withstand the most exacting demands and are thus ideally suited for intensive use in the packaging industry. And if you are looking for unbeatable energy efficiency in this class of injection moulding machine: the ENGEL e-speed will impress you with its all-electric clamping unit and innovative energy recovery system.

        • fastest ENGEL injection moulding machine – designed for permanent high-speed and maximum output
        • short cycle times – extremely fast dry cycle times, high injection speed, parallel movements
        • improved efficiency – even with high shot volumes, thanks to the servo-electric screw drive
        • perfect cleanliness – durable machine concept with encapsulated toggle levers & linear guidance of the moving platen
        • clamping force – from 3,800 kN to 6,500 kN
      • ENGEL insert

      • The vertical injection moulding machine for perfectly overmoulded insert parts

        When it comes to overmoulding inserts, precision is a premium. With its compact, variable machine concept and vertical clamping unit, the ENGEL insert is the ideal solution. To meet every mould requirement, this model range is available with a vertical or a horizontal injection unit. Plus, as the ENGEL e-insert, available with a servo-powered, electric injection unit and featuring the innovative hydraulic ENGEL ecodrive as a standard, it will achieve even more precision.

        • individual injection moulding machine – available in the single, rotary & shuttle variants, depending on the mould area requirements
        • minimal footprint – ergonomically optimised working height without operator platform & short design especially with a vertical injection unit
        • excellent energy-efficiency – low friction, clamping pressure lock-in & electro-hydraulic control pump, ENGEL ecodrive
        • easy accessibility – efficient protection of the open work area by means of a light curtain
        • clamping force – from 300 kN to 4,000 kN
      • ENGEL elast

      • The elastomer injection moulding machine for special requirements

        Whether your elastomer products are designed to seal, dampen or provide protection: the ENGEL elast is the flexible power package for elastomer applications of all types. This complete series of machines and automation solutions is perfectly suited for highly-efficient, process-assured processing of rubber, solid and liquid silicone or thermoplastic elastomers.

        • homogeneous material preparation – using FIFO or screw units for rubber strips or solid silicone
        • fastest cycle times – an injection moulding machine with machine movements specially designed for the task
        • high platen stiffness – for particularly stringent quality requirements in elastomer and silicone part production
        • clamping force – from 450 kN to 6,000 kN
      • ENGEL Liquidmetal®

      • ready for the metal moulding revolution

        Superbly elastic, virtually indestructible & absolutely free of corrosion: ENGEL enters a new era of metal processing with Liquidmetal®Technology. Liquidmetal® alloys are a series of revolutionary amorphous zirconium alloys that allow you to produce premium metallic components using the injection moulding process. As a partner of Liquidmetal®Technologies, Inc., USA, we have developed an innovative machine solution for this sensitive process based on our all-electric ENGEL e-motion: Liquidmetal® alloy ingots are first melted in a vacuum by means of induction heating and then injected into a cooled mould. The results: extremely precise metal parts with a perfect, rework-free surface.

        • revolutionary material – amorphous zirconium alloys: extremely tough, high tensile strength and flexibility combined with excellent elastic recovery
        • innovative technology – developed with ENGEL's proven injection moulding expertise for amorphous alloys on the basis of the all-electric ENGEL e-motion 110
        • versatile applications – ENGEL metal injection moulding is ideal for medical, military and aerospace technology, sports equipment, etc.


    • Automation

    • Seamlessly interlocking: ENGEL automation keeps your production running smoothly. We design and deliver turnkey system solutions with perfectly aligned sequences: from the injection moulding machine and robot to the automation technology peripheral equipment. You can thus rely on the highest part quality, stable processes and maximum productivity.
        • ENGEL e-pic

        • The smart mini robot

          Simply connect, switch on and get started: the new ENGEL e-pic offers a cost-effective and energy efficient introduction to automation. It guarantees you a quick, safe and simple manipulation of the parts and together with the short intervention times, a trouble-free production process is guaranteed. The additional perk: thanks to its newly developed kinematics, it is very compact and can be integrated into the injection moulding machine (max. clamping force 220 tonnes) without taking up much space.

          • universal deployment – flexible pick & place robot in one size for all machines up to 220 tonnes
          • compact design – can be fully integrated into the ENGEL injection moulding machine – no control cabinet necessary
          • optimum efficiency – economic entry-level model with low acquisition costs and minimal operating costs
          • short cycle times – high performance thanks to weight-optimised design and new kinematics
          • user-friendly operation – more convenient & safer operation thanks to data synchronisation of the RC 16 with the IMM (CC300) – no programming skills required
        • ENGEL viper

        • The high-performance linear robot

          Work with more experience: ENGEL has been building powerful linear robots since 1980. The ENGEL viper perfectly complements your efficient production cell, and its innovative design gives you improved load-carrying capacity with a low deadweight. Plus, smart software packages ensure that all the movements are perfectly harmonised.

          • optimise efficiency – maximum output with low energy consumption
          • more convenience – very safe and easy to use
          • low life-cycle costs – durable design and extremely low maintenance costs
          • variable use – linear robots, stand-alone or integrated, for ENGEL injection moulding machines, or stand-alone for third-party machines
        • ENGEL easix

        • The multifunctional 6-axis robot

          Working with ease in all three dimensions: The ENGEL easix six-axis robot and its integrated control unit are ideally equipped for current and future tasks, making your production even more efficient. No matter whether you need a particularly flexible automation solution or face special requirements, such as cleanroom production.

          • integrated system – CC300 machine control unit interacts perfectly with injection moulding machines and is suitable for 1.6 - 240 kg payload
          • perfectly equipped – complete with all the functions you need for plastics processing
          • easy to use – if you can operate the machine, you can also control this multi-axis robot
          • flexible production – adaptable to new tasks at any time
          • CE-compliant production facility – in combination with ENGEL machines, the 6-axis robot can be certified to CE standards
        • ENGEL Conveyor Systems

        • Efficient belt conveyor systems

          The decisive competitive advantage with optimised bulk handling: ENGEL conveyor systems offer you intelligent belt conveyor solutions for a trouble-free workflow, helping you to smoothly and quickly convey your high-quality moulded parts out of your production cell.

          • variable solutions – mature ENGEL conveyor technology for bulk materials, boxes, pallets and trays
          • perfect interaction – the injection moulding machine and the conveyor belt are designed to interact perfectly
          • integrated control unit – typically as part of the machine control unit
          • high quality – all belt conveyor systems are TÜV/CE certified; fast & trouble-free start up
          • maximum output – optimised process and perfect interaction
      • Technologies

      • Wherever plastics are used today, ENGEL has the right technology to mould any raw material and give the final product special features, depending on the injection moulding process, method or technology used. A number of custom injection moulding processes round off our portfolio. Use our experience as the global market leader in injection moulding technology to make PU, polyester, silicone & co. fit for your innovative ideas. Decide on efficient production, perfect surfaces and smart material combinations, all of which help you achieve clever cost and weight savings.
          • ENGEL combimelt

          • Different materials combined with competence

            Clever combination instead of expansive and time-consuming assembly: ENGEL combimelt enables injection moulding innovative parts from different materials in one single step. The result: Superior product properties, great colour combinations and additional features.

            • one-shot process – up to six injection units can be actuated simultaneously or sequentially
            • efficient production – space- and energy-saving composite injection moulding machine solutions & short cycle times
            • full flexibility – assembly moulding equally well suited for micro parts and "heavyweights"
            • maximum know-how – ENGEL is the leader in combined solutions with more than 4,000 multi-component machines
          • ENGEL coinjection

          • Mastering cost & quality optimisation

            Two components, superior results: Thanks to ENGEL coinjection, you can not only produce parts at a lower cost, but also make them more robust or safe for food storage. And if you are simply interested in the fascinating marbling effect for your products – ENGEL coinjection is the right injection moulding technology.

            • save costs – with multi-layer components by injecting inexpensive core material (e.g. recycled material) into a premium first component (skin)
            • improve quality – reinforcing a skin component with a fibre-reinforced core
            • safe for food storage – using a gas-tight material (such as EVOH) as a barrier layer in the core of packaging material
            • amazing effects – creating a reproducible marbling effect or tiger stripe pattern by interval injection moulding
          • ENGEL coinmelt

          • Injection compression moulding process for special requirements

            Precise surfaces for particularly exacting requirements: The ENGEL coinmelt injection compression moulding process allows for perfect quality in applications ranging from automotive glazing and optical lenses to moulding of filigree, micro-scaled structures.

            • reduced clamping force – for optimum melt distribution in elongated cavities
            • homogeneous cavity pressure – perfect for moulding of low-torsion, large-surface parts
            • top performance – highest reproducibility & dynamic performance
            • precise manufacturing – active parallelism control of the clamping unit
            • more efficiency – equipment packages tailored to your application
          • ENGEL glazemelt

          • Combination injection moulding for large-surface crystal-clear parts

            Silicate glass is a thing of the past: ENGEL glazemelt enables injection moulding of flat, crystal-clear components from plastics and thus leverage many benefits. This glazing is lighter, offers absolutely flexible design and combines perfectly with other materials – including functional integration!

            • premium quality – Large-area, low-stress multi-component optical parts
            • efficient production with combination injection moulding – machine with low clamping force thanks to stack moulds
            • flexible applications – a great method for producing large multi-component parts of any kind
            • absolutely flexible design - more flexible design and optimal functional integration in the automotive industry
          • ENGEL foammelt (MuCell®)

          • Precision lightweight parts made of micro-foam structures

            Low pressure - perfect results: ENGEL foammelt (MuCell®) helps you create warp-free, lightweight moulded parts with a low weight. In this process, a propellant metered into the plasticising unit causes the melt to expand in a controlled way after injection into the mould. Negative compression further ensures a uniform cell distribution in the foam structure.

            • perfect quality – foam injection moulding for high-precision, low-distortion, dimensionally stable moulded parts
            • lighter components – lower weight thanks to microscopically fine foam with a uniform cell structure
            • controlled foaming process – injecting propellant gas (nitrogen or carbon dioxide) directly into the plasticising unit
            • lower clamping force – patented low-pressure injection moulding
            • premium safety – foam injection moulding with optimum ease-of-use & machine productivity
          • ENGEL dolphin

          • Soft-touch surfaces for multi-component parts

            Stylish look, attractive tactile experience: the ENGEL dolphin process allows for perfect injection moulding of e.g. sophisticated interior trim components for state-of-the-art vehicle manufacturing. This innovative, two-component injection moulding process makes applying a premium soft-touch surface to components such as instrument panels or door trims effective and economical.

            • one-shot process – 2-component injection moulding for high structural strength & tactile excellence in one single step
            • efficient production – compact production units, reduced logistics overheads & improved manufacturing costs
            • perfect combination – support structure coated with microcellular, foamed polyester
            • extremely precise – foam injection moulding with "negative" coining technique (precision opening)
          • ENGEL tecomelt

          • Perfect trims for vehicle manufacturing

            More than just beautiful to look at: Reduced splitting and improved noise insulation make textile-plastic composite parts essential in modern vehicle manufacturing. Thanks to ENGEL tecomelt, you can injection mould these elements in a particularly efficient, material-friendly and cost-optimised way.

            • wide range of applications – back injection moulding of trims for pillars, doors, rear shelves, boot trims, etc.
            • one-shot process – low-pressure injection moulding machine for moulding the component & the assembly details plus the textile decorative trim in a single step
            • perfectly combined – ideal for use with sensitive woven fabrics & foils
            • material-friendly process – multi-point gate system with cascade control or injection moulding with a compression-injection process
          • ENGEL foilmelt

          • Smart surfaces & additional features thanks to foils

            Whether you are looking for an individual decor or to integrate pioneering, intelligent technology: ENGEL foilmelt allows you to give your products that "certain something". For example, giving surfaces specially accentuated styling with custom effects, or – thanks to supplementary electronics – smart functions.

            • fascinating styling effects – metal, aluminium or chameleon effects, holograms, etc. simply injection moulded
            • flexible manufacturing – highly flexible designs & fast styling changes
            • smart features – supporting logistics and control (RFID technology & pressure-sensitive "smart plastics")
            • one-shot process – direct production of surface styling in the injection moulding machine without the need for finishing works
            • permanent bonds – reliable integration of decorative & functional elements
          • ENGEL clearmelt

          • Injection moulding scratch-resistant, self-healing surfaces with a 3D effect

            Forget about expensive multi-layer coatings: ENGEL clearmelt enables time-saving and efficient manufacturing of durable scratch-resistant and yet highly-sensitive, self-healing PUR coatings. The impressive 3D effect, the integration of decorative components, or pioneering smart switch functions make this technology a genuine highlight.

            • excellent quality – highest scratch- resistance & 3D effect even with thin coating thicknesses
            • proven technology – multiple component injection moulding with sliding table, reversing plate, etc.
            • efficient manufacturing – particularly time-saving, efficient injection moulding process
            • innovative details – PUR flooded carriers with integrated circuits – perfectly protected and convenient to use (such as vehicle centre consoles)
          • ENGEL gasmelt/watermelt

          • Precise surfaces & less material

            The economical solution for traditional challenges: ENGEL gasmelt/watermelt is the perfect option when it comes to moulding specific hollows, complex pipe structures or avoiding shrinkage. This fluid injection technology helps you produce moulded parts with either high or considerably differing wall thicknesses without undesirable surface defects.

            • precise surface – easier to cool thanks to lower wall thicknesses (our partner: PME Fluidtec, Bauer Kompressoren)
            • less material – specific hollows save material & production costs
            • flexible applications – for all moulded parts with high & with considerably differing wall thicknesses
            • gas as pressure medium – gas-assisted injection moulding machines to create small gas bubbles in local material concentrations or even complex hollow sections
            • water as pressure medium – water-assisted injection moulding machines ideal for tube bodies of any design
          • ENGEL optimelt

          • Top-quality optical moulded parts

            Premium quality and great economic efficiency: ENGEL optimelt allows to meet both challenges perfectly. This sophisticated injection moulding process helps you to succeed with optical moulded parts that meet the highest standards in terms of contour accuracy, internal stress and transparency.

            • versatile – for demanding projection and lighting optics
            • low-stress moulded parts – high-precision injection-compression moulding of lenses and optical components
            • absolute perfection – variothermal mould temperature control for the finest structures & extreme precision
            • efficient production – multilayer injection moulding for high contour accuracy and reduced cycle times
          • ENGEL x-melt

          • Highly efficient manufacturing of precise micro & thin wall parts

            Small movement, great effect. With ENGEL x-melt, the melt in the hot runner system expands explosively into the cavities after opening the needle shut-off valves. The result: high-precision moulded parts with the smallest dimensions or the thinnest walls.

            • maximum precision – expansion injection moulding is ideal for very small and/or extremely thin-walled parts between 0.1 and 20 grams
            • efficient production – high-speed injection moulding with low energy consumption because the melt acts as its own energy accumulator
            • stable processes – thanks to controlled, explosive mould filling without additional screw movement
            • fast tooling – the injection moulding machine quickly becomes a micro machine (for all electric injection units) without mechanical retooling
          • ENGEL organomelt

          • Lightweight plastic components as strong as steel

            Replacing steel and aluminium sheets with lightweight components: ENGEL organomelt is the ideal process for manufacturing components with excellent stability and unbeatable mechanical properties.

            • maximum stability – composite technology for permanent bonding of thermoplastic semi-finished fibre products with high-quality plastics
            • one-shot production – highly-integrated, automated thermoforming and injection moulding process for continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites
            • genuine savings – cost- & resource-efficient production of ready-to-use lightweight parts
            • variety of applications – innovative lightweight plastics engineering for automotive parts, portable electronic devices, etc.
            • technology centre for lightweight composites – research & development and implementation of tailored plant solutions
          • ENGEL LIM

          • Flexible processing of liquid silicone

            Whether you need micro silicone parts, baby bottle teats or large volume insulators: ENGEL LIM (Liquid Injection Moulding) is the first choice for your LSR applications, allowing you to produce liquid silicone in a single, fully automated step, even with multi-component applications and without reworking and scrap.

            • efficient manufacturing – fully automated & 24/7 silicone injection moulding
            • variable systems – LIM injection units featuring a screw conveyor or an injection barrel
            • perfect support – a wide range of plasticising pumps & integrated with the ENGEL control unit
            • precise results – low-burr products remove the need for reworking and eliminate scrap
            • individual solutions – hydraulic or all-electric, horizontal or vertical injection moulding machines depending on the application
          • ENGEL varysoft

          • Particularly comfortable interior parts for the automotive industry

            Exclusive look and even more tactile excellence: ENGEL varysoft is your perfect choice for efficiently manufacturing multi-dimensional, soft-touch components with a much softer feel. Or for single-step production of premium parts used in vehicle interiors by injecting a PUR foam layer between a thermoplastic carrier and a pre-heated decorative film.

            • efficient production – all three process steps in a one-shot method
            • integrated infrared furnace – for pre-heating the film
            • perfect quality– injection moulding interior elements with an especially soft core and high-quality interior surface
            • variable styling – ideal for undercuts in the component design
            • pioneering technology – innovative soft-touch technology for forward-looking interior styling (our partner: GK tool)
          • ENGEL PVC

          • Economic production with reliable quality

            PVC dry blends and granulates require maximum processing expertise: ENGEL PVC technology guarantees you premium, cost-effective production. We constantly work on improving processes to give you a competitive advantage on the global market for standards-compliant, visually perfect parts.

            • premium quality – producing perfect parts & minimising rejects
            • comprehensive process know-how – continuous development to optimise product quality
            • perfectly designed systems – optimally matched machine components
            • flexible production – PVC injection moulding of different material types & as-delivered conditions
            • individual solutions – screw geometries and custom geometries available for special applications/materials
          • ENGEL Duroplast BMC

          • Thermoset processing to the highest quality

            Thanks to their resistance to scratches, impacts and high temperatures, thermosets are used wherever parts are exposed to the highest mechanical stresses. ENGEL's thermoset BMC technology supplies extremely wear-resistant systems for the efficient production of these demanding materials.

            • flexible systems – for free flowing thermoset materials or moist polyester moulding materials
            • tailor-made solutions – thermoset injection moulding with specially designed injection units & feed units
            • perfect accessories – universal injection-compression moulding and ventilation programmes, wear-resistant plasticising units, temperature-controlled nozzles & matching auxiliary units
            • top know-how – perfectly designed turnkey solutions
          • ENGEL HP-RTM

          • Fibre composite technology with thermoset systems

            Large, stable and lightweight components efficiently produced: ENGEL HP-RTM fibre composite technology gives you the key to superior styling and premium properties of flat parts in the automotive industry. This process involves soaking dry, semi-finished fibre products with injected resin and subsequent curing under heat.

            • compact production unit – low height & foundation load
            • more efficiency – clamping units with ENGEL ecodrive & proven ENGEL automation as standard equipment
            • excellent process reliability – process monitoring and documentation
            • perfectly designed production – fully-integrated control of the resin-injection system
            • premium components – highest quality & stability for roof systems, car body components, etc.
          • ENGEL variomelt

          • Optimised surfaces thanks to controlled temperature variation

            Minimal wall thicknesses, perfect cavity filling or a high-gloss finish: ENGEL variomelt allows to produce state-of-the-art consumer electronics housings that meet the strictest requirements. This variothermal injection moulding technology is ideally suited for overmoulding PC-ABS onto pre-moulded organic sheets. The result: extremely smooth surfaces despite different shrinkage rates and very thin wall thicknesses.

            • flexible applications – ideal for state-of-the-art injection moulding of consumer electronics, light guide panels, lenses, styling parts & co.
            • optimal results – robust housing or crystal-clear parts with thin walls & smooth surfaces
            • perfectly combinable – with other ENGEL injection moulding technologies such as organomelt, optimelt, coinmelt, foilmelt
            • perfect finish – thanks to overmoulding with translucent piano black
          • ENGEL Clean Room Components

          • Perfect, standardised cleanliness in production

            When it comes to human lives and health, there can be no compromises: ENGEL clean room components are guaranteed to give you perfect conditions, in line with the latest quality standards for injection moulding of your sensitive or medical products. Both our injection moulding machines and our automation systems meet all mandatory specifications and standards.

            • cleanroom competence – many years of experience in medical production coupled with the expertise of the global market leader ENGEL
            • optimising production – creating an economically viable machine concept after exhaustive, expert analysis
            • flexible systems – complete machine in the cleanroom, or with the machine outside as a satellite solution
            • sophisticated concept – complete encapsulation of the drives and guides, optimum accessibility & easy cleaningg
            • clean environment – GMP barrel extraction minimises the particulate and heat load in the cleanroom
            • constant processes – permanent monitoring of all process-relevant parameters