Company Profile

The Global Retool Group headquartered in Lebach, Germany combines the expertise and products of the companies SVQ GmbH, SATEG GmbH and WEMA VOGTLAND Technology GmbH and the brands of SPICHER and SIEPMANN.

With a team of machine tool experts working from companies around the globe the group can offer the required technical knowledge as well as the international and local presence expected today from a general contractor and turn-key partner.

The high technological competence of its engineers including not only mechanical know-how but also a profound understanding of process and application technology makes the Global Retool Group a specialist in retooling of NC machinery who is able to achieve a maximum benefit for its customers from this advanced and flexible technology.

The company WEMA VOGTLAND Technology GmbH based in Plauen, Germany and its subsidiary WEMA VOGTLAND America LLC are the specialists for retooling, retrofitting and overhauling of machine tools primarily for the automotive industry and the automotive supply industry. Extensive process know how and long-term experience as a special machine tool builder are the key to WEMA VOGTLAND’s success in this field of industry.

The company SVQ GmbH from its headquarter in Lebach, Germany and further locations in Slovakia and China focuses on retools of production machinery for non-automotive customers. Furthermore SVQ supplies quality parts, fixtures and automation to all companies of the Global Retool Group, thus ensuring an almost complete vertical range of manufacture.

The name of SATEG, finally, stands for innovative controls technology and controls retrofit.

Tradition and Progress

Since 2011 the Global Retool Group headquarterted in Lebach/Germany unites the companies SVQ GmbH, SATEG GmbH and WEMA VOGTLAND Technology GmbH as well as the brands SPICHER and SIEPMANN. With these five players and subsidiaries in China and in the USA the group can draw from the comprehensive experience of nearly 300 employees and a pool of modern production facilities worldwide and can thus offer technically and economically interesting solutions from one source.

130 years of engineering art and machine building „Made in Germany“ characterize this international group which has developed since 2004 from traditional machine tool and automation companies to become an international leader in the field of retooling, overhauling and service of machine tools.

Product Range

  • Conveying: Modular conveyors
  • Conveyors: Gravity conveyors
  • Engineering: Design
  • Engineering: Factory design
  • Engineering: Machine design
  • Engineering: Machine design and construction
  • Engineering: Planning services
  • Engineering: Ready-to-operate plant
  • Engineering: System integration
  • Engineering: Systemintegrator
  • Fixture
  • Fixtures: Clamping fixtures
  • Fixtures: Metalcutting fixture
  • Fixtures: Welding fixtures
  • Grinding: Circular knife grinding machine
  • Grinding: Compact grinding machine
  • Grinding: Extreme sharpness grinding
  • Handling units: Part loading
  • Handling: Conveyor
  • Handling: Elevation stage
  • Handling: Elevator
  • Polishing machine
  • Services: Overhauling
  • Services: Rebuilding
  • Services: Relocation
  • Services: Remanufacturing
  • Services: Retooling
  • Services: Retrofitting