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  • Offer Profile
  • The high performance system house. Total conceptions from only one hand:
    • RFID/Barcode components
    • Identification systems
    • Marking technics
    • Electronic components
    • PCB assembly and mounting
    • Electronic manufacturing and installation
    Assion Electronic develops customized electronic and logistic system solutions for more than 25 years. We provide logistic consulting, project, engineering, development of hard-/software, production of electronic/logistic systems and cross-sectoral RFID and barcode solutions.
Product Portfolio
  • RFID products

      • Handheld scanner

          • Databoy2: IP65 RFID Bluetooth Reader with LCD and Storage

          • ...the new generation "Databoy2" is a handy wireless RFID reader for 125/134,2kHz transponders and it is protected according to IP65 standard against dust and moisture. The device is equipped with a graphic 8-line LCD display, 1Mbyte memory and Bluetooth 10m module. In combination with the available 1D or 2D Barcode scanner, GPS or GSM module and various software solutions, the device can cover perfectly logistic, asset tracking or service applications.
            Optional: Barcode (1D/2D), GPS, GSM
            Coming soon: Databoy2 with UHF reader!
          • Databoy2mini: IP65 RFID and Barcode Reader with only 3 operating keys

          • The Databoy2mini is a small but powerful RFID and Barcode reader. Because of its only 3 operating keys, the Databoy2mini is suitable for simple applications.The small but still ergonomic format allows an easy handling of Databoy2mini. For the identification of 125/134.2kHz transponders.
            Optional: Barcode (1D), Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, GSM
          • Classic Reader

          • Our Classic Reader is a handy, wireless RFID and barcode reader which offers Bluetooth standard Class 1 (100m) or Class 2 (10m). The Classic Reader is available for the frequencies 125/134,2 kHz, 13,56 MHz and 868 MHz and optionally with 1D or 2D barcode.
          • Databoy: Bluetooth Reader with LCD and storage

          • Our Databoy is a handy handheld reader with offline function which offers Bluetooth standard Class 1 (100m) or Class 2 (10m) and the recorded data can be sent to a capable Bluetooth device.
          • Pocket Reader

          • Our Pocket Reader decodes passive FDX-B (EM4x05), HDX (Tiris), Unique (EM4x02), Titan (EM4x50) and Hitag1/S read only tags. The data visualization occurs on a 2-line LCD display with background lighting. The ID is shown in decimal or hexadecimal format which can be switched anytime. After starting the reader the last read tag ID is shown on the display.
          • Handheld reader with internal printe

          • The read transponder-code will be printed together with a time stamp (date, time) about a firmly deposited print mask on the integrated thermo printer. The reading process is issued about a tracer on the machine top side. Two LEDs signal the operating readiness and the finished reading process.
          • HLG 868MHz RFID GUN

          • This new UHF RFID UHF gun supports transponders and labels in accordance with ISO 18000-6C. The mobile RFID Gun achieves an outstanding read range of up to 2m.

            The built-in battery in the pistol grip provides the user with an independent and easy work with this reader.
          • HLG Motorola MC55

          • The MC55 EDA brings a new level of flexibility, functionality and rugged design to size-optimized mobile devices, providing mobile workers with the power to streamline business processes, increase productivity and improve customer service. The smallest and lightest Motorola rugged EDA with a 3.5-inch display, the MC55 packs the power of a cell phone, two-way radio, bar code scanner, digital camera and mobile computer - all into a single device.
          • HLG Motorola MC75

          • No matter what your workers need to get the job done, Motorola's MC75 Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant delivers by combining an unparalleled number of business capabilities into an easy-to-carry rugged device. 3.5G GSM HSDPA and 3G CDMA-EVDO Rev A support provides high performance voice and data services around the globe.
          • HLG Recon

          • Comprehensive range of accessories offers wide applications. It doesn't matter whether it's about Barcode, RFID, GPS or GSM/GPRS, or if only an outdoor-suitable PDA is needed, with TDS Recon, professional solutions are realizable.
          • HLG Nomad

          • Comprehensive range of accessories offers wide applications. It doesn't matter whether it's about Barcode, RFID, GPS or GSM/GPRS, or if only an outdoor-suitable PDA is needed, with TDS Recon, professional solutions are realizable.
        • Stationary reader

            • SLG USB Stick RFID Reader

            • It is a small, handy and simple USB Stick RFID Reader for USB equipped terminals or Laptops.

              The high speed data transfer allows the USB 2.0 interface.

              This USB Stick Reader is available for the frequencies 125 kHz, 13,56 MHz or 868 MHz
            • BG32 user terminal

            • The machine was conceived for the "hard" everyday application in the industry. Accordingly the casing and the operating elements are robustly constructed. The stationary user terminal records transponder dates. It is equipped with a graphic display, 4 keys for menu choice and 2 operating state indications. The internal construction is modular and allows the integration of different reader units. The application fields of this BG32 are flexible and the device allows the reading of many different transponder types according to the built-in reader units.
            • SLG I2

            • The SLG I2 is a compact and cost saving reader unit, which can be integrated in an industrial field bus network. It decodes and writes on all passive RF-tags.
            • FRE 1200

            • The Mid range reader FRE 1200 is suited for applications where middle reading ranges are demanded.
            • SLG AE1356i

            • This stationary reader can read transponders which work with 13.56MHz and apply to the standards ISO15693, ISO18000-3, Tag-it™.

              The reader has an integrated antenna and reaches a reading distance up to 11 cm.
            • FRE 4000

            • Just as any device of this product family, the Multi-tag Mid Range Reader FRE 4000 identifies transponders with an operating frequency of 13,56 MHz according to ISO 15693. It is suitable for application fields like retail, industry, logistics, libraries etc.
            • FRE 4400

            • The Multi-tag Long Range Reader FRE 4400 identifies transponders with an operating frequency of 13,56 MHz.
            • FRE 8000

            • The Multi-tag Proximity Reader FRE 8000 identifies transponders with an operating frequency of 13,56 MHz according to ISO 15693. It is suitable for application fields like retail, industry, logistics, libraries etc.
            • FRE 9010 / 9020

            • FRE 9010/9020 identifies UHF transponders within a frequency range from 868 MHz to 928 MHz. So it can be used in Europe, in the USA and in many other countries.
            • FRE 9200-E/-USB

            • FRE 9200-E/-USB is a Multi Protocol Mid Range Reader and identifies UHF transponders within a frequency range from 868 MHz to 928 MHz.
            • SLG 868 MHz UHF Long Range Controller

            • UHF Read/Write Long Range Controller is a perfect solution for all applications where reliable, robust and well performing products are needed.

              It is suitable for the identification of passive UHF tags in application fields like industry, Supply Chain, Access Control etc.
            • SLG Passive UHF Long Range Reader

            • The UHF Long Range - 4CH is a high performance UHF read-write stationary reader with a reading distance of up to 10 meters. This reader offers an integrated 4CH multiplexer, it is possible to connect up to 4 antennas.
              This UHF Long Range Controller is based on Intel / Impinj R1000 transceiver. It can be configured to operate with frequency range of 860.960 MHz, which makes it usable in Europe, US and Japan.
            • I-Card® CF

            • The IRE 350-CF i-CARD® is an intelligent read/write system for CF slots. It can be integrated into mobile or stationary systems perfectly. The small form factor allows it to work in mobile devices next to barcode, GPRS and WLAN moduls.
            • IRE 350-i-Port

            • The IRE 350-i-Port is an intelligent read/write system which can be controlled via Ethernet. It is ideal for integration into stationary systems. The LAN technology allows it to work everywhere around the world.
            • TA AECK-868

              • This antenna covers both EU and RFID bands.
              • The antenna AECK-868 has been designed to be waterproof and is easy to install.
              • It is circularly polarized for reading in any orientation.
              • It can be used for improved indoor GSM coverage, due to circular polarization.
              • VSWR is typically less then 1.3:1, giving a return loss better then 20db.
          • Antennas

              • Transponders

                    • Industry Tag

                    • An inexpensive transponder to applicate in industrial environment, especially if ATEX is required.
                    • M-Prince

                    • This robust tranpsonder was developed to mount it directly on metal.
                    • PU-TAG

                    • PU-Tags are used mostly to the marking of machines and heavy devices.
                    • Transponder Card

                    • RFID transponder in a cheque-card format. The cards exist of extremely robust plastic.
                    • Laundry-TAG

                    • Laundry-Tags were developed especially for the marking of laundry and textiles.
                    • Nail-TAG

                    • Nail-Tags were developed for the marking of wood/chunks of wood and trees. These transponders are hit directly into the wood.
                    • Plant-TAG

                    • Plant-Tags - the ideal transponder for the marking of plants of all kind.
                    • Wristband-TAG

                    • Wristband-tags are waterproof and therefore very well applicable for entry controls in swimming baths, sauna baths, and sport events as well as in hospitals.
                    • Clear-Disk-TAG

                    • Clear-Disk-Tags are extreme flat, very light disc transponders. They are suitable for the identification of electric small devices, wrappings and other articles.
                    • Screw-TAG

                    • This kind of transponder was especially developed for the screw into machinery and equipment, aggregates etc.
                    • Glass-TAG

                    • Glass-Tags are applicable to the marking of small items, especially for the identification of animals because of their small design.
                    • Inlay-TAG

                    • Inlays are delivered basically on roles, optionally with a self-adhesive side. Ideally for the marking of palettes, plastic packages etc.
                    • Seal-TAG

                    • Seal-Tags - the effective tracking tag for management purpose. It can be used in the management and tracking of precision machinery.
                    • Temperature-TAG

                    • These tags were developed for the application in high-temperature environments, like e.g. in the production, manufacturing and other environments.
                    • World-TAG

                    • World-Tags – produced out of a special plastic, thereby very resistant.This kind of tag is mountable with silicone glue or is fastened by the use of one screw.
                    • Metal-TAG

                    • These transponders were developed especially for the application in metallic environments.
                    • Cable-TAG

                    • Ideally to the marking of cables and conductors; water resistant. Different shapes and colors available
                    • Button-TAG

                    • It is a variously applicable tag with self-adhesive back side.
                      Great color choice and different sizes.
                    • Key-TAG

                    • These Key-Tags are available for different frequencies, colors and shapes.
                    • Miniature-TAG

                    • This miniature TAG, which was developed to identify small animals e.g. pets, has only a size of 1,5 x 7 mm!!!
                    • Label-TAG

                    • Ideally for pasting of glass surfaces, plastic surfaces, transport containers etc.
                    • Active-TAG

                    • That is a variously applicable active small long range UHF tag. The tag is equipped with a battery and has a reading range up to 300 m.
                    • Active-TAG

                    • Rewritable active transponder, especially for Identification of reusable packing, container etc. reading rang up to 500m!
                • Electronics production and OEM solutions

                    • Development activities

                        • Experts for hardware

                        • Implement new ideas is always a challenging task. The development department of Assion Electronic GmbH is able to solve this task. We always look forward to new challenges, to convert your ideas into practice. Our know-how includes analog and digital circuits, LF, HF and UHF technology, microcontrollers, PC and metrology. We can design your circuit designs, circuit diagrams and layouts of the one-sided to multilayer printed circuit board. Techniques such as SMD, ball grid or burried / blind via can be used. Also, all necessary tests and approvals of developed devices are part of our offer, so you can directly take your new product into the market. Of course, we can also make the PCB layout of your existing circuits if, for example, mechanical changes result in the layout or should changed from through hole assembly to SMD.
                        • ...and software

                        • Front panel and enclosure treatment
                          For the mechanical processing of front panels and enclosures made of plastic and non-ferrous materials CNC-controlled machines are available that meet the specific processing tasks accurately, quickly and economically.
                      • Service - PCB assembly

                          • Service - mechanical processing