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Company Profile

Shinn Fu Europe B.V (SFE) has been in the automotive professional tools/equipment business over the last 20 years, with its headquarters in Taiwan, and offices around the world. SFE distributes several product lines throughout the European, Middle East and Northern Africa market from its warehouse in Roosendaal, The Netherlands.
During the last 20 years SFE has well-established a track record, and its services have always met with great customer satisfaction.

Under the direction and leadership of the founder Mr. Michael Hung, and the hard work and devotion of its employees, Shinn Fu Group has firmly established itself as a world leader in the automotive and hydraulic industry.
Shinn Fu Corporation was founded by Mr. Michael Hung in 1971 (based Chia-yi, Taiwan). Shinn Fu’s vision is one of continuous growth and prosperity. Their goal is to generate strong growth and new levels of achievement, and to continue to make the company even more customer-focused, responsive, efficient and innovative.
The insistence of producing and offering only the highest quality products has earned Shinn Fu Group a reputation for exceptional quality in the automotive lifting equipment, hydraulic equipment, and automotive accessories with strong brands in the professional market and invaluable recognition for reliability in the DIY market.

The quality of Shinn Fu's products is recognized not only by customers worldwide, but also by international governments and industry agencies including the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Australian Standards (AS). European Conformity (CE), Germany's Technical Inspection Association (TUV), and Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). Every Shinn Fu product is specifically designed and engineered to not only meets, but to exceed the industry standards set forth by these organizations.

Shinn Fu’s commitment to quality permeates all aspects of the organization, and it is aggressively assimilating the International Quality Assurance System into its production fold. Currently Shinn Fu has three plants that are ISO9001, ISO14000 and QS9000 compliant, and a mechanical jack manufacturing plant that conforms to rigorous automotive industry Quality Assurance (QA) standards.

In order to provide its customers with excellent after-sales service, Shinn Fu has established worldwide branch offices in the USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Europe. This global presence facilitates the establishment of strong customer relationships and allows Shinn Fu to provide more effective customer assistance.