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  • Offer Profile
  • Meusburger is the leading manufacturer in the field of high-precision standard parts. More than 15,000 customers all over the world make use of the numerous advantages of standardisation and benefit from the company's over 50 years of experience in working with steel. Offering an extensive range of standard parts, combined with high-grade products in the field of workshop equipment, Meusburger is the reliable global partner for making dies, mould bases, jigs and fixtures.
Product Portfolio
  • Mould Making

      • Mould bases

          • F – Plates

          • F – Plates with pre-drilled guide holes are the reliable basis for precise and high-quality mould bases.
          • FB – Sliding core mould

          • Ready-to-use sliding core moulds made from precise standard parts.
          • FM – Micro Moulds

          • Configuration, customisation and ordering of our ready-to-use mould bases for micro moulds is easy and simple.
          • H – Clamping system

          • Improve the quality of your moulds by precise clamping in the µ range for all repeats.
          • P – Plates

          • Plates machined on all sides for all applications in die and mould making as well as for gauges and jigs.
          • N – Bars

          • Universally usable bars in various dimensions and steel grades.
        • H-Clamping System

        • Quick and precise repeat clamping

          The H 1000 clamping system is an innovative in-house development by Meusburger. With the H 1000 you will not only work fast and efficiently but also with absolute precision and repeatability. The standard F parts are aligned and clamped where it matters for the mould function, i.e. in the guide holes. 

          You too can profit from the many benefits of the H 1000

          • Improve the quality of your moulds by precise clamping in the μ-range for all repeats
          • Reduce your processing time by substantially reducing fitting time
          • Simplify programming by clamping without obstructive contours
          • Minimise the risk of collision by using expansion rings for clamping
          • Use pallets for various special clamping tasks

          Trust the original – with over 1,800 pieces sold, Meusburger‘s clamping system has been tried and tested and is definitely a sophisticated product.

            • Hot Runner systems

                • Hot Runner components

                • SINGLE NOZZLE – SMARTFILL
                  Universally usable for all common thermoplastics with and without fillers
                  Direct connection or gating to sub-manifold
                  Homogeneous temperature profile on the entire nozzle length through differentiated power distribution
                  With the smartFILL single nozzle the melt is tempered homogeneously to the injected part guaranteeing highest quality of parts. With the easily interchangeable nozzle tips, different types of gating can be realised and this offers a wide range of applications for all common thermoplastics.
                • Hot Runner control

                • The profiTEMP+ Hot runner controller from PSG convinces with both innovative technology and space-saving design. In addition to new intelligent functions like Smart Power Limitation (SPL) and MoldCheck, the tried and trusted features are further developed in the new hot runner controller. Due to the clearly designed 7" multi-touch screen, an easy and intuitive operation is guaranteed.
              • E – Accessories

              • Meusburger provides a wide range of accessories that can be used for many applications.
                  • Guiding

                  • Fasteners

                  • Locks

                  • Locating rings

                  • Insulation boards

                  • Sprues

                  • Ejectors

                  • Demoulding

                  • Temperature regulation

                  • Marking stamps

                  • Slide system

                  • Springs

                  • Attachments

                  • Electrical components

                  • Hydraulic system

                  • Hot Runner components