Company Profile

Efficient automation systems for packing and handling light weight products require reliable partners throughout their implementation. VELTRU stands for innovative and excellent components and solutions for such applications.

VELTRU holds a special position in flexible automation. We focus on state-of-the-art robot technology for applications with typical payloads between 10g and 6kg. Key elements to solve these tasks are our software function blocks which considerably reduce the complexity for a system setup and the commissioning time during installation of a system.

Ever since its foundation VELTRU cooperates with leading manufacturers in area of packaging machinery, assembly technology and material handling systems. VELTRU covers an important range of their system integration. The direct and close cooperation between the experienced technical specialists often results in new concepts and ideas, which directly find their way into the development and production on both sides.

This synergy makes us a powerful partner for the realization of handling systems for light weight products. We can provide high quality products and components with leading edge technology characteristics. Our main target however remains the successful and efficient installation of automation systems that incorporate our products. And in this field we will leave nothing to be decided by chance.