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  • As a globally active company, we develop, produce and sell highly efficient induction heating technology for a wide variety of industrial applications. Besides our well proven energy sources, we also offer complete system solutions. The centerpieces and our key areas of expertise are our MF, HF, DF and SDF® generators and inductors specially customized to the tasks at hand.
Product Portfolio
  • Energy sources / Generators

      • PICO-Generators by eldec - Compact, Red, Strong

      • Cost-efficient, budget-driven Generators with a single output, controlled by a simple, intuitive operator interface.

        The PICO generator comes in small, medium and large – three sizes and has a variety of power levels available. PICO-S, PICO-M and PICO-L are affordable generators, developed, built and tested by eldec using strictly standardized, high quality components.

        eldec PICO Generators are available as medium frequency and high frequency energy sources, from 5 kW to 150 kW, for the induction heating of a variety of workpieces comprised of different materials.

          • PICO-S: mobile generator for perfect induction heating

          • An extremely compact mobile generator, which can be configured as a medium frequency energy source (5 up to 30 kW) or high frequency energy source (5 up to 15 kW).
          • PICO-L: powerful induction heating for economical processes

          • For easier, more efficient, and safer induction heating. The PICO-L is available for medium-frequency versions (100 and 150 kW) or high-frequency versions (50 and 75 kW).
        • eldec MICO: energy source and coolant system in one

        • Small and compact, stationary or mobile.

          Induction heating – proven innovative design integrates the frequency converter and coolant system in a single housing, suitable for a wide range of uses and applications. This means maximum flexibility for your heating task.

            • MICO-S: Induction heating in a powerful complete package

            • Aa complete system with energy source and coolant systemin a single housing enabling a flexible integration of induction heating into any production process. Available in a medium frequency (20, 25, or 30 kW) and a high frequency version (15 kW).
            • MICO-M: Induction heating and hardening with a mobile energy container

            • Highly flexible generator to be moved quickly wherever needed. Available in a medium-frequency (20, 25, or 30 kW) and a high-frequency version (15 kW).
            • MICO-L: Perfect solution for mobile or stationary induction heating

            • Powerful complete solution that including a cooling system. Availyble in medium (18 to 80 kW) and high-frequency versions (15 to 35 kW).
          • ECO LINE generators: Energy source made in Germany

          • ECO LINE series generators are a great match for virtually any production solution. They have a continuous power rating from 5 to 150 kW (MF version) or 5 to 75 kW (HF version).

            The robust and compact mid-range from eldec: With their single or multiple outputs, ECO LINE MF and HF generators are suitable as a stand-alone solution or for integration into production systems.
              • ECO LINE MF generators: Efficient energy sources for hardening, heating, joining, etc.

              • ECO LINE medium-frequency generators are highly configurableto match your application. To be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated into an overall system.
              • ECO LINE HF generators: Robust technology — efficient heating processes

              • ECO LINE provide a continuous power of 5 to 75 kW.
            • CUSTOM LINE Generators: Customized Technology for your Induction Applications

            • Get the best energy source for induction heating: CUSTOM LINE generators are tailored precisely to fit the specific application, production process, and component.

              Induction generators with a wide range of optional features

              Induction heating is used in numerous industries for many different applications, ranging from shrinking, stretching, and joining through to melting, annealing, and highly effective induction surface hardening.
                • CUSTOM LINE MF generators: the medium-frequency solution for your specific production application

                • This generators offers efficient, rugged, and flexible state-of-the-art medium-frequency technology. Their MF power ranges from 200 to 1,500 kW. The frequency range is 8 to 40 kHz.
                • CUSTOM LINE HF generators: Made-to-measure high-frequency technology for induction heating

                • HF generators of this series are customizable to match your production tasks. Their HF power ranges from 100 to 1,500 kW, Their working frequency ranges from 80 to 400 kHz.
                • CUSTOM LINE SDF® generators: using two frequencies simultaneously

                • Two different frequencies act simultaneously on the workpiece. The entire workpiece gets induction-hardened with absolutely uniform depth and temperature.
                • Dual frequency generators from eldec: an energy source designed in Germany

                • Dual-frequency generators to be operated simultaneously or separately with medium and high frequency.
                • CUSTOM LINE LF generators: Low-frequency technology for precision induction heating

                • To CUSTOM LINE LF generators achieve perfect induction heating providing precisely the right amount of energy at low frequency ranges (2 to 8 kHz).


              • Made to measure tools – inductors, heating cables, brazing guns

                  • Inductors by eldec

                  • . Every inductor is specifically made-to-order for a workpiece.
                  • Induction brazing with special brazing pistols from eldec

                  • eldec brazing pistols make induction brazing by hand a thing of simplicity.