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  • Offer Profile
  • Maag Pump Systems, Automatik Plastics Machinery, Gala Industries and Reduction Engineering Scheer – four successful and well experienced companies have joined forces to become the global partner for the polymer industry. As manufacturer of gear pumps, pelletizing and filtration systems and also pulverizers we offer top-grade equipment for your demanding requirements – not only for polymer applications, but also for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.
Product Portfolio
  • Underwater Pelletizing

  • Our underwater pelletizing systems are first choice for compounding, masterbatch and virgin polymer production. We provide solutions for your processing needs with safety, efficiency and profitability. Our wide array of applications ranges from commodity plastics, engineered polymers and recycling to engineering resins and reaction processes and Hot Melt Adhesives, Gum Base and Biopolymers. Our latest underwater pelletizing series combines the extraordinary features from Gala and Automatik and sets new standards.
      • Underwater Pelletizers

          • PEARLOFLEX SYSTEM® - Underwater Pelletizing System for frequent product and color changes up to 500 kg per hour

          • The PEARLOFLEX SYSTEM® for underwater pelletizing has been specifically designed to process polymers and thermoplastics and produces first-class spherical pellets. This extremely efficient and flexible underwater pelletizing system is applied in the production of compounds, masterbatches, engineeringg plastics, recyclate, organic and wood polymer composites, thermoplastic elastomers, and more.

            • Proven technolgy by Gala and Maag Automatik
            • Compact design, small footprint
            • Diverter valve, pelletizer, dryer and process water system and control cabinet mounted on one frame
            • Optional additionally with melt pump and/or screen changer
            • Easy operation, cleaning and maintenance by comfortable accessibility
            • High flexibility by swiveling of all components out of extruder center line
            • Automated (EAC) and manual blade advance
            • Various water filtration options
          • LPU® Laboratory Pelletizing System

          • Gala’s LPU® Laboratory Underwater Pelletizing System is specifically designed for laboratory developmental work, market sampling, and light pellet production on materials such as PE, PP, ABS, PA 6, PA 6.6, PET, PBT, PPO, and more. The system is designed for pelletizing rates up to 100 kg/h (20–220 lbs/hr), depending on the material for underwater pelletizing processes.


            • Easy to clean
            • Simple & easy to operate
            • Lightweight, portable
            • Designed to be affordable
            • Requires few inexpensive replacement parts
          • PEARLO® - Underwater pelletizers for highly profitable throughput rates of up to 36'000 kg per hour

          • The PEARLO® underwater pelletizer has been designed to process a wide range of polymers and thermoplastics. PEARLO® works perfectly with our process water system PURO® and pellet dryer CYCLO® and produces first-class spherical pellets. This extremely efficient and flexible system is applied in the production of raw materials, compounds, masterbatches, engineeringg plastics, organic and wood polymer composites, thermoplastics elastomers, hot-melt adhesives, rubber, and more. We help our customers to achieve the maximum level of profitability with the know-how of an installed base of more than 7,000 underwater pelletizers.

            • Outstanding pellet quality due to unique cutter hub design and optimized water flow within the cutting chamber
            • Single-handed opening and closing of cutting chamber is quick, convenient and safe
            • Fast product changeover — cleaning, assembly and start-up are kept to a minimum
            • Unrivalled long lifetime of the cutting tools supported by advanced designs of cutter hub and cutting chamber
            • Maintenance-free automated (EAC) or manual blade adjustment for highest process stability
          • SPHERO® - Underwater pelletizing systems for highly profitable throughput rates of up to 36'000 kg per hour

          • The SPHERO® underwater pelletizing system has been particularly designed to process thermoplastics and produces spherical pellets. This most flexible system for underwater cutting is applied in the production of raw materials, compounds, masterbatches, engineering plastics, recyclate, organic and wood polymer composites, thermoplastics elastomers, microgranulate, hot-melt adhesives, and more.

            • Outstanding pellet quality
            • Convenient and safe operation
            • Increased production efficiency
            • Quick product change – Pelletizing of specialized products
            • Optimal access
            • Enhanced process reliability
          • SPHERO® PFS - Melt pelletizer for manufacturing pharmaceutical spherical particles in hot-melt extrusion processes

          • The pelletizing system, thanks to its enclosed design, is ideal for pelletizing carrier/agent combinations in hot-melt extrusion processes and was developed specifically for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products.

            • Enclosed system (containment)
            • Narrow distribution of particle size
            • Homogeneous pellet shape featuring great flow-ability
            • Quick and easy to clean
            • Low-dust pelletizing
            • Pelletizing of brittle formulations
            • Special design for pelletizing sticky products
            • Simplified, speeded up development of innovative pharmaceutical formulation
          • MAP - Manually adjusted underwater pelletizer for polymer production and compounding

          • The Manually Adjustable Pelletizer (MAP), a underwater pelletizing application, features a manual adjusting wheel to position the blades against the die plate. This simple blade adjustment design of the underwater pelletizer provides visual blade wear indication and maximum control of blade position. The unique design of the axial advance system replaces the need for a bearing housing assembly. The MAP design requires only one long life thrust bearing for accurate adjustments.

            • Simple blade adjustment
            • Flexibility of application
            • Easy to upgrade to automatic blade adjustment
          • EAC - Automated electronically advanced underwater pelletizer for polymer production and compounding

          • The EAC pelletizer for underwater pelletizing offers fully automated control of blade adjustment, positioning, and monitoring, resulting in maximum blade and die face life. Monitoring and adjustment processes are programmed in the Gala PLC controlled system. An optional integrated blade position measuring system for unterwater pelletizer is available, providing indication of blade position and warning of the need for a blade change.

            • Fully automated blade advance
            • Minimum Operator supervision
            • Integrated blade positioning measurement system
          • ZHULI® - Underwater Pelletizing System with integrated pellet dryer and process water handling

          • ZHULI® is an underwater pelletizing system with integrated pellet dryer and process water handling, designed to process a wide range of polymers and thermoplastics. The efficient system is characterized by high flexibility and small footprint. ZHULI® is manufactured locally with key components made in Germany. With an installed base of more than 9,000 underwater pelletizing systems, we help our customers to achieve the maximum level of profitability.

            • Ideal for all types of thermoplastics
            • Throughput rates up to 1,800 kg/h
            • Fully enclosed system with small footprint and user-friendly operation
            • Fast product changeover – cleaning, assembly and start-up times are kept to a minimum
            • Reliable cutting tool delivers spherical pellets of superb quality
            • Long lifetime of wear parts
          • SLC - Underwater Pelletizer with spring-loaded blade advance

          • The Spring Loaded Cutter (SLC) is a cost efficient solution for underwater pelletizing basic polymers at lower rates. The SLC pelletizer uses constant spring pressure to adjust the cutter blades to the die plate, reducing the need for operator attention and underwater cutting. The cutter hub is connected to the motor shaft through a telescoping spring sleeve, and the blades are automatically positioned against the die plate using spring force. The blade force can be adjusted per application or product by simply changing springs.

            • Cost-efficient solution
            • Simple to operate
            • Low maintenance
          • E-Series® - Economically designed underwater pelletizing system and underwater pelletizing process

          • A value engineered underwater pelletizing system and underwater pelletizing process designed to economically pelletize and dry thermoplastics—polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, rigid PVC, flexible PVC, and more—for polymer production at throughput rates of up to 1,500 kg/h (3307 lbs/hr.)

            • Simple and compact
            • Engineered to include the fundamental operational and safety concepts of Gala’s more complex underwater pelletizing systems
            • Includes a fully functional PLC-based control system with touch screen interface, an SLC pelletizer and a skid-mounted Tempered Water System with dryer
        • Accessories for underwater pelletizing

            • PURO® ® - Tempered process water systems for underwater pelletizing system/s

            • PURO® is an efficient water system technology for any polymer application that transports granulat to the centrifugal pellet dryer. The energy-efficient compact systems require minimal space and are suitable for use with PEARLO® underwater pelletizing systems and with M-USG and P-USG underwater strand pelletizing systems. Well thought-out and highly accessible components serve to provide excellent operating characteristics and efficient servicing.


              • Compact and modular design
              • High flexibility
              • Easy access and ease of cleaning
              • Small footprint
              • Low noise emissions
              • Thermally insulation available
              • Low energy consumption
              • Brought product range
              • Reliable production machine
              • Closed loop System and water filtered
            • Continuous Band Filtration (CBF)

            • The Gala Continuous Band Filtration (CBF) performs process water filtration. It is designed as a retrofit for the pellet production line where fines are regularly created on some products and operator attendance would normally be required to clean the IS drawer in the production frequently. After installation of the CBF, the operator does not have to monitor the underwater pelletizing system anymore. The advance of the filter media is continuous and does not need any activation in order to catch fines larger than 150 µm. Process water contamination is eliminated in most cases. The fines are continuously separated from the process water and collected in a mud cart.
            • Integrated Sieve (IS®) Tempered Water Systems

            • Gala’s IS (Integrated Sieve) Tempered Water System features a V-wire screen mounted directly under the dryer water outlet to ?lter solids from the process water prior to recirculation to the pelletizer. The screen is easy to remove for cleaning, reducing downtime between product changes. TWS 20–80 systems are skid mounted. Integrated Sieve (IS®) Tempered Water Systems are ideal for use in conjunction with underwater pelletizing systems and pellet dryers.

              • Quick and easy access for cleaning
              • Fully enclosed system
              • No hidden corner areas
              • Integrated filtration
              • Minimum floor space
            • BF Process Water System

            • The process water system BF fulfils the following functions within a underwater pelletizing systeme:

              * Collecting of the process water and feeding it at the required pressure to the individual locations of consumption
              * Cooling of the process water
              * Separating dust and contaminations from the process water (process water filtration)

              Process water systems BF can be retrofitted as a production auxiliary into existing pelletizing systems. .


              • Continuous filtration of the returning water through beltfilter
              • System engineeringg from one source, the process water system will be designed exactly according to the needs of the pelletizing system
              • Cooling through plate heat exchanger
              • Process water conveying through centrifugal pump
              • Water tank with automatic refill level control
              • Energy saving water filtration – Pumps designed for alternating function
            • Band Filtration (BF)

            • The Gala Band Filtration System (BF) for process water filtration is designed for the underwater pellet production line (for example, during direct crystallization) in which there are several color changes throughout the day. The BF can also be used in product-cutting systems that create fines, which results in contamination in the process water system. Nearly no monitoring of the system is required by an operator. The advance of the filter media is automatically activated in order to catch all fines down to 20 µm created before the process water becomes contaminated. In most of cases, the water does not need to be replaced as it stays perfectly clean. The fines are continuously separated from the process water and collected in a mud cart.
            • MB500® Tempered Water Systems

            • The MB500® Tempered Water System is a result of a cooperative effort between Gala and its customers to develop a underwater pelletizing machine which directly addresses the need for the custom compounder to thoroughly clean the system between products. Small color masterbatch runs require frequent changeovers. The MB500 targets this speci?c customer need in the production process.

              • Easy to clean
              • Energy-Efficient
              • Compact, less space required
              • Low maintenance
              • Low production costs
              • Supported by 24-hour service worldwide!