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FKT Formenbau und Kunststofftechnik GmbH
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  • Offer Profile
  • FKT operates its core business of moulds, which has continually expanded under the business goal "Realisation of complex Mould projects" from new or existing services, in the area of engineered plastics.

    For the perspective market position, FKT is decisive with its one hand in the concentration on the core authority building of moulds, and the other hand, the prime development of partnerships , which corresponds to the trend for structuring of supply relations, and more over reaching our goal for Best Moulds.
Product Portfolio
  • Areas of Expertise

      • Mold Construction

      • Precise synthetic products require high quality, premium tools. The range of our mold construction encompasses all processes, from synthetic parts development to tool construction, supported by simulation technology and prototype construction with laser cutting techniques, up to the manufacture of injection molding tools with a dead load of 20 t maximum.

        We provide injection moulds
        • as 1K-/2K- and 3K-variations
        • with MuCell technology
        • as tiered/tandem tools
        • gas-assisted injection molding
        • insert technology
        • IML

        We machine with diverse and efficient state-of-the-art machinery. In this way, the use of 5-axis simulator milling centers up to a workpiece weight of 8 t with corresponding spark-erosion machines and spotting presses with table clamping surfaces up to a maximum of 2,500 x 2,000 mm enables the assembly of especially high-quality, precise workpieces.
        Our employees' vast professional knowledge and their flexibility make it possible for us to respond quickly to your needs, executing your orders with the greatest precision and in a timely manner.
          • Large-Sized Tools

          • This production area boasts the complete array of mold construction processing technology for up to 20 tons overall weight. Moreover, this section is equipped with modern electric discharge and 5-axial milling machines, thus guaranteeing safe and efficient assembly. Our employees have a keen intuitation of your quality requirements and can accomplish them both consistently and on a highly technical level.
          • Micro- and Precision Tools

          • This area features a technology complex, spezializing in high-grade specifities and is supported by workpieces and tools via pre-progammed automated feeds. By being continually challenged by new tasks, our employees are highly qualified and innovative thinkers. In addition, special tools with "slider in slider" solutions, combinations with multiple seperation levels, and all known 2K-/3K uses and insert techniques are purposefully implemented.
        • Development & Construction

            • Development and Design

            • We develop your plastic parts in every desired design step, in particular we attach importance to the tools and fabrication manufacturing which we reach with a communication based on trust with you from the beginning.
              Supported by simulation technologies, prototypes in the laser inter procedure as well as FMEA evaluations, we avoid complex corrections and show you the future product to be best of all in close reach.
            • Construction

            • The tools construction determine the quality and economic viability, are voted in FKT on all features of the article and your manufacturing possibilities. To all usual data formats work our software systems compatible. A proven guide to the comprehensive information is the work from our check list system, which is undertook in the Quality Management.
              They use these experiences of complicated construction projects to ensure solutions in complex moulding, with use of small tools and large tools, and more - components and GID ranges as well as detailed mounting and subsequent hose pouring tools required. The complete construction is generated in the 3D into the detail and realistic visual.
          • Plastics Engineering

          • The most up-to-date technology guarantees high quality, on-time delivery. In our plastics department, injection molding machines with compression forces ranging from 350 kN to 11.000 kN are available for function tests and initial sampling, as well as for small series assembly. And of course, we provide our clients with complete sample documentation.

            Comprehensive facilities enable the operation of:
            • multi-component tools
            • tiered tools
            • injection molding tools in gas-assisted
            • and MuCell®-systems
            • textile- and foil-insert molding tools
            • die-engineering tools

            Sophisticated gripper systems allow for process-oriented assembly and process integration. Series durability is evaluated at inspection.
            Moreover, the central desiccating and material conveyor mechanism guarantees both a flexible material feed and an orderly machining environment, enabling consistent quality throughout.
              • Multi-Component Injection Molding

              • Our early specialization in sophisticated multi-component machinery has made us a recognized partner in this area. Moreover, our customers can count on our expertise, from the initial developmental stages to series release. Our employees are consistently qualified and with their experience, are able to produce and sample even the most intricate tools.

                The most important examples for this include:
                • Rotary plate concepts
                • Indexing plates and indexing solutions
                • Shifting and rotary table forms
                • Relocating tools with automation solutions
                • Combinations with gas internal pressure
                • Film insert molding (FIM)
                • Textile and metal overmolds
                • Fitting injection molding for clutch packs in auto emissions

                Every other FKT tool is a multi-component mold. These are sampled and run in at our own technical center using a compression force between 350 – 11,000 kN, and with our detailed quality and process documentation allows for a smooth transfer to your production machine.
                  • Plastic Machining

                  • The entire value-added chain of our services, from plastic machining to the assembly group ready for dispatch, is on display in our new production center.Here, we cut complex and sophisticated high-performance plastic components,
                    from our own injection molding process or from semi-finished products and assemble them for an accurate fit for components, primarily in the field of medical engineering.
                    Plastics that are primarily manufactured for high temperatures from PEEK, or polyetheretherketone, create a particular challenge for injection molding manufacture and the tools associated with them.

                    Partial wall thicknesses of over 20 mm are inspected using X-ray technology and must be both 100% cavity-free, as well as devoid of foreign body inclusions. We have taken up the challenge to guarantee the required and strict production tolerances in machining, including for example, temper processes.
                    In so doing, we model process-reliable and innovative production with ultramodern, 5-axis milling machines with automated connections, as well as propelled lathe implements.
                      • Prototypes

                      • An important developmental phase is the prototype stage. Here, FKT provides generative prototypes direct from/out of the 3D data set, using laser cutting procedures or FDM methods. Particularly noteworthy is the option to produce from metal prototypes, for which we use our laserCUSING facility. Prototypes can also be finished by request.
                        Concluding the expansion of our product range is the requirement for small series made from original synthetic materials via „quick“ aluminum or steel tools with loose parts.
                          • Mobile Service

                          • At FKT, popular services within our own business framework are becoming increasingly important. The availability of competent professionals to conduct repairs and damage control around the clock creates long-term mutual trust, leading to opportunities for new contracts. In keeping with this trend, FKT opened a repair and service office in 2005, at which plastic injection molding services can be conducted at short notice.

                            Thanks to the vehicle specifically built for this purpose, it is now possible to make quick, off-site repairs to injection molding instruments, directly at the injection molding machine itself. Moreover, the laser welding unit located within the vehicle expands FKT's service options even further. Should larger repairs be required, corresponding machine tool capacities are available for immediate use at our location in Triptis.
                              • Special Technologies

                                  • MuCell® Injection Molding

                                  • With the MuCell® molding process, which involves a physical foaming process for thermoplastics, the development of a foam structure is created by the addition of nitrogen or carbon dioxide to the synthetic molten material. This leads to weight reduction, the elimination of sink marks, and a general improvement of flow properties.
                                    Typical applications are construction components for continuous-flow hot-water heaters made from glass fiber-reinforced polyamid. In contrast to water heaters made from metal pipes, heaters produced from synthetic materials are popular by virtue of their significantly lower production costs. However, one issue is that the construction parts become distorted after injection molding. This problem can be solved with the aid of MuCell technology. In this manner, the MuCell process also enables the scaling of thin areas in the building component, whereas wall thicknesses of 1mm in compact injection molding cannot be prepared.
                                    Since 2005, licensing fees have been waived for MuCell, thus accelerating this technology into the market. Together with the technology partners ENGEL and Trexel, FKT covers the complete process chain for physical foaming technology with the MuCell process. In doing so, the injection molding machine builder and automation expert ENGEL, the mold construction firm FKT, and Trexel, the developer of MuCell technology combine their expertise for highly efficient and application-specific solutions.
                                  • LaserCUSING® - Metal Melting

                                  • Metal melting is a layered, tool-less process, in which metal powder is locally fused
                                    (using laser or electron rays) into a compact structural component. Thus, it becomes
                                    possible to produce three-dimensional parts of any shape. The strength properties are
                                    comparable to the characteristics of the basis material.

                                    • Production of complex functioning parts (unique specimens)
                                    • Mold manufacture with inner media channels that can be designed as required
                                    • Use in tool and mold construction for shape-specific tempering ducts


                                    • Homogenous surface temperature control
                                    • Stable production process during injection molding
                                    • Reduced molding warpage
                                    • Reduced injection molding cycle times
                                    • Generation of thermal regulation possibilities
                                    • Rapid repair solutions for sophisticadet tools with
                                    • critical contour areas in tool applications
                                    • Reduction of total processing time for highly detailed and strong fissuring tools

                                    Powder Materials:
                                    • CL 50 WS - high-temperature steel 1.2709
                                    • CL 20 ES - high-grade steel 1.4404
                                    • CL 91 RW - stainless high-temperature steel 1.2083
                                    • CL 100NB - nickel-base alloy (Inconel 718)
                                  • High-Temperature Polymer Processing

                                  • High-performance plastics continuously supersede other materials, whereby strength, temperature stability, or other isolated properties are fulfilled by means of particular synthetic groups or receptors. These materials are referred to by the following terms:
                                    PPSU, PPA, PPS, PES, PEI, LCP, PEEK, ….
                                    It was at an early stage that we discovered the potential of these synthetics and through longstanding experience, have developed the necessary process parameters for them. A typical feature is their manufacture at extremely high temperatures. For this purpose, FKT has premium equipment for special tempering, specialized plasticizing units, and external tempering facilities. The tools are constructed according to corresponding security regulations regarding tubing and insulation, as well as dry run properties, and can also be sampled or produced for our clients.
                                  • 4-Component Mould

                                  • 4-Component mould Bottle Opener
                                    The preform is an in-house development with which FKT's expertise in the multi-component sector should be emphasized. The tool is prepared under the auspices of our apprenticeship program. A steel inlay is injected simultaneously with translucent polycarbonate and imprinted foil. After a fully automated rotation of the entire injection mold tool half, a light gray soft component is also added into the handle area.
                                    A partnership between ENGEL Austria GmbH and FKT has already attracted a great deal of attention. In addition, an Engel injection
                                    molding machine with our FKT bottle opener will be showcased at national and international trade shows.