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Business Profile

Our Mission
AUBO Robotics is dedicated to creating collaborative robots that are advanced human friendly robotic solutions to serve the small to midsize manufacturing sector. Our goal is to provide our clients with a robot designed to interact with a human worker within a defined workspace, user-friendly, and a cost-effective robotic system that is easy to implement.

About AUBO Robotics
Founded in 2014 as Smokie Robotics (DUNS: 079629618) had a name change in 2016 to DBA : AUBO Robotics. The company was developed in collaboration between three Phd professors from USA and China, to make a lightweight intelligent collaborative robot. This robot arm was specially designed with important functions from the start, combining state of the art technology with user friendliness to make this collaborative robot (Co-bot).

Today, the company’s international operations include AUBO Robotics Beijing, AUBO Robotics Technology Changzhou China, and AUBO Robotics USA, covering over 50 countries, and are supported by a network of distributors worldwide. AUBO Robotics directly employs approximately 100 professionals in all relevant disciplines—engineering, software design, research and development, manufacturing, production, logistics, technical support, marketing, sales, and administration.

AUBO Robotics looks forward to helping companies to make use of this new technology and gain competitive advantage in manufacturing environment while reducing the dangerous and repetitive tasks performed by workers today.