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  • Offer Profile
  • Your partner for laser marking and laser systems

    Whether as contract manufacturing in-house or laser integration in your own production. We support you competently from the first idea up to implementation.

Product Portfolio
  • Laser systems & labelling lasers

    • The right laser marking machine

      We offer special and custom laser for the labelling of plastics and metal engravings. Laser cells and compact tabletop lasers to be integrated in your production lines.

      "Marking on the Fly" systems or camera-supported lasers

        • Fiber laser, Nd:YAG solid state laser, Co2 laser, UV laser and green laser.

        • Our powerful beLaserMark operating software can be customized to your requirements.

        • Kameraview now makes positioning even easier!

          • Kameraview now makes positioning even easier!
          • Up to 6 lasers can be controled simultaneously through one software interface!
          • 2D and 3D high speed and low drift scanner technology.
        • beLaser LMF compact series

        • Compact construction - highest flexibility

          Simple operation, high quality and high marking speeds characterize our LMF series. Tthe series are equiped with positioning aid and focus finder as well as a protective class 1 housing

          Suitable for:
          texts, logos, vector data, QR codes, DMC codes, 2D codes, variable data sets and image engravings.

          Typ LMF-20 LMF-I20 LMF-I30 LMF-M20 LMF-M30
          Wave length 1064 nm 1064 nm 1064 nm 1064 nm 1064 nm
          Laser power 20 watt 20 watt 30 watt 20 watt 30 watt
          Frequenz 1 - 400 kHz 20 - 200 kHz 20 - 200 kHz 1 - 2000 kHz 1 - 2000 kHz
          Pulse width 200 ns 100 ns 100 ns 1 - 250 ns 1 - 250 ns
          Pulse modulable No No No No Yes
          Marking field 150x150mm 150x150mm 150x150mm 150x150mm 150x150mm
          Cooling Air Air Air Air Air
          Working temperature 10-40°C 10-40°C 10-40°C 10-40°C 10-40°C
          Electrical connection 230 Volt 230 Volt 230 Volt 230 Volt 230 Volt
          Power consumption 800 Watt 800 Watt 800 Watt 800 Watt 800 Watt

          Further performance classes, superstructural parts and labelling field sizes can be configured.

        • Accessories and options

          • Rotation unit
          • X/Y Portal
          • Suction unit
          • Protective gear
          • Interchangeable lenses
          • Workpiece holder (jig)
          • Marking on the fly
          • Promotion solutions / operation via smartphone or tablet
          • Interface solution for automation and data transmission (for example UDI marking)

      • Laser for rent

        • Fair & Event Highlight Live Engraving: Impressive and highly effective advertising

            • Applications of the personalized live engraving as a unique experience

            • Sales increase through personalization

              Make gifts:

              • for your customer
              • for your employees
              • for finding employees within the framework of training place exchanges, open day at technical schools
              • Events of any kind
            • Capacity bottleneck or temporary order?

            • We offer you a fast and inexpensive solution: Contract manufacturing or laser for rent.

          • Laser marking applications

            • We process both single parts as well as large series. When processing, you can always count on our expertise, speed and reliability.

              Laser marking by beLaser

              Laser marking in particular has become one of the most important marking methods in recent years. Due to the continuous development of laser technology since the 1960s, today materials of various kinds can be marked, labelled, engraved or changed.