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  • WALTHER TROWAL –A global company with German roots.

    As a manufacturer of standard and special machines for surface processing, we offer modular and customised system solutions. By automating and linking our systems, we can adjust the correct process to your needs and requirements. We also offer repair and maintenance services, as well as our test lab.

Product Portfolio

  • Using the perfect combination of machine, abrasive media and compounds, we can attune the mass finishing process to ensure that your workpieces have the surface you require.

    Mass finishing, also known as trowalizing, is based on processes in nature. Here, sand and water grind down rough blocks of stone to smooth, perfectly rounded pebbles. What we do in modern manufacturing technology is no different. With the right combination of machine, abrasive media, compound and water, we can perfect virtually every surface precisely to your requirements, using processes ranging from mass finishing, deburring, polishing and descaling to cleaning, smoothing and rounding.



          • Effective and efficient, reusing process water (a mixture of water and compound) and feeding it back into circulation during mass finishing can help you both save costs and protect the environment.


            Water and compound are essential for trowalizing. In most mass finishing applications, these valuable resources can be cleaned in centrifuges and fed back into circulation. This not only saves costs, but also protects the environment.


            In some applications, it is not possible to recycle the process water, such as when pickling with acids or when using various compounds. In such cases, the water must be cleaned in a flocculant unit and then disposed of.

            See Also:

            • CENTRIFUGES: ZA peeling centrifuge / ZM basket centrifuge
            • FLOCCULANT UNITS: DO/GA flocculant unit / RT flocculant unit

          • Drums and rotating barrels are the cost-effective solution for processing small workpieces – such as those in precision mechanics – in small and medium batch sizes. They are also suitable for fine finishing and polishing.

            See Also:

            • E5 MINI BARREL
            • ROTATING BARRELS
          • DRYERS

          • After mass finishing, workpieces are generally wet or moist and must be dried. This is done using either a heated drying medium or hot air, depending on your individual needs.

            See Also:

            • BF-HL BELT DRYER

          • The right combination of process media can ensure the perfect processing results. Ceramic and plastic abrasive media, combined with compounds and special media, create the ideal surface.

            See Also:

            • COMPOUNDS
            • SPECIAL MEDIA

          • Our continuous units can be installed to continuously process your workpieces in the production process. The individual parts are added to the mass finishing machine in cycles, without interrupting the process.


            The AV range of continuous units allows you to continuously process large quantities, with no need to interrupt the mass finishing process to add new workpieces. Thanks to the trough-shaped work bowl, you can process small and medium non-sensitive mass-produced parts (punched parts, die-cast parts, etc.), as well as larger parts (oil tanks, cylinder head covers, etc.).

            • Continuous workpiece processing
            • Interruption-free workpiece loading
            • Trough-shaped work bowl
            • Easy to integrate in fully automated mass finishing processes
            • Simple material handling without batch loading

          • High-value, delicate work pieces with complex shapes or work pieces made from tough, difficult to machine materials are mounted to special fixtures and dragged through a stationary bed of grinding or polishing media. Since the work pieces never touch each other during the process, they cannot scratch or nick each other.

            • Orthopedic implants (medical engineering)
            • Turbine blades (for airplanes as well stationary turbines)
            • Precision components, for example, for pumps and compressors
            • Work pieces made from tungsten carbide and other hard metals
            • Fan wheels for turbo chargers (automotive industry)
            • Sintered components, etc.


          From deburring and rounding to high-gloss polishing, circular vibrators are universal mass finishing machines that can help you process a wide range of materials. You can use them for roughly pre-grinding workpieces, for example, or for producing surfaces ready for electroplating. Circular vibrators work extremely efficiently, making them suitable for use as both stand-alone units or as part of automated production procedures.


            • Thanks to their robust steel construction with reinforced imbalance drive, the CB circular vibrators are particularly suited for ball burnishing and pressure deburring.

              • Helically shaped working channel
              • Integrated screening unit
              • Gate clearing via a button on the machine
              • Reinforced imbalance drive in ball burnishing configuration

            • Do you need to process large and sensitive workpieces? The CD circular vibrators with integrated screening unit offer you a universal solution.

              • Integrated screening unit
              • Manually or pneumatically powered separator flap
              • 110 to 1,200 litres gross volume
              • Flat bowl bottom
              • Extra-long separation zone

            • Our CM circular vibrators are the perfect choice for large, heavy and sensitive parts. Supplied without an integrated screening unit, they are available with an optional pneumatic bowl outlet and moving separating plate.

              • No screening unit
              • 115 to 1,000 litres gross volume
              • Flat bowl bottom
              • Pneumatic bowl outlet (optional)
              • Moving separating plate (optional)
              • Two-batch operation possible, with minimal auxiliary process times
              • Wide range of accessories available

            • MV multivibrators are our individual solution for fine finishing and polishing, offering high reproducibility and a uniform finishing pattern for fragile and work-intensive workpieces.

              • High reproducibility
              • Uniform finish
              • Wet process with water and compound
              • Suitable for 24-hour operation
              • Low fitting and auxiliary process times with electromagnetic clamping device

            • This is the entry-level model among our circular vibrators. Seven different configurations with a range of different bowl sizes offer excellent efficiency and maximum cost effectiveness.

              • Integrated screening unit
              • Pneumatically operated separator flap
              • Zero-maintenance vibration flange motors
              • Two-speed drive
              • Bowl sizes from 100 to 1,200 litres
              • Available accessories: sound deadening lid, metering unit, magnetic separator, vibration dryer



            • In one single process the AM Multivibrators are smoothing out the surface roughness on 3D printed components, which among other reasons is caused by staircasing, support structure remnants and sintered-on powder residues.

              • Specially developed for additive manufacturing
              • Ideal for geometrically complex components
              • Smooth surfaces and luster in one single process stage
              • Absolutely consistent and repeatable finishing results
              • High cost-efficiency


            Perfectly suited to removing heavy burrs and for rounding edges on small and medium workpieces, Turbotron centrifugal disc finishing units have an abrasive action that is ten times stronger than that of circular vibrators, making them particularly efficient. Processing your workpieces in the centrifugal force tank can save both time and costs. Special process methods also enable fine finishing and polishing.


              • The two-batch principle helps you both improve productivity and minimise costly auxiliary process times. The centrifugal disc finishing units are also ideal for automating your processes, and are also available as a tandem version.


                With a centrifugal disc finishing unit from our TT...A/2C range, you can process your workpieces quickly and increase productivity. The machine allows you to fill a second batch into the centrifugal force tank whilst the first batch is being separated on the screening machine. This helps you minimise costly auxiliary process times. It is also perfect for automating your processes.

                THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                • High productivity thanks to two-batch principle
                • Minimised auxiliary process times
                • Perfect for automated processes
                • Save time, space and cost


                If you are searching for a custom solution for your mass finishing processes, the TT...B series is the best choice. The modular system allows you to fit the individual machines with feeders, screening machines and abrasive media return transport systems as required.

                THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                • Individual mass finishing solution
                • Modular system
                • Choose from electromechanical or hydraulic system
                • Partial automation possible

              • COMPACT AND PIVOTING

                Centrifugal disc finishing units from the TT...SM range have an attached screening machine and integrated hopper for abrasive media. After processing the workpieces, the entire unit pivots by 135° to separate the abrasive media and workpiece mass on the screening machine.

                THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                • Compact design saves space
                • Cost effective
                • Suitable for processing limited quantities
            • TROUGH VIBRATORS


              Trough vibrators are ideal for workpieces that are too large for circular vibrators. Usually, the parts to be processed are simply placed individually in the trough. If you want to trowalize sensitive workpieces, these are either secured in special clamping devices or processed in separate chambers to avoid damage.

                • TFM VIBRATORS

                • This mass finishing machine is perfect for trowalizing large and – if necessary – sensitive parts. It also boasts excellent value for money, and is ideal for ball burnishing and pressure deburring.

                  THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                  • Available with optional rubber lining
                  • Trowalize large and sensitive parts
                  • Powerful conventional imbalance motors
                  • Ideal for ball burnishing and pressure deburring
                • TMV VIBRATORS

                • Thanks to their "Multivib" drive, the TMV range of trough vibrators ensures intensive workpiece processing throughout the entire bowl length. The extremely powerful drive also makes the machines suitable for ball burnishing and pressure deburring.

                  THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                  • Powerful "Multivib" drive
                  • Modular series with various bowl sizes
                  • Fitted with sound deadening equipment
                  • Ideal for ball burnishing and pressure deburring


                The selected blasting medium is directed towards your workpieces at high speed using blast wheels. This ensures high blasting performance and optimum use of energy. Using this technology in a continuous process offers several advantages over batch processing:

                • Continuous workpiece feeding
                • Easy to integrate into production processes
                • Simplified parts flow

                That is why our continuous belt blasting units are frequently used to replace conventional batch systems. With their easy workpiece handling and excellent blasting results, they are even used as replacements for suspended-line systems.


                    • Gentle and effective processing for different-sized workpieces. The smart THM transport system ensures perfect processing. It also offers simple maintenance and can be adjusted flexibly to your needs.

                      THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                      • Processes both bulk material and individual parts with different shapes and sizes
                      • Manual or automatic workpiece feeding
                      • Controllable processing parameters: throughput times, discharge velocities, optional blasting medium flow rate regulation
                      • Two turbines with 7.5 to 22 kW of power, depending on the machine type (can be upgraded to up to six turbines depending on configuration)
                      • Special turbines for aluminium blasting medium
                      • Easy-to-reach wear zones for quick maintenance
                      • Customised filter systems
                      • Wide range of loading and unloading mechanisms, such as lifting and tipping units, vibrating hoppers, rotating buffer tables and refilling systems
                      • Belt rods made from either polyurethane or manganese steel
                • SMALL PART COATING


                  The Rotamat coaters are the economic solution for improving the surface of mass produced small parts by coating made from elastomers, metal or wood – for example, O-rings, handles, springs or screws.

                  Even parts that have a complex shape or are extremely delicate are discharged from the machine with a perfect coating and completely dry.

                  The coating process in the rotary drum is full automatic. The cost-intensive and time-consuming placing of the parts on special racks – required in conventional coating systems – is no longer necessary.

                  The Rotamat coater allows the use of a wide variety of different coating materials. Typical applications are:

                  • Decorative coatings Improves the part surfaces with a wide range of decorative and functional coating materials, eco-friendly, solvent-free lacquers and single- or two-component special lacquers.
                  • Lubricating coatings Reduces the coefficient of friction and prevents chatter and stick/slip effects on small parts like O-rings, sealing components or valve stems. It also facilitates the problem-free separation of the work pieces.
                  • Application of a bonding agent Single or double layer systems consisting of primer and cover create a strong bond between the substrate and the elastomer.
                  • Coating for corrosion protection Creates a long lasting protective layer without the use of hazardous chemicals. For example, compared to dip/spin coating the drives of small and micro screws remain open providing the required optimum grip.
                  • Coating for insulation purposes Special coating materials provide an insulating layer for electronic components like ferrite cores and rings or capacitor sleeves.
                    • ROTAMAT R 60

                    • Capacity between 2 and 15 L, respectively batch weight of maximum 25 kg. Manual tilting of the rotary drum.
                    • ROTAMAT R 80

                    • 50 litres of filling volume or 50 kg of weight. Electromotive tilting of the rotary drum.


                    • ROTAMAT R 85

                    • Filling volume up to 75 l or 100 kg weight. Electromotive tilting of the rotary drum, two-handed operation for opening the cover.

                      The work pieces are gently tumbling over each other in the rotating drum. The resulting intensive mixing effect evenly exposes the work pieces to the spay pattern of the spray gun at different angles – a pre-condition for an even coating thickness.

                      The special drum shape and the adjustable rotary speed ensure an optimum tumbling and mixing of the work pieces. The drum inclination is infinitely adjustable within a certain angle and can, thus, be precisely adjusted to different work piece shapes. The ideal angle of inclination for the various coating processes is determined by processing trials and then stored in the machine controls.

                      Different drum sizes for different part volumes are available. Exchanging one drum with another is easy and requires very little time. This allows adapting the Rotamat quickly to different batch sizes or coating processes. If required, the inside of the drums can be lined with a 3S-coating. In addition, the inside of the cover and the drum housing can be coated with an anti-adhesion material.

                  • PROCESS WATER TECHNOLOGY

                  • Effective and efficient, reusing process water (a mixture of water and compound) and feeding it back into circulation during mass finishing can help you both save costs and protect the environment.


                    Water and compound are essential for trowalizing. In most mass finishing applications, these valuable resources can be cleaned in centrifuges and fed back into circulation. This not only saves costs, but also protects the environment.


                    In some applications, it is not possible to recycle the process water, such as when pickling with acids or when using various compounds. In such cases, the water must be cleaned in a flocculant unit and then disposed of.

                      • CENTRIFUGES


                        After mass finishing, the process water contains abraded material from the metal and abrasive media. Oil and dissolved metals are also often present. When cleaning in a centrifuge, the solid particles are removed from the contaminated water and separated as an airtight sludge. This results in a clean water/compound mixture that you can reuse for processing your workpieces. Alongside your centrifuge's annual maintenance as per accident prevention regulations, we also offer you a regular service in line with legal requirements.

                        Centrifuges cannot be used everywhere. They are not suitable for the following mass finishing applications:

                        • Chemically accelerated procedures and paste processes
                        • Multi-stage processing with various compounds
                        • Pickling processes with acids
                        • Ball burnishing applications
                          • ZA PEELING CENTRIFUGE

                          • Clean up to 2,000 litres in fully automatic operation! The PLC-controlled ZA centrifuge features a modular design, and can be ideally adjusted to your requirements.

                            THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                            • Centrifuges with up to 2,417 times the acceleration of gravity
                            • PLC for fully automatic operation
                            • Two configurations:
                              ZA 04 with a cleaning power of 1,000 l of process water per hour
                              ZA 06 with a cleaning power of 2,000 l of process water per hour
                          • ZM BASKET CENTRIFUGE

                          • With its intuitive control and robust construction, the ZM basket centrifuge can help you clean up to 1,000 litres of process water per hour. The sludge basket is emptied manually.

                            THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                            • Centrifuges with up to 2,012 times the acceleration of gravity
                            • Up to 14 l (19 kg) of sludge per cycle
                            • Up to 1,000 l of process water per hour
                            • PLC for semi-automatic operation
                            • Two configurations:
                              ZM 03-ECO 1 for 1 mass finishing machine
                              ZM 03-FL for 2–3 mass finishing machines
                        • FLOCCULANT UNITS


                          After mass finishing, the process water contains solid and harmful substances such as oils, metals and greases. To ensure that these substances do not flow into the sewer system, you can clean your acid or alkaline process water in our flocculant units. You can then discharge the clean water into the sewer system in line with legal requirements.

                            • DO/GA FLOCCULANT UNITS

                            • The complete solution for larger mass finishing systems. The PLC-controlled GA or DO systems automatically clean your process water, processing up to 2,000 litres per hour.


                              The PLC-controlled DO and GA flocculant units are fully automatic solutions that can clean up to 2,000 litres of process water per hour. If you need to clean over 3,000 litres of process water every day, these systems are the right choice. Thanks to a variety of monitoring functions and locks, the cleaning process runs reliably and stably with no intervention from the operator. It delivers clear water free of harmful substances for sustainable disposal.

                              THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                              • Proven quality
                              • Ideal for a daily water quantity of > 3,000 litres
                              • Fully automatic cleaning with no operator intervention
                              • Monitoring functions and locks
                            • RT FLOCCULANT UNIT

                            • The best-value solution for small and medium businesses. Do you clean less than 3,000 litres of process water every day? Then an RT system is ideal for you.

                              BATCH CLEANING OF SMALL WATER VOLUMES

                              The RT unit is cost effective and easy to operate. It is the perfect solution if you need to clean water volumes of up to 3,000 litres every day. To do so, stir the flocculation powder into the contaminated water that is collected during the working period. The flocs that form are then filtered off using a filter bag or press. Your contaminated water will then become clean and clear overnight.

                              THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                              • Simple operation and excellent value
                              • Ideal for a daily water quantity of < 3,000 litres
                              • Batch cleaning
                          • DRYERS

                          • DRYING AFTER MASS FINISHING

                            Workpieces that go through the trowalizing process are usually wet afterwards. Walther Trowal's range of dryers allow you to dry your workpieces using either a heated drying medium or hot air. Choose your dryer depending on what you need, we will be happy to help.

                              • G-SERIES VIBRATION DRYER

                              • This dryer uses a heated drying medium to spotlessly dry and polish your sensitive workpieces. Suitable for batch and continuous operation.

                                THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                                • Additional polishing of your workpieces
                                • Helically shaped bowl channel pitch with no ramp
                                • Side-mounted rubberised workpiece feed hopper 
                                • Fully adjustable heater with replaceable heating elements
                                • Integrated screening unit for batch and continuous operation
                                • Polyurethane container cladding (optional)
                                • Dust cover with integrated dust extractor and filter unit (optional)
                              • BF-HL BELT DRYER

                              • The BF-HL dryer is perfect for drying sensitive workpieces that cannot be touched. It uses hot air to dry the parts on a wire mesh belt, whilst keeping energy consumption low.

                                CONTACTLESS DRYING BY MEANS OF HOT AIR

                                The BF-HL belt dryer allows you to dry your workpieces using hot air. This procedure is particularly beneficial when your workpieces have the following characteristics: 

                                • Sensitive parts that must not come into contact with each other
                                • Parts with tight boreholes
                                • Long and bulky parts
                                EFFICIENT DRYING IN THE TUNNEL

                                Your workpieces are transported through a heated drying tunnel on a fine wire mesh belt, which is also available in premium V4A stainless steel. The temperature and speed of the conveyor belt are both fully adjustable. Special equipment includes a high-pressure air knife, which blows the residual water out of the workpieces prior to drying, as well as an extension of the conveyor belt to make placing and removing the workpieces easier.

                                THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                                • Fully adjustable operating temperature
                                • Fully adjustable conveyor belt speed
                                • Low energy consumption thanks to excellent heat insulation (> 100 mm)
                                • Special configuration – conveyor belt extension
                            • CLEANING TECHNOLOGY


                              To clean your components of dirt and grease, simply add them to the work bowl filled with cleaning media. The detergent and water are constantly added. The pressure from the cleaning media and the circulation of the cleaning emulsion remove even large dirt particles. The components are cleaned within 20 to 40 minutes. Dirt and grease are conveyed out of the machine via a screening device with outlet at the bottom of the bowl.

                              WHICH WORKPIECES CAN BE CLEANED?

                              You can use the TRT 83 x 37 cleaning trough to effortlessly clean workpieces measuring up to 80 cm in length and 30 cm in diameter. Here are some examples:

                              • Bearing shells and covers
                              • Engine components
                              • Gearbox components
                              • Shafts and axles
                              • Labyrinth rings
                              • Bearings, bearing units and bearing housings
                                  • TRT 83 X 37 CLEANING TROUGH

                                  • Thorough cleaning for mechanical engineering, industry, automotive engineering and more. Free your important components of grease, lubricants and other residues, and have them ready for reinstallation in no time.

                                    SGK CLEANING AGENT PROTECTS AGAINST CORROSION

                                    The trowal SGK liquid cleaning agent allows you to remove grease and other stubborn stains, whilst also protecting your components against corrosion. Unlike solvent-based cold cleaners, SGK is not categorised as a hazardous substance, and can therefore be used for cleaning and pre-treating surfaces for coating.

                                    THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                                    • Thorough component cleaning
                                    • trowal SGK removes grease and stubborn stains
                                    • Sound deadening lid for noise reduction
                                    • Brush cleaning set for cleaning difficult-to-reach areas
                              • MEDIA AND COMPOUND

                              • FOR PERFECT PROCESSING RESULTS

                                From ceramic and plastic abrasive media to polishing media, compounds and special media, the right combination can help give your workpiece the perfect surface. We offer a wide range of process media for special processes in all kinds of applications. From rough finishing, polishing and refining to creating surfaces ready for electroplating, we can create the ideal process for you.

                                  • PLASTIC ABRASIVE MEDIA

                                  • Ideal for soft surfaces such as die-cast metal, plastic abrasive media allow you to process your workpieces even more gently. They are also resistant to splitting and retain their shape.
                                  • COMPOUNDS

                                  • Compounds boost the abrasion performance. They are also suitable for cleaning, degreasing and protecting against corrosion. Our powder compounds can also be used for workpiece polishing.
                                  • CERAMIC ABRASIVE MEDIA

                                  • The high density of ceramic abrasive media allows you to generate a very high abrasion pressure and quickly remove even stubborn burrs. Ceramic also has a very long service life.
                                  • SPECIAL MEDIA

                                  • Pressure deburring or a gentle, fine deburring may be required, depending on the workpiece. Our special media can help you get the effect you want on every workpiece, with the perfect processing result.
                                  • FLOCCULANT COMPOUNDS

                                  • Our flocculant compounds bind abraded material, metal and oil into large flocs. This allows you to easily clean the process water in an environmentally friendly way.
                                • ACCESSORIES

                                • ACCESSORIES – TAILORED TO YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS

                                  Workpiece handling, separation and safety: these are just some of the areas in which our accessories can augment your machines. These allow you to adjust your circular and trough vibrators, continuous units and other processing systems to improve your processes.

                                    • SEPARATION UNITS

                                    • Is the integrated screening unit not enough? Then why not separate your workpieces from the abrasive media using magnetic separators or external screening units?

                                      THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                                      • Saves time and money
                                      • Simple solution for your workpieces
                                      • Magnetic separators and screening machines tailored to your needs
                                    • WORKPIECE HANDLING

                                    • From loading and unloading to transport and buffering, Walther Trowal offers a range of accessories tailored to your needs to ensure quick and smooth handling of your mass finishing processes.

                                      THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                                      • Workpiece handling tailored to your needs
                                      • Range of lifting and tipping units
                                      • Systems for buffering and transporting your workpieces
                                    • PROTECTIVE DEVICES

                                    • Our sound deadening covers, cabins and protective fences help offer protection against noise emissions and moving parts.

                                      THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                                      • Sound deadening and personal safety
                                      • Fixed or foldable sound deadening cover
                                      • Protective fences for moving machine parts
                                  • CUTLERY CLEANING

                                  • We produce efficient cutlery cleaning units and process media to help you get spotless cutlery, even when dealing with large quantities and stubborn, dried-on stains.

                                    HTS PROCESS FOR SPOTLESS CLEANING

                                    We have developed a new process for cleaning cutlery and kitchen accessories for large kitchens or catering services, based on mass finishing. The Hydromechanical Three-Stage process helps you clean, dry and polish large quantities of cutlery in just a single work step. It can even remove stubborn dried-on stains, rust or pitting fully automatically with stunning results. We can also supply the necessary consumables such as detergent, drying medium and polishing media.

                                      • CUTLERY CLEANING UNITS

                                      • Our cutlery cleaning units let you clean 1,250 to 5,000 items of cutlery per hour quickly, thoroughly and efficiently. Ideal for non-food caterers and tabletop leasing companies.

                                            • BRA 900/1200/2500

                                            • FAST CUTLERY CLEANING FOR LARGE KITCHENS

                                              Our cutlery cleaning units clean, rinse, disinfect, dry and polish your cutlery in a single work step. All items, from teaspoons to soup ladles, are washed and ready for the next service in a single, highly efficient process that requires little input from staff.

                                              1,250 TO 5,000 ITEMS PER HOUR

                                              That is how fast our units can clean your cutlery. The BRA 900 can clean 1,250 items of cutlery per hour, while the BRA 2500 cleans up to 5,000 items. This makes them perfect for cleaning large amounts of dirty cutlery. The items leave the machine dry and spotlessly clean, ready for the next service:

                                              THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE

                                              • Low consumption of detergent and water
                                              • Low power consumption thanks to low washing temperature
                                              • Low cleaning and maintenance workload
                                              • No pre-rinsing necessary, even for heavy contamination
                                              • Automated processes mean low staff input
                                              • Excellent cleaning thanks to use of special polishing media
                                        • CONSUMABLES

                                        • FOR EFFECTIVE CLEANING AND DRYING OF CUTLERY

                                          Whether you need detergent, drying granules or polishing media, we can supply you with all the consumables required to ensure spotlessly clean cutlery. We produce all consumables ourselves so that we can guarantee Walther Trowal quality.

                                            • BPS POLISHING MEDIA

                                            • BPS polishing media free your cutlery of stains, rust and scratches, whilst polishing it to a high gloss.

                                              BPS POLISHING MEDIA – IDEAL FOR YOUR CUTLERY

                                              Ceramic polishing media are especially well suited for cleaning cutlery, as they can reach all areas of the items without becoming jammed in forks, etc. BPS polishing media have exactly these properties. Their size and mineral composition are ideal for effective cleaning with low wear. The longer the process duration, the greater the polishing effect.

                                              THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                                              • Ceramic polishing media
                                              • Perfect shape and size for processing cutlery
                                              • Effective processing with low wear
                                            • TROWAPOL GTM 300 DRYING GRANULATE

                                            • This low-dust drying granulate is made from corncob shot, and helps ensure spotless, reliable drying after your cutlery has been rinsed.

                                              A SMART DEVELOPMENT IN EVERY DETAIL

                                              This premium drying granulate is made from specially treated corncob shot. Thanks to a special screening and monitoring process, it has low dust levels and consists of precisely defined granule sizes. This means you no longer need to worry about residues and clinging granulate.

                                              PRACTICAL PACKAGING, SAFE STORAGE

                                              The drying granulate is delivered in practical 18-kg containers that are the perfect size for filling cutlery dryers. The containers are resealable and protect the granules against moisture and mechanical influences when in storage.

                                              THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                                              • Spotless drying for cutlery
                                              • Drying medium made from corncob shot
                                              • Low dust levels
                                              • 18-kg plastic container
                                            • TROWACLEAN BRS 20 DETERGENT

                                            • Use this special cleaner to thoroughly clean your cutlery with no residues. It is best suited for use at low water temperatures around 30 °C.

                                              GENTLE CUTLERY CLEANING AT LOW WATER TEMPERATURES

                                              This special detergent offers powerful cleaning even in cold mains water, with the ideal temperature around 30°C. This means that in addition to perfectly cleaned cutlery, you can also cut costs, as there is no need to heat or specially treat the water.

                                              THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE
                                              • Full cleaning power at low water temperatures
                                              • No need for specially treated water
                                              • Cutlery can be used straight after cleaning