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  • Manz AG is a globally active high-tech engineering company.

    With a focus on the automotive industry and electromobility, battery production, electronics, energy, and medical technology, Manz develops and builds innovative and efficient production solutions: From customized single machines for laboratory production or pilot and small series production, to standardized modules and systems, to turnkey lines for mass production.

Product Portfolio
  • Technologies

  • Manz has expertise in five technology sectors: automation, metrology, laser processing, wet chemistry as well as roll-to-roll processes. With this comprehensive expertise, we offer customers in many industries efficient system solutions for demanding applications. In this way we contribute to lowering the production cost of end products and to making them available to large buyer groups worldwide.

    Manz is your development partner for implementing new applications and products. More than 500 engineers and our flexible structures enable simultaneous development with the customer. They enable short development times and quick market roll-out.

    As a high-tech equipment manufacturer, we continuously drive development in our base technologies, thereby laying the foundation for successful cross-industry technology transfer in our target markets. This approach facilitates internal synergies that greatly benefit our customers.
    The very high level of integration of our production solutions offers our customers the lowest production costs.

      • Automation

      • Automation is a critical success factor in production. Only with excellent automation solutions is it possible to achieve reproducible high quality, high throughputs, low production costs, and thus competitive prices. With many years of experience in numerous applications for handling sensitive materials such as silicon wafers and glass, as well as metal, ceramics, plastics, and paper, Manz is your expert for customized automation solutions.

        In addition to robotics and assembly, there are many seemingly small influencing factors in automated production. However, these can have a particularly large impact on your entire production, affecting both product quality and your manufacturing costs.

        After developing a pick-and-place handling system with SCARA robot for electronic components, Manz developed the first automation solution for crystalline silicon solar cells with SCARA kinematics in 1990.

          • Assembly Automation

          • Manz offers efficient systems and equipment for fully automated assembly that are ideally tailored to the needs of different industries. Rising labor costs, lack of manpower, increasing complexity of assembly processes, and increased demands on the quality of end products: The automotive industry is facing new challenges in mass production with the mobility revolution. Partially or fully automated assembly lines are an important aspect here. To automate end-to-end value creation on the store floor across all assembly line processes, our LightAssembly platform offers the perfect solution for your production.

            Our modular and fully automated assembly systems build on our decades of technological expertise in robotics, automation, inspection and control, and laser technology.

            Our clientele consists of producers and suppliers and comes mostly from the consumer electronics and automotive industries.

            In combination with the customer-specific integrable process modules, our plants are designed for the following production steps, among others

            • Automated handling, shaping and positioning .
            • Automated joining techniques.
            • Automated optical inspection and testing (AOI).
            • Integration of electrical tests (EOL, end-of-line tests, leak tests).
            • Feeding and palletizing.
            • Cleaning of components or surfaces.
            • Laser marking, e.g. DMC.
            • Matching & Sorting: Automatic matching of components to achieve highest quality.
            • Screwing or bonding of components.
            • Applying labels (e.g. barcode).
            • Laser welding.
          • Industrial Robotics Automation and Mechatronics

          • With several thousand installed robotic systems, Manz can look back on a long, successful history for automation solutions in the display and touch panel, solar and Li-ion battery industries. Manz has successfully transferred this know-how to numerous other industries and applications.

            Manz's product portfolio includes innovative solutions for a wide variety of handling and assembly tasks, which are characterized above all by low maintenance requirements and the highest process quality. Low operating costs and the high productivity of the systems through minimal cycle times and maximized process utilization are a key factor for successful production operations.

            In addition to cost savings and optimized processes, automation and the step towards Industry 4.0 bring you further advantages in the face of current challenges, such as the shortage of skilled workers and the requirement to be able to react ever more flexibly to events.

            Our systems are mainly used in the handling of the following substrates:

            Handling of Glass Panels
            • 6- or 7-axis robot for vertical and horizontal handling of substrates.
            • 3- or 4-axis robot for horizontal handling of substrates or cassettes.
            • Cassette buffer system (FIFO, LIFO, chaotic storage.); substrates can be purged with inert gas or dry air to achieve longer storage times.

            Handling of Components for Machining Processe

            • Solutions for sensory-assisted handling and positioning.
            • Product-specific handling systems.
            • 3D Lambda Kinematics - Unique Process Feeding for Shortest Cycle Times.
            • Cartesian handling systems with linear direct drive for the highest dynamic handling tasks and minimal wear behavior for low-maintenance production.
          • Roll-to-Roll - Flexible Material Handling

          • Ultra-thin, flexible, lightweight and cost effective is the trend for many of our customers in various industries. We are increasingly confronted with flexible OLED displays, circuits or solar cells that are integrated into everyday equipment, high-performance battery packs or catch phrases such as "Wearables" or "Internet of Things". Flexible electronics are an inherent part of these developments and one of the key technologies of the next decade.

            Flexible materials are indispensable in the production of flexible printed circuits (FPC), printed electronics, flexible thin glass, flexible solar cells, lithium-ion batteries, power caps, flexible OLED displays and more. Hence, roll-to-roll (R2R) technology is an essential component for the process automation of flexible materials. Manz provides a highly integrated and scalable R2R system for different process applications that is equipped with standardized interfaces.

            Advantages of our roll-to-roll technology:

            • Coverage of a wide range of load, speed, material width and dynamic motion profiles.
            • Quick exchange of roll material.
            • Precise and highly dynamic process control capability for stable production processes (excellent tension control, even of ultra-thin foils).

            Our highly integrated R2R process equipment solutions can be used in:

            • R2R wet chemical processing.
            • R2R chemical bath deposition.
            • R2R slit coating.
            • Roll-to-Sheet (R2S) cutting.
            • R2R lamination and encapsulation processes.
            • Laser scribing and -ablation on flexible substrates.
            • Optical inspection of flexible substrates.
            • Packaging, sealing and welding of flexible substrate stacks.
            • Drying and curing of flexible substrates.

            Following flexible materials can be wound and unwound:

            • Plastics and synthetic materials like PET, PE, PEN, PP…
            • Metal foils.
            • Paper.
            • Wood.
            • Fabrics (e.g. textile, composite fibers).
            • Prepregs (preimpregnated fibers) like carbon fibers or glass fibers.
          • Machine Control & SCADA

          • Manufacturing perfect products is only possible with precisely controllable, reliable production processes. High-tech production equipment from Manz has movement and robot controls, along with SCADA and HMI solutions, optimally tailored to the relevant production processes — plus, they are easy to operate.

            Whether it is a robotics system for OEM customers or a fully integrated automation or process solution, the Manz group is your contact for comprehensive drive and control solutions. We develop, in close coordination with our customers, industry-specific solutions that are installed worldwide.

            Our trend-setting solutions in robot and motion control for precise, dynamic applications include:

            • Motion control for single- and multi-axis systems.
            • Various motion functions, such as flying saw, camming and gearing.
            • Robot controls (various kinematics).
            • Control of roll-to-roll processes.
            • Servo and stepper motor drives, frequency converter technology.
            • Conveyor tracking.
            • Integrated image processing systems.

            For monitoring, controlling and visualizing production processes, Manz’s SCADA and HMI solutions offer:

            • Configurable HMI and SCADA functions for.
              • Machine setup.
              • Machine operation.
              • Machine maintenance.
              • Order processing.
              • Recipe management.
              • Process monitoring.
              • Process and machine data management.
              • Analysis of historical data.
            • A manufacturing execution system (MES) interface.
            • A high-performance database and measuring technology interface.
            • An integrated visualization setup for HMI.
            • High-end SCADA (PC-based).
            • HMI (PC-based).
            • Mobile devices (tablet computer, smartphone).
          • Simulation & Fab Planning

          • As a provider of integrated production lines and turnkey factories, Manz has many years of experience in material flow simulation. Not only do we use this expertise in the design of our high-tech production equipment, but also offer it as a service: We support our customers in the design phase or in the analysis of already existing production processes.

            Dynamic simulation accompanies the planning of production lines and factories throughout the entire project. For this purpose, we rely on the Siemens Plant Simulation software, which is widely used in mechanical engineering and automotive.

            Transparency about planning status

            • Forecast of the output of an interlinked line.
            • Determination of production KPIs such as OEE, plant conditions or buffer filling levels.
            • Identification of bottlenecks.
            • Display of sensitivities of individual parameters on the output.

            Transparency about planning status

            • Forecast of the output of an interlinked line.
            • Determination of production KPIs such as OEE, plant conditions or buffer filling levels.
            • Identification of bottlenecks.
            • Display of sensitivities of individual parameters on the output.

            Verification of optimization approaches

            • Identification of levers for increasing output.
            • Evaluation of different layout variants.
            • Determination of the optimal number of load carriers.
            • Reduction of inventories and throughput time.

            Production control

            • Development and validation of control concepts.
            • Verification of operating concepts, maintenance plans and product changes.
          • Cell Contacting Systems

          • High-performance lithium-ion battery technology is an essential factor for the future of e-mobility. The automotive industry places high demands on the safety, efficiency and reliability of battery systems.

            The LightAssembly platform offers the necessary flexibility to meet all your requirements of state-of-the-art production processes. Using software, the assembly line can be adapted to different sizes and designs of the end product, so that different types of cell contacting systems for battery cells can be produced on the line. Our production platform is modular and grows with your needs. From lab machines to mass production, from manual workstations to fully automated assembly, from single units to fully integrated production lines – we cover the entire spectrum. Tailored to your needs and all from one source.

            Production plants for cell contacting systems for lithium-ion batteries

            Application areas

            • Electric mobility / Electric Drive Train.
            • Electronics / Electronic Devices.


            • Automation
            • Assembly
            • Ultrasonic Welding
            • Bonding
            • Soldering
            • Laser Welding
            • Cleaning
            • Automated function tests

            Key facts

            • High modularity of the system and intelligent software enable high flexibility and efficiency in production.
            • Perfectly coordinated processes guarantee high machine availability and high throughput.
          • Carbide Press Automation

          • The CPA 800 from Manz redefines the limits in automation for carbide production. For profitable production and consistently high product quality – even with small quantities.

            The completely newly developed CPA series is based on our 30 years of experience in the field of carbide automation, combined with our core competencies in the area of measuring and process technology. The result is a highly automated and at the same time robust machine that sets new standards with intelligent features.

            The novel gripper management system is unique in the industry due to its flexibility and precision. The user-friendly user experience design makes the machine easy to operate. In addition, data-controlled setup processes and the integrated measuring technology ensure short throughput times and consistently high product quality even for highly complex small batches.

            • Please accept cookies to see the video. Maximum flexibility and precision The novel gripper management system is unique in the industry due to its flexibility and precision. The user-friendly user experience design makes the machine easy to operate. In addition, data-controlled setup processes and the integrated measuring technology ensure short throughput times and consistently high product quality even for highly complex small batches. Your benefit: Around 50 percent less downtime and thus a significantly increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Stable and low-maintenance due to use of proven standard components.
            • 24/7 accessibility, teleservice with technician, service packages tailored to requirements, and support throughout the entire life cycle of the machine.
            • Around 40 product type-specific grippers and automated teaching for efficient handling and maximum flexibility.
            • Increased output through automatic calculation of product-dependent parameters.
            • Highly automated machine setup and digital assistance systems ensure maximum process reliability.
            • Integrated vision system for camera-supported positioning of the powder press parts on the sinter tray.
        • Inspection Systems

        • One of Manz's long-standing core competencies is the development of image processing systems. The integrated optical inspection systems, physical measurement systems, and analysis instruments are used by customers from various industries. We offer the complete solution from a single source: process technology, including automation and integrated inspection systems, to ensure the highest precision and speed and to optimize processes.

          Our inspection systems cover all relevant steps within a process chain:

          • Inspection after material feed.
          • Material monitoring during production.
          • Final inspection.

          Our Solutions:

          • Quality control or checking imprints (barcodes, letters and numbers or datamatrix) using artificial intelligence (AI).
          • Camera-based 2D and 3D geometric inspections, such as for tablet PCs and displays.
          • Surface inspection for scratches, breakouts, contamination or color errors.
          • Sensor-based 1D and 2D surface profile measurement, such as for laptop keyboards.
          • Measuring the hardness and layer thickness of chemically hardened glass.
          • X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy.
          • Weighing electrolyte content and cell weight of batteries.
            • Vision & Optical Inspection

            • Optical inspection of intermediate and end industrial products is indispensable when monitoring the quality of production processes. Manz delivers top-level image processing systems. They ensure maximum efficiency in a single system or an entire production line by immediately optimizing upstream and downstream processes. Higher quality and yield significantly reduce manufacturing costs.

              Part and position recognition

              • Recognition of component positions for precise placement.
              • Easy teach-in of a broad range of product geometries.
              • Integrated joining processes with online regulation in the µm range.
              • Integrated regulation processes for the greatest precision when processing small-format substrates such as smartphone glass.

              Dimension measurement

              • High-precision measurement of stiff components such as smartphone components ( < 10 µm precision incl. proof to a coordinated measurement machine) and flexible materials, such as carbon fiber patches.
              • High-precision measurement of process results (such as printing or laser processing).
              • Measurement of gap dimensions (such as leaks between keys and housings).

              Surface inspection and defect recognition

              • Highly reliable surface inspection of a wide range of materials: glass, aluminum, thin-film solar modules.
              • Non-destructive assessment of the welding quality during laser weldingDetection of defects or spots, such as missing coatings, contamination, remains from wet chemical processes, micro-cracks.
              • Adhesive bead inspection in battery module assembly.

              3D measurement

              • 3D measurement of components for assembly with the smallest possible height offset.
              • Measurement of heights and levels of components (such as keyboards and laptop housings) for quality assurance at the end of a production line.
              • 3D measurement to ensure the uniform distribution of the potting material, e.g. on the strands of a battery contacting system.


              • Reading and checking codes (barcodes, datamatrix, QR codes) for e.g, determining the component during quality control.
              • Optical Character recognition (OCR).
              • Improvement of the traceability of products.
            • Physical Measurement

            • In addition to image processing and optical inspection, Manz also has extensive experience in physical metrology. Our high-precision and integrated solutions stand for outstanding product quality as well as components with zero defect rates.

              We offer many physical measuring processes for a wide range of components and materials:

              Electrical measurement technology

              • Measuring insulation resistance, such as in lithium-ion batteries.
              • Low-impedance measurements with 4-wire method/4W method for example with cell contacting systems.
              • Measurement of open circuit voltage and internal resistance of battery cells and modules.
              • High-voltage (HV) testing of e.g. cell contacting systems (CCS).
              • End-of-line (EOL) testing.


              • Automated weighing in the milligram range for e.g. battery electrolyte content.
              • Applications such as replenishing for potting/adhesives.

              Spectral measurement technology

              • Inline X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF) for highly precise measurement of element concentrations or analysis of layer thicknesses and composition.
              • Spectrally resolved transmission measurement of filter layers in small-format glass substrates, such as smartphone cover glasses.

              Geometric measurement technology

              • 2D profile measurement of gap dimensions and protrusions of laptop keyboards.
              • Tactile difference measurement in the micrometer range, such as for sealing seam thicknesses of battery pouch cells.
              • Depth measurement and stage measurement.
              • Thickness measurement and deflection measurement of substrates with optical 1D distance sensors (laser triangulation).
              • High-resolution dimensional and roundness measurements, e.g. of battery cells.
              • Depth and step measurement with resolution in the micrometer range.

              Force measurement technology

              • Measuring the sealing force on film seals.
              • Force measurement for regulating robotic joining processes, such as of laptop components.
              • Measurement of hold-down forces of laser welding processes.

              Leakage test

              • Measurement of helium leakage rate from battery cells or inverters.
          • Laser Processing

          • Laser machining processes are often an indispensable part of production. That is why we have been developing the latest technologies and processes for laser processing for decades – for innovative and efficient operations, from stand-alone systems to mass production lines.

            In our Laser Application Center (LAC), we offer a unique production environment to test and optimize various laser welding processes and material combinations under real conditions and to create samples of the respective products. The production facilities there cover all common laser welding processes and laser sources. The LAC offers companies an ideal test environment to check and analyze in advance the right laser welding application for their specific requirements. For example, they can evaluate the best joining technique in terms of mechanical strength, welding time, cost, and quality.

            The LAC offers a wide range of laser machining processes and numerous combination options

            • Ablation.
            • Applying.
            • Separation.
            • Joining.
            • Modifying.
              • Laser Cutting and Laser Notching

              • Laser cutting is suitable as a non-contact cutting process for almost all materials, but especially for complex two- or three-dimensional shapes and when fast and precise processing is required.

                Laser Cutting of Flexible Materials

                Flexible materials include flexible printed circuit boards (FPC), textiles, leather, FRP fabrics, and electrode foils and separators used in the production of lithium-ion batteries.

                The laser chamber of the Manz laser cutting system is equipped with a patented and flow-optimized extraction and supply air. Particles and other contaminants that can influence the quality of the end product are removed.

                Laser Cutting of Brittle Materials and Plate-Shaped Materials

                Our machines and systems are suitable for laser cutting of hard-brittle materials, such as silicon, sapphire, glass or ceramics, or of plate-shaped materials, such as some sheet metal (ferrous and non-ferrous materials), plastics or printed circuit boards (PCB).

                Laser cutting is particularly suitable for fast, precise and efficient production. Especially for smaller batch sizes, changing formats or layout changes, the laser process is the better alternative compared to mechanical cutting. Even very fine contours can be cut with high precision and without mechanical stress.

                The substrate size of the material to be processed can range from 2-inch wafers to Generation 8.5 glasses (2,200 x 2,500 mm), and the workpieces can range in size from square millimeters to square meters.

                • Maximum flexibility in terms of electrode shape and cell chemistry.
                • Perfect cut edge quality in terms of heat-affected zone (HAZ), profile accuracy and burr formation.
                • High throughput.
                • Low-maintenance and user-friendly equipment.

                Laser Notching

                Laser notching is an important process in the production of lithium-ion battery cells. In this process, the anode or cathode material is unwound from the roll, cut "on-the-fly" using laser radiation and then rolled up again. Compared to mechanical cutting, laser notching primarily offers greater flexibility in terms of cell formats and tab geometry.

                • Faster than mechanical notching processes, up to 9 m/s.
                • Also suitable for progressive notching.
                • Different cell formats possible (prismatic, cylindrical, pouch).
                • No restrictions regarding tab geometry.
              • Laser Drilling

              • Manz covers a wide array of drilling processes for holes and openings with user-defined shapes in hard, brittle or flexible materials. Our offerings range from individual and in-line laser drilling equipment for architectural glass and photovoltaic substrates, to high-throughput systems for drilling holes in housings of electronic devices, such as smartphones, to equipment for drilling film.

                Depending on the laser process, the following substrates can be drilled:

                • Micro-drilling of hard, brittle and flexible materials.
                  • Silicon
                  • Sapphire
                  • Glass
                  • Ceramics and ceramic films
                  • Printed circuit boards and flexible printed circuit boards
                • Macro-drilling of hard, brittle materials.
                  • Sapphire
                  • Glass (float glass, hardened glass): mounting holes, bushings, pressure equalization holes
                  • Ceramics

                Manz also has both the process expertise and the optical process technology for high-precision drilling at maximum throughput. In a recent project, 2,500 holes were drilled per second with a positional precision of ±2 µm on a 130 mm square machining area.

              • Laser Scribing & Marking

              • Laser-supported scribing and marking can be done on Manz equipment with high precision. Customers who have been with Manz for years value the equipment’s high throughput and optimal efficiency. Additionally, parallel process control contributes to reduced cycle times while maintaining the high quality.

                Our many years of experience in laser processing technology, and our competent, flexible development team, allow us to offer individual and in-line equipment for selective removal of thin layers as part of scribing and marking. These can meet a wide range of requirements for use on substrates and workpieces.

                • Monolithic series connection of thin film solar modules (including active position control by the Manz Inline Precision Control System - IPCS).
                • Selective exposure of functional layers on glass or film (such as for electrochromic components, flat panel displays or touch panels).
                • Marking with symbols or barcodes, such as on the back of smartphones or tablet computers.
                • Repair of color defects on anodized aluminum surfaces.
                • Workpiece marking with barcodes or dot matrix codes.
                • Internal laser marking of transparent workpieces.
              • Laser Ablation and Cleaning

              • Processes for removing thin layers play a major role in numerous industries. The laser is the ideal tool when it comes to ablation, smoothing, cleaning or flexible structuring of surfaces.

                Laser Ablation

                Our ablation processes can be used on glass or flexible films as well as for many other materials in small format. Other possible applications include the partial decoating of electrically conductive layers on glass, such as windshields for infrared and high-frequency applications, or on glazing to prevent radar reflections.

                • Exposure of coated electrodes before welding in the manufacture of batteries.
                • Edge ablationof thin-film solar modules.
                • Partial ablation of thin-film solar modules for use in building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

                Ablation of lithium-ion electrodes during battery production

                In battery cell manufacturing, laser ablation plays a major role in the performance of the final product: Partial ablation of the electrode material allows higher capacities of lithium-ion battery cells to be realized by increasing the area of active material.

                The ablation process also makes three-dimensional battery stacks possible. The 3D cells can thus be optimally adapted to the available space in the housing. The perfect utilization of space is a major advantage, especially in electronic devices such as smart watches, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, but also in automotive engineering.

                • High pulse peak power for fast material removal, short exposure time protect the material.
                • Flexible degree of freedom for cell design (3D stack, high cell capacity).

                Laser Cleaning

                Adhesive, bonded or welded joints, coating processes or bare material surfaces are indispensable for electrical connections in high-quality products. Ideally pre-treated surfaces of parts and components are the basic prerequisite for this.

                The laser is used to clean the material surfaces without contact and therefore particularly gently, quickly, effectively and also in an environmentally friendly manner. The process is particularly suitable for removing oxide and anodized layers, dust and particles, paints, oils and greases, and hydrates. Cleaning and smoothing or creating a defined surface roughness, everything is possible in a single process step.

                • Gentle on surfaces, wear-free and environmentally friendly.
                • Minimal heat input through selective/partial machining.
                • Maximum flexibility in terms of size and complexity for 2D geometries through scanner- or axis-based systems.
                • High reproducibility and micrometer precision.
                • Machining speeds >10cm²/s.
                • Can be fully automated and integrated into production lines, or as a stand-alone variant.
              • Laser Welding

              • The trend towards more renewable energies and electromobility increases the need for different materials with special properties in terms of their strengths or electrical conductivity, such as copper and/or aluminum materials. With our innovative laser welding processes, copper and/or aluminum materials can be welded flexibly, fully automatically and with little heat input.

                Application Areas of our Laser Welding Processes

                • Laser welding of cell connectors for battery modules.
                • Gas-tight macro welding of battery housings.
                • Welding of busbars with very large/small material thicknesses with battery modules.
                • Micro-welds for tying thin PCB foils.
                • Spot welding of supporting structures in electronic devices.

                Short-pulse Laser Welding

                The short-pulse laser welding process, for welding bimetals, is based on high-frequency temporal modulation of peak power at up to several 100 kHz.

                Short-pulse laser welding allows even more stable control of the weld penetration depth. Due to the nature of the process itself, it is possible to create any weld seam or spot geometry from 50 µm wide micro-seams to spot welds of any shape with a diameter of several millimeters.

                • Very low energy input and highly efficient process control.
                • Minimal heat load, ideal for thermally sensitive components.
                • Almost any combination of materials possible.
                • Ideal also for highly reflective materials.
            • Wet Chemistry

            • With more than 8,000 systems installed and over 30 years of experience, Manz is the wet chemistry leader in Taiwan and China for production of displays, touch panels and printed circle board. Moreover, Manz offers the photovoltaic industry wet chemical processes for crystalline and thin-film technology, and semiconductor industry advanced package process.

              Manz offers solutions for cleaning, coating, plating (galvanic metallization), etching and stripping of various substrates and for reworking or removing complete coating systems for reclaiming valuable materials. This comprehensive spectrum of services is completed by high-level expertise in handling processes with potentially dangerous chemicals, such as hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid or lye. The fully automatic Inline Chemistry Analyzer ICA 001 also enables a real-time analysis and subsequent dosing of up to five chemicals for consistently high production results in wet-chemical processes.

                • Cleaning

                • Optimal cleaning of sensitive substrates is a prerequisite for the best results in downstream processes. Manz offers wet chemical cleaning systems for stiff and flexible substrates. The systems are highly effective, but gentle on materials.

                  Ever higher resolution structures lead to ever greater demands for substrate cleanliness. Manz cleaning systems reliably remove the smallest particles, dust and organic contaminants and therefore provide optimal conditions for further processing stages.

                  Our product line includes flow-through systems for cleaning a wide range of different substrates (e.g. glass, flexible materials). This involves use of a diversity of cleaning technologies, such as:

                  • Brushes.
                  • Ultrasound.
                  • Megasound.
                  • High-pressure rinsing.

                  Our systems therefore cover a broad spectrum of cleaning processes and possible substrates. These range from input cleaning of raw glass in display and touch panel production to cleaning substrates already coated (such as oleophobic coated glasses or semiconductor or PC substrates before copper deposition). Therefore substrate sizes from smartphones to a format of 3,370 × 2,940 mm (Gen 10.5) can be processed. To properly supply the processes with the necessary cleaning chemical, we also provide the corresponding supply systems.

                • Coating & Plating

                • Manz offers various coating and plating processes. Starting with copper galvanic and electroless plating in PCB production up to chemical bath deposition (CBD) in photovoltaics in the production of thin-film solar modules.


                  Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) is an effective way to deposit thinner layers of CdS (cadmium sulfide) or alternative buffer substances, e.g. ZnS (zinc sulfide), onto glass substrates. Therefore, the CBD method is an important step in the production of CIGS or CdTe thin-film solar modules. In the production of CIGS solar modules, the deposition of CdS serves as a very efficient surface passivation of the CIGS layer, establishes the CIGS/CdS hetero-junction (band alignment), covers shunts, and finally, protects the hetero-interface from damage caused by the highly energetic ZnO-sputtering process.

                  Plating (metallization)

                  The metallization of through holes in the production of printed circuit boards (PCB) is traditionally done by a preparatory horizontal Desmear (DSM) process, followed by an electroless PTH (Plated-Through Holes) process and vertical plating. This process combination normally requires a complicated switch from horizontal to vertical goods transport within a limited timespan, to ensure that the substrates do not oxidize if they remain in the production process for too long.

                  To avoid this time consuming handling, Manz has developed a horizontal flash plating tool. In combination with the horizontal Desmear and PTH processes, our horizontal flash plating process makes metallization possible in one continual horizontal production line. Thus, handling and change from horizontal to vertical transport of substrates between the three processes is no longer necessary. The continuous goods transport not only saves process time, but also prevents damage of the surface during handling. By means of a single, integrated control panel, the three processes of DSM, PTH and flash plating can be easily controlled.

                • Developing, Etching, Stripping & Reworking

                • Wet chemical processes for lithography development, etching and stripping are used in IC substrate as well as in display and semiconductor panel-level packaging production. These etching processes are also very important in photovoltaic production. The product range of Manz covers all process steps and also includes wet chemical processing equipment for reworking and/or cleaning.

                  Manz offers fully automated processing solutions for developing, etching and stripping of substrates. Our product range also covers wet chemical processing equipment for reworking – namely, the complete removal of all layers – so that expensive materials can be regained and substrates recycled back into the production process.

                  With decades of experience Manz has unique expertise in etching processes. They range from texturing to polishing (e.g. polishing of metal surfaces) to metal etching (e.g. copper etching on PCBs). All these processes are also available for single-sided etching (e.g. chemical edge isolation). Many dangerous chemicals are used in etching processes. In case a central supply of chemistries like hydrofluoric acid, sulphuric acid or potassium hydroxide solution is not available, we also offer fitting chemistry supply cabinets. Our etching processes can be applied to various substrates, such as glass or PCBs.

                  For the stripping of the photoresist we provide caustic processes (e.g., NaOH, KOH) as they are commonly used in PCB production, as well as organic processes (e.g. MEA, BDG) as often used in display production.

                • Direct-to-product, direct-to-object, Functional or Direct2shape Printing – just a few terms for high-quality and, above all, direct printing and finishing of products, components and surfaces. As part of its comprehensive technology portfolio, Manz offers mechanical engineering solutions for the industrialization of digital printing using inkjet printing.

                  Inkjet Printing Technology

                  Inkjet printing technology is highly efficient and complex. Especially if you are thinking about printing a wide variety of products, components and surfaces in industry and want to make them ready for mass production. Printing and finishing options can be: optics, haptics as well as 2D and 3D printing.

                  But this is not the only thing that this digital printing process can do. The area of application of functional printing – in which surfaces will be printed with intelligent materials and objects to become an “intelligence” (e.g. wafer-thin semiconductors and/or sensors) – is a highly growing market with high potential.

                  Flexible and direct – Production solutions from Manz

                  The seamless integration of printing technology and the associated ink supply systems in Manz production and machine concepts enables unprecedented flexibility in terms of printable products.

                  • Tried and tested modular technology.
                  • Maximum flexibility in the system / machine concept (from the individual machine to turnkey production lines).
                  • Simulation of planned production processes.
                  • Customized handling and material handling systems.
                  • Innovative solutions for transport and material handling.
              • Digital Printing (Direct2shape)

                  • Contract Manufacturing

                  • With innovative ideas, our expert teams with decades of know-how, as well as state-of-the-art and extremely well-equipped production facilities in Europe and Asia we are a leading high-tech partner for mechanical and systems engineering, assembly, and parts manufacturing for a variety of customers in various branches.

                    As an engineering specialist, Manz has nearly 30 years of experience in

                    • Planning and designing
                    • Building customized and standard machines
                    • Assembly and clean room assembly
                    • Manufacturing parts

                    Increasing the efficiency - not only in bottleneck situations - and the reduction of internal complexity are decisive factors for cooperation with Manz in the field of contract manufacturing for our customers. For us, the strategic importance of this segment is to increase the flexibility within our own core business by balancing the volatile development of our growth markets. If you are looking for an expert and outsourcing partner for a strong and cooperative collaboration, Manz is the right choice.

                      • Mechanical & Systems Engineering

                      • High-tech mechanical engineering and process skills – our team will offer you the solution that fits your needs.

                        n the field of mechanical and systems engineering we can carry out all of your jobs or sub-steps throughout the entire supplier and value chain – from development to commissioning. This includes checking your current supply chain and – if necessary – the support of its localization. Rely on our expertise in the development, design, simulation, and in the area of prototyping.

                      • Assembly & Clean Room Assembly

                      • When assembling your products, we meet the highest requirements for innovation, quality, and functionality.

                        We can carry out all of your assembly jobs in Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, or Asia at short notice. Our service portfolio includes pre-assembly, final assembly, and initial operation of components, individual pieces of equipment and complex systems. We dispose of clean room space according to ISO 8.

                        Furthermore, we can assist in the procurement and supply chain management. The production planning and execution is flexible and can be designed according to your requirements either based on a single location or on the Manz production network in Germany, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

                      • Parts Manufacturing

                      • High quality and precision in manufacturing, flexibility and reliability in order processing are features of our parts production – convince yourself!

                        In the area of parts manufacturing, Manz offers the following services:

                        • Welding
                        • CNC production (welding, milling, turning) of large and small parts
                        • Varnishing
                        • Plastics processing and welding (PP, PVC, PE, PVDF, PMMA, PC, PEEK, POM)

                        We work on state-of-the art equipment from renowned German manufacturers at our Eastern European locations – and, as a result, we deliver high-quality at an affordable price.

                    • Services

                    • Service from Manz does not begin with the delivery of the equipment or its operation in production. We see ourselves as a development partner who works out solutions together with our customers. We therefore support you in advance in numerous stages of development and design.

                        • After-Sales Services

                        • Our close relationship with our customer does not end once our machines are delivered — it is only just beginning. Because wherever our machines are, you will also find Manz employees on site, making sure the machine does precisely what it was made for: Working efficiently.

                          Hotline & Remote Service

                          • Access anytime and anywhere
                          • Absolute security
                          • Reduction of on-site visits
                          • Prompt troubleshooting
                          • High system availability
                          • Reduction of maintenance costs
                          • Free remote support during warranty period

                          Spare and Wear Parts

                          • High spare parts availability through globally networked spare parts management by local service branches close to the customer
                          • Advice on parts identification with recommendation of suitable spare parts packages
                          • Spare parts availability even after end-of-live through refurbished parts
                          • Repair and refurbishment service (also in local Manz repair centers in Europe, USA and Asia)

                          Maintenance and Service

                          • Personalized support from qualified Manz Field Service Team
                          • Extensive customer-specific maintenance offers with individually tailored maintenance components and adapted maintenance packages (Care Packages)
                          • Fast response times through worldwide service branches with qualified Manz Service technicians (Germany, Italy, USA, China, India, Korea, Taiwan)
                          • Repair management within Europe: On-site work initiation within 48 hours* after telephonic demand registration and with readily available spare parts
                          • On request, we will be happy to advise you on site

                          Refurbishment & Retrofit

                          • Overhaul of your machine directly on site or in our repair and refurbishment service centers in Europe, USA and Asia
                          • Conversion of existing machines to modern, high-performance control systems
                          • Integration into existing IT structure
                          • Implementation of additional functions in case of product changes
                          • Software updates
                        • Total Fab Solutions

                        • Planning, simulation and implementation of fully automated manufacturing processes in different industries. Manz knows all about it. Our many years of implementation experience have shown us one thing: The basis for efficient production lines is always a holistic perspective. That is why we have developed Total Fab Solutions, a complete package for planning and building automated production lines from a single source.

                          The range of services offered by Total Fab Solutions includes all implementation steps for automation projects: from factory planning to process and material flow simulation and the integration of existing manufacturing processes through to the construction, start-up and optimization of turnkey production solutions to be handed over.

                          With Total Fab Solutions, manufacturing companies can automate existing production lines as well as build new production capacities. Our offer is suitable across all industries for manufacturing processes with just a few individual steps up to fully automated turnkey production solutions and also for production under clean room conditions.

                          Factory planning, process and material flow simulations:

                        • As a consulting service independent of the implementation of an automation project by Manz.
                        • Development of the operating modes and a maintenance concept for a production to be automated: Optimization of the cycle times and the material flow including different buffer scenarios; Quality control and product tracking with various inspection systems.
                        • Development of a production logic: With a holistic view, potentially critical production steps are identified and can, for example, be created redundantly and thus stable.
                        • Definition of the optimal solution in each case for individual process steps: The greatest possible flexibility should allow manufacturing companies to integrate process machines from completely different suppliers into their processes.
                        • Planning the automation and process technology: Only the intelligent linking of process systems with the most complete automation possible makes a production resilient.
                        • Realization of the automation or process project: Implemented turnkey on request and beyond the ramp-up; with expansion options.
                        • Process Development & Protoyping

                        • Would you like to optimize your production processes? Do you have solutions, but don’t know how to implement them quickly? Do you lack the opportunity to test new processes under realistic conditions? Manz is there for you, as a trustworthy, innovative development partner.

                          Process development and optimization

                          Manz can analyze your current and future production challenges and develop custom solutions for them. Taking a complex look at materials, systems technology and process management, our specialists in six core technologies can quickly make processes successful — both new processes and those that have been tried but did not work well. Moreover, we can perform complex process data evaluations and visualize them clearly – with the aim of automating and documenting reliable, reproducible and efficient processes. In the spirit of industry 4.0.

                          Prototype development & feasibility studies

                          At our worldwide development sites, we can perform feasibility studies and develop prototypes to manufacture small unit runs semi-automatically and under realistic production conditions. We can provide feedback to actively support your product development process. That is because designing a product early for automated production is crucial to its economic success. Through the intensive collaboration of our specialist teams with the customer, process experience is gathered and the processes are quickly made ready for mass production.

                          If necessary, for a limited time end products can be produced at our sites on 24/7 shifts to support market introduction programs or to produce large batches for statistical process control that verifies the processes and equipment. We are accustomed to maintaining strict confidentiality. This allows you to innovate while maintaining your head start on the competition. We make mass production equipment at our production sites in Europe and Asia, depending on expense and characteristics. With our networked purchasing, logistics and equipment production, we can deal with challenging ramp-up schedules.

                        • Digital Services | Industry 4.0

                        • Optimize your production processes and increase your productivity: With the smartPRODUCTIONKIT, production data can be collected and evaluated across all process steps of production.

                          Digitization for Greater Transparency and Quality

                          Optimize your production processes and the quality of your products. With the Manz smartPRODUCTIONKIT, you can monitor and analyze your production quickly and transparently. Data analysis allows you to efficiently increase system availability and production quality. Similar machines or lines can be compared with a detailed focus on individual process steps to identify bottlenecks and performance differences and to specify optimization tasks in detail.

                          Seamless Traceability

                          Produced parts and workpiece carriers can be completely and seamlessly tracked throughout the entire production process using self-defined attributes and properties, such as QR or RFID codes. Data evaluation is carried out both in real-time and retrospectively to enable IIoT applications such as predictive maintenance. Sensitive data is securely stored and can be streamed and analyzed almost synchronously with changes to the process for process optimization.

                          • Easily analyze process cycle data
                            • Machines and production lines can be compared at a high level of detail.
                            • Bottlenecks or differences in performance can be identified and tasks can be optimized during the various process steps.
                          • Machine and production data at a glance
                            • For seamless real-time tracking and tracing of data from an entire line throughout the entire production process.
                          • Integration according to the latest standard
                            • Integrates Manz machines safely and reliably into the production process via the industry-standard OPC UA interface, including third-party machines.
                          • Fast, reliable and ready for control
                            • Data streaming and analysis in the millisecond range.
                            • Secure storage of your data and fast feedback to optimize processes.