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Business Profile

Bucher Hydraulics are internationally leading developers and manufacturers of customer and application specific system solutions in the field of mobile and industrial hydraulics. Their wide range comprises of pumps, motors, valves, drive units, lift actuators and controls including their respective electronics. Our expertise and the high level of our individual components’ operational reliability have won recognition on the market place for decades. Our mission is to fulfil the greatest possible operational demands by supplying customised equipment and to be active, reliable and competent partners. Thanks to their production facilities and distribution network in Europe, India, the Far East and the U.S.A. Bucher Hydraulics are in a position to provide their customers with local support worldwide.

Bucher Hydraulics avow themselves to environmentally conscious production methods and are committed to complying with standard guidelines. Amongst other things this entails reducing raw material, operating supply item and water consumption, handling hazardous substances in an ecologically acceptable manner, using energy efficiently, minimising emissions and wastage as well as exercising precautionary measures taken by their emergency management team to prevent hazards and accidents. Bucher Hydraulics’ goal is to improve continuously all the process and performance issues involved in their environmental management system.