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  • A Wide Range of Products and Services

    With an ever-expanding catalogue of over 12,000 references, we offer a wide range of products for industrial automation (pneumatic components) as well as fluid control components (solenoid and pressure operated valves). Their reliability, sturdiness, performance and ease of installation are qualities for which they are highly recognised.

Product Portfolio
  • Fluid Products

      • General purpose valves - Fluid automation - Solenoid valves - Pressure operated valves

      • From industrial vacuum to satured steam, find out all the valves and solenoid valves for fluid controlling
        • Fluid automation - Pneumatic components

        • Whatever your needs in components for pneumatic automation, you will certainly find the right solution through our catalogue
          • Pneumatic valve islands

          • Optimize your automation architecture thanks to the flexibility of our valve island solutions : fieldbus (100% or distributed mode), multiwire connection
            • Proportional technology

            • Poppet valve, servovalve, solenoid valve or valve with proportional control are described in the "Proportional technology" catalogue
                • Pressure control applications

                    • Compensation of lengths in winding

                    • Different lengths of winding material are offset with cylinders piloted by proportional pressure regulators.The tensile stress is controlled at the same time.
                    • Spot welding

                    • The proportional pressure regulator controls the pinching force of the welding head depending on the material to be welded and its thickness.
                    • Thickness compensation

                    • The pressure acting against the roller is controlled with a proportional pressure regulator. Different thickness in the materials is offset.
                    • Servo unit for brakes

                    • The proportional pressure regulator is incorporated in the bypass of a vacuum pump. The brake booster is checked against the set-point.
                    • Control of speed and torque

                    • Speed and torque are controlled by changing the pilot pressure.
                    • Force

                    • The proportional valve controls the force acting against work pieces on grinding belts, pneumatic presses etc
                  • Proportional Technology Products

                      • SENTRONIC HD

                      • SENTRONICHD is a highly accurate 3-way proportional valve with digital control. SENTRONICHD represents high precision pressure control and advanced diagnostics. The included DaS HD software allows the optimal setting of the valve via a PC. 
                        All process variables such as inlet pressure, outlet pressure (setpoint, feedback value, deviation, PID controller parameter settings, frequency) can be visualized. This visualization enables simple diagnostics, configuration and maintenance.

                        Why use the SENTRONICHD

                        • Stable Pressure Control
                        • Comprehensive Diagnostic Functions
                        • Industrie 4.0 Ready
                        • Control Deviation < 0,25 %
                        • Low Power Consumption (< 5 Watt)
                        • Low Heating of the Medium
                        • Integrated Web Server
                      • SENTRONIC D

                      • SENTRONICD with integrated digital control loop is a proportional valve series designed for the industrial pneumatics sector. Pressure ranges of 3 bar, 6 bar and 10 bar and nominal sizes of DN 4 and DN 8 meet the pneumatic requirements of all standard applications. The valve’s aluminium body makes it suitable for use in harsh environments. Its direct operated mechanics are perfectly adapted for dynamic applications.
                        All SENTRONICD valves undergo fully automated testing before leaving our manufacturing facilities. Each valve is provided with a test certificate containing all test results.

                        Why use the SENTRONIC D

                        • Easy installation and instantaneous diagnostics for a more efficient start up of the machin due to its Integrated Graphic Display
                        • Maintenance and adjustment without dismounting the valve with PC communication
                        • The digital control permits easy change of control parameters without PC
                        • The 3 ports with the same orifice size allows a dynamic pressure regulation
                        • Very short response time


                      • SENTRONIC PLUS

                      • The SENTRONICPLUS with integrated digital control loop combines the latest in pneumatics technology with intelligent electronics. The SENTRONICPLUS series allows precise control of pressure, flow, force, velocity and displacement or angle positions.

                        The SENTRONICPLUSis available in thirteen standard pressure ranges, four nominal sizes. Versions with different body and seal materials can be used in many sectors, e.g. the food industry, medical technology etc.

                        All SENTRONICPLUS valves undergo fully automated testing before leaving our manufacturing facilities. Each valve is provided with a test certificate containing all test results.

                        Why use the SENTRONICPLUS?

                        • Very short response times making the valve ideal for even the most critical pneumatic applications
                        • Exceptional dynamic performance due to short stabilisation time and very low oscillation frequency
                        • Bellows mechanism and dynamic seals: increased service life due to low friction levels
                        • Digital control permits easy change of control parameters
                        • Can be connected to a PC: optimum adjustment of control loop performance, diagnostics, data storage,...
                        • Available with metal bellows seal
                      • SENTRONIC LP

                      • SENTRONICLP is a highly efficient, yet highly economic option for your pressure regulation requirements. 

                        Offering a small footprint, an easy to use and modular design, and advanced software capabilities, the SENTRONICLP and the full SENTRONIC range offers unrivalled value and product versatility to optimise your process, whatever the application requirements.


                        • Low power consumption (< 4 Watt) due to pilot controlled system.
                        • A versatile, compact and lightweight design.
                        • Intelligent digital communication and simple operation.
                        • Pressure remains stable under flow conditions.
                        • Ensures the safety of your process: your pressure is held, even during power outages.
                        • Excellent value Option.
                      • SERVOTRONIC DIGITAL

                      • Greater versatility in automated production processes: Due to electronics, the new generation of SERVOTRONIC products increases the range of applications and performance of pneumatic components. 

                        The SERVOTRONICDigital directly responds to all pressure control needs and indirectly meets the requirements placed in the control of physical variables, such as position, velocity, acceleration, force, mass etc. The combination of innovative pneumatic technology, high-precision mechanics and modern electronics allows for quick control of pressure in a pneumatic actuating system in relation to a signal received from the controlling electronics. 

                        The SERVOTRONICDigital is provided with a precision-lapped steel spool and sleeve with hardened and tempered surface enabling very high pulse frequencies at extremely short response times.

                        The SERVOTRONICDigital consists of a spool and sleeve servo-valve with three ports and control electronics to define the pressure in proportion to a given setpoint. The spool position can be changed continually to maintain a constant outlet pressure in relation to a given setpoint signal.

                        Why use the SERVOTRONICDigital?

                        • Minimum hysteresis
                        • Very short response times
                        • Excellent flow characteristics
                        • Compact monobloc construction with integrated electronics and sensor
                        • High reliability and long service life due to precision mechanics combined with simple control technology
                        • Digital control
                        • Easy change of control parameters
                      • SOLENOID VALVE 602

                      • The series 602 is a proportional valve without integrated control electronics. The valve can be  used in an open control loop with a control unit or in a closed control loop with a CONTROLD control device and an external sensor.

                        A modular arrangement of the individual components (proportional valve, control device, sensor) can be of advantage in special applications, e.g. in high ambient temperature environments.

                        Products Characteristics

                        • Fluids: Air or neutral gas, filtered at 50 µm, lubricated or unlubricated
                        • Max. allowable pressure: 8 or 16 bar (G1/4) 12 bar (G1/2 - G1)
                        • Pressure range: 0-6 or 0-16 bar (G1/4) 0-12 bar (G1/2) - 0-10 bar (G1)
                        • Temperature / fluid:  -10°C to +60°C
                        • Temperature / ambient:  -10°C to +60°C
                        • Flow: (Qv at 6 bar) 700 to 5600 l/min (ANR)