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    Many paths, one goal: “Sensor Intelligence.” epitomizes our clear focus on sensor technology as
    a data provider for the intelligent factory, thus making it the most fundamental module for providing the highest possible levels of transparency in the supply chain. With our broad product and
    solution portfolio, we make sure that you are able to capture the necessary data reliably, evaluate
    it intelligently, and employ it purposefully for your application:
    • To produce higher-quality goods in a more efficient and flexible way while saving resources
    • To enable better traceability of goods
    • To implement innovative safety concepts

Product Portfolio
  • GO BEYOND: Industry 4.0. Always a step ahead.

  • An intelligent sensor alone does not start a revolution. Only the combination of competence and courage can pave the way. We help you tame the data in your production and logistics processes and have it work for you. Extracting information from a network and turning it into a competitive advantage is our specialty. We will work with you to develop complete solutions that push the limits of what is technically possible. The spectrum ranges from flexible production to monitoring, from run time visualization to predictive maintenance and from artificial intelligence applications to SICK AppSpace for tailor-made sensor solutions
      • Sensor solutions for mobile robots in logistics

      • There is no more stopping the triumphal advance of mobile robots in logistics. Logistics centers around the globe are employing a wide variety of mobile platform systems:AGVs, AGCs or AMRs. They load conveyor belts, sort, deliver or fetch something from its correct location. Not only for the market leaders, but also for smaller distribution centers. This comes as no surprise: Even a small autonomous fleet can help structure processes better, optimize material management and, last but not least, reduce costs. And using our sensor solutions you will always know exactly where they are located. Whether it be localization, movement monitoring or tracking – this gets your logistics moving.

        Flexible logistics – the new logic of logistics

        Flexibility is the new logic for logistics. Being flexible and able to respond quickly, and being adaptable is essential not only in production but also in logistics. Mobile robots are replacing stationary conveying equipment in this area and transporting goods from A to B. Mobile robots are also being used in logistics for fast and easy picking. Using localization solutions they move around freely and are always there where they are currently needed.

      • Sensor solutions for mobile service robots

      • Robots take the load off you. Not only by literally relieving you of heavy jobs and moving big loads. Mobile service robots are increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives. They clean and disinfect, serve things, and communicate. Cleaning robots, for example, are working not only in industrial environments but also in public settings like hotels and supermarkets. Disinfection robots perform their important job at airports, in hospitals, schools or universities – anywhere in fact where large crowds of people gather. And since service robots can perform a diverse range of services, they are conquering more and more areas, for example serving or informing people.

        In particular in these sensitive areas where human-machine interactions occur, the safety of people is paramount. The movement of the robot therefore needs to be fully controllable at all times. The sensors from SICK help master these challenges. You can rely on the vast experience we have gained over the years with self-driving systems and collision protection. Our sensors measure and evaluate the data immediately, thereby offering the greatest possible safety.

      • Sensor solutions for mobile robots in production

      • Escape from the cage. Free your production from ballast. The replacement of static and permanently installed robot applications is bringing about a small revolution in many areas of industry. The application possibilities for mobile units provide flexibility and thereby allow production processes to be streamlined.

        Everything becomes even more efficient and therefore faster. This applies both to the transport of raw materials and end products as well as to the operative applications. Collaborative systems boost efficiency. They are quickly ready for operation and during their “lifetime” take care of not just one but every conceivable task that you require in your processes. Interactions between man and machine are something you encounter here everyday – productive, flexible and safe.

        Flexible production

        Batch size 1 is an important driver for flexibility in production. This requires a mobile robot that is capable of flexibly adapting to changing product variants. The tasks performed by intelligent sensors also include the precise localization of workpieces at a workstation, and the insertion of workpieces in a machine. Sensors also play a decisive role in the safe maneuvering of robots within the manufacturing line.

      • Creating Safe Productivity

      • Increase your productivity– with safety solutions from SICK

        Achieving a high productivity for your machines and plants as well as a high level of flexibility and automation are decisive competitive advantages in the digitalization era. With SICK as your partner you can benefit from safety solutions that make your processes run smoothly, enable human and machine to work as a team, and allow us to jointly push the boundaries of what is achievable.

        Our customers benefit from our comprehensive portfolio of sensors, controls, and services along with the world's largest network of functional safety experts. Furthermore, while solving your safety requirements we offer you unbeatable added value due to our smart combination of safe and non-safe automation components.

        From our best-in-class products and safety systems to complete turnkey projects from a single source we will support you on your path to safe productivity!

      • We Make Machine Vision Accessible

      • Customizable and easily configured 2D and 3D machine vision solutions – driven by SICK AppSpace

        Machine vision solutions make your manufacturing processes more efficient and competitive. But do they always meet your precise specifications? Now you can have customizable 2D and 3D vision sensors, tailored to your business. These are either ready-to-use solutions that can be easily configured without a vision or programming expert or they can be modified to solve your particular application – by SICK or its partners.

        Solutions, driven by SICK AppSpace, help you take a significant step towards the future and Industry 4.0. How? SICK AppSpace enables you to create completely new and adaptive solutions for automation applications for quality control, positioning, robot guidance or track & trace.

      • Production logistics get smart

      • Closing the circle - Sensor solutions in production logistics - even for the smallest spaces in production

        Production and intralogistics in harmony. Once considered two distinct disciplines, now these areas are growing closer and closer together thanks to advances in automation and digitalization. Making the material flow completely transparent, from the materials being delivered to delivering the finished product, is the goal here. The prerequisite for smart, networked production is finally always being able to know where everything is.

        SICK offers a wide range of sensor solutions precisely for this: from individual products, to software, to services that are just as individual and varied as our customers’ requirements. Every production process is different. Which is exactly why it is so important to see the big picture. SICK, with their 360° approach, therefore represents optimization of the entire value-creation chain, which sheds a light on even the tiniest corners in production in order to close gaps – be it in identification, localization, or in storage and supply-chain management.

      • SICK Sensor Intelligence

      • With all our solutions, we bear the individual requirements of your processes in mind. “Sensor Intelligence.” draws on all of SICK’s system expertise, supplemented by our experience in a variety of sectors. We combine our detailed application knowledge with reliable software architecture to optimally integrate our sensors into your system – because intelligent is the only way.

        “Sensor Intelligence.” refers to the ability of our sensors to use decentralized computing power to complete tasks more reliably, more comprehensively, or more efficiently, for example. To achieve this, we take the intelligence required to perform these tasks from the central control system, and place it in our sensors.

        Intelligent sensors benefit from the availability of ever-smaller, ever-cheaper microcontrollers. These controllers enable our sensors to process increasing volumes of data directly, using ever more complex algorithms. And this technology helps you to optimize your production and control networks.

      • SICK IntegrationSpace

      • SICK IntegrationSpace® unlocks the power of your sensors. Use their full potential by feeding their data into intelligent algorithms in order to reduce complexity and to improve your business processes. Welcome to this new dimension of sensors.

        • Integrate your data into intelligent digital services
        • Gain transparency of your existing data
        • Enhance your business performance
        • Customized for your individual needs
        • Synergize your business competence and our industrial and digital know-how
        • Increase your efficiency and boost your productivity
      • SICK Sensor Blog

      • Concrete insights: Read stories, dive in, and get to grips with Sensor Intelligence.
        Here’s where you’ll learn what our work is all about along with how we impress our customers. We’re making it easy for our readers to understand our world. Discover exciting topics and delve deep into a universe involving everything you need to know about sensor intelligence.

        Read all about our journey so far and find out what we have already achieved over the decades. Take a look at what we are doing right now and how the power of innovation pushes us to succeed. Join us as we look to the future and experience everything we have to say about Industry 4.0 and our plans going forward.

        A number of brilliant minds will be sharing their knowledge and pioneering spirit with our readers. We hope you enjoy reading and finding out more!

    • Transparent production and logistics processes

    • Seamlessly networked: Every product firmly in sight

      Track and trace solutions can be implemented using a wide range of different technologies. When it comes to achieving the best possible reading performance and system integration, the choice of identification technology varies depending on the respective requirements. In Smart Factories, RFID and programmable cameras are the most popular choice as Industry 4.0-compatible solutions. The sensor technology along the production chain uses the data cards to directly detect which assembly steps are to be initiated, thereby ensuring comprehensive transparency right through to delivery.

        • 2D LiDAR sensors - TiM3xx

        • The safe and reliable detection solution

          • Low operating costs
          • Flexible installation due to compact dimensions
          • Low implementation and replacement costs due to M12 x 12 or D-Sub male connector
          • Long battery service life when used in battery-operated vehicles
          • Easy commissioning thanks to preconfigured field sets
          • Low costs as a result of monitoring large fields (up to 235 m²) with just one scanner
          • No cabling required between sender and receiver
          • For TiM3xxS only: Can be used in safety-related applications
        • RFID - RFU63x

        • Simple integration – intelligence included

          • External antenna for cost-effective extension of the detection range
          • Easy configuration through SOPAS ET or the integrated web server saves time and costs for commissioning
          • Maximum flexibility when programming individual software solutions with SICK AppSpace
          • The rugged design enables reliable operation - even in tough industrial environments
          • Very little programming work needed in the control due to intelligent process logics in the device
        • Image-based code readers - Lector63x

        • Intelligent. Flexible. Intuitive.

          • High-resolution sensor and intelligent processing ensure outstanding reading performance, even under difficult reading conditions
          • Flexible optical design and high-power illumination enable small codes to be read at high speeds or in applications with a large reading distance
          • Fast, straightforward commissioning thanks to the intuitive user interface; function button for rapid device setup; integrated illumination and aiming laser
          • Direct results monitoring thanks to acoustic signal and colored feedback spot on the object
          • Few machine downtimes in the event of faults on the production line, thanks to straightforward cloning function using microSD memory card
      • Dynamic and flexible production

      • Flexible production in the starting blocks

        As the level of automation in a plant increases, the tasks of the individual components increase as well: Photoelectric sensors with flexible sensor settings and diagnostic functions, for example, are already used in applications across a range of industries. Inductive, IO-Link-enabled proximity sensors perform complex tasks directly in the sensor. Contrast sensors, level sensors, and electronic pressure switches communicate parameter settings via integrated IO-Link interfaces. Measuring automation light grids reduce the amount of cabling in production environments and enable access to diagnostic functions and format changes. Encoders with EtherNet/IP™ feature an active web server as well as function blocks for fieldbus integration. Compact 2D LiDAR sensors (also 2D laser scanners) provide reliable object detection in the field of surface monitoring.

        Application specialists use this portfolio to develop tailored concepts for optimizing production processes with SICK AppSpace. SICK is furthering Industry 4.0 in every field.

          • 2D machine vision - InspectorP65x

          • Configurable. Programmable. Top performer. Long-range.

            • Easy start for anyone with the pre-installed Quality Inspection SensorApp
            • Tailored solutions through programming in SICK AppSpace for a wide variety of vision applications
            • Fast, high-resolution programmable 2D cameras ensure maximum performance
            • Flexible optical design and high-power lighting enable long-distance and large FOV setups
            • Unique operator interaction possibilities thanks to powerful set of convenience features
            • Smooth commissioning with customized operator interface and SICK AppManager
          • SICK AppStudio

          • By developers for developers

            • Editor with auto-completion function for program creation
            • Application-specific configuration of AppTemplates via Configurator view without programming knowledge
            • Emulator function for programming SensorApps without connected programmable device
            • Debugging function for quick troubleshooting
            • CPU and memory usage display on connected devices
            • Quick integration and creation of SensorApps thanks to example programs
            • Parallel connection of several programmable devices
            • Validation option for assignment of SensorApps to the appropriate programmable device
          • SICK AppManager

          • Installation and management of SensorApps

            • A clear display and easy operation facilitate the installation of SensorApps on programmable SICK devices in the field as well as app management.
            • Connection to the SICK AppPool for worldwide availability of SensorApps
            • Validation option for correct assignment of SensorApps to the appropriate programmable device during installation
            • Installation of firmware updates and creation and management of device back-ups without additional software
            • Automated use via command line interface
            • Available for different computer architectures and operating systems
        • Automation of quality assurance

        • More than just a vision

          In industrial environments, capturing reality safely and reliably requires much more than just a single vision. That’s why SICK offers a broad spectrum of vision sensors, from compact devices that are easy to integrate, to configurable standalone solutions, right through to programmable high-speed cameras for the most demanding of requirements. Using both established SICK modules, and integration-ready functions from various image processing libraries, it is possible to create new solutions that are perfectly tailored to customers’ requirements and that are compatible with tasks in the context of Industry 4.0. Such tasks include quality control, track and trace, object data capture, and predictive maintenance, for example.

            • 2D machine vision - InspectorP63x

            • Configurable. Programmable. Compact. Versatile.

              • Easy start for anyone with the pre-installed Quality Inspection SensorApp
              • Tailored solutions through programming in SICK AppSpace for a wide variety of vision applications
              • Fast, high-resolution programmable 2D cameras ensure maximum performance
              • Flexible optical design enables analysis of small features at high speeds
              • Unique operator interaction possibilities thanks to powerful set of convenience features
              • Smooth commissioning with customized operator interface and SICK AppManager
            • Sensor Integration Machine - SIM4x00

            • Flexible. Intelligent. Communicative.

              • Tailored application development with SICK AppSpace
              • High-performance, innovative application solutions through merging of sensor and camera data
              • The integrated HALCON library and the SICK API algorithm opens up a whole host of image processing possibilities for every industrial field of application
              • Recording, evaluation, and archiving of data from multiple cameras and sensors, enabling quality control, process analysis, and predictive maintenance for vertical integration in Industry 4.0
              • Real-time-capable hardware reduces integration work in, for example, time-critical robotics applications
              • Quick and easy commissioning thanks to prefabricated cables with M12 connections
            • 3D machine vision - TriSpector1000

            • Intuitive 3D inspection

              • Reliable 3D inspection even when part color, position and height varies
              • Easy commissioning and operation thanks to an intuitive user interface
              • Embedded image analysis for fast configuration
              • Quick device replacement due to guaranteed field of view and re-use of saved settings
              • Intensity data enhances 3D navigation, allows checking presence of label, printed pattern or object rotation.
              • Factory calibrated data simplifies setup and reduces time and effort
              • Withstands harsh or food processing environments
          • Mobile platforms

          • Collision-free collaborators

            Cost-effective automated guided carts must run through production paths, which can be very narrow at times, without posing a risk to persons, machines, and transport goods. Sensor and system solutions from SICK help to reliably protect humans and property from collisions. At the same time, they collect all the data necessary for the reliable and flexible navigation of small vehicles. Automated guided carts manage high speeds even when going around curves thanks to the switching of protective fields. Reliable detection of speed and direction of travel with safety solutions from SICK also reduces the number of components, and thereby the required installation space in automated guided carts.

              • Line guidance and grid localization - OLS

              • The sensor for optical line guidance

                • Rugged and accurate, insensitive to ambient light, contamination or surface defects
                • Independent of base material or color
                • Simple line shifts and route changes by attaching conventional adhesive tape
                • Small curve radii of up to 0.5 m possible
                • Large reading field enables flexible line shifts (branches, junctions)
                • Reading bar codes makes it possible to transmit distance information or drive commands and simplifies vehicle control
                • Cost efficient compared to camera solutions
                • Low installation costs
              • Line guidance and grid localization - MLS

              • The sensor for magnetic line guidance

                • Rugged aluminum housing
                • Easy installation: Thin housing design and different measurement area variants
                • Quick commissioning without configuration. Optional configuration and visualization via a user interface.
                • Large ground clearance: 10 mm to 70 mm of distance to the magnetic band can be installed
                • Safe lane detection and differentiation of up to 3 lanes for intersections and lane junctions
                • Monitoring of magnetic strength of the guidance lane
                • Easy and reliable detection of command marks (STOP, MERGE, SPEED CHANGE)
                • Support of vehicle navigation due to integrated inertial measuring unit
              • Line guidance and grid localization - GLS6

              • Grid localizations with that certain something

                • Thanks to the auto focus, it is well-suited for all ground clearances (vehicle sizes)
                • Fast travel speeds possible due to real time image processing
                • Fits into even the smallest AGV thanks to its compact size
                • Plug and play solution with integrated angle measurement ensures quick and easy commissioning
                • Code labels can be individualized for self-printing, ensuring a high level of flexibility and easy solutions
                • Short downtimes when devices are replaced thanks to parameter back-up on microSD memory card
            • Human-robot collaboration in the Smart Factory

            • Flexible safety

              It is already possible to adapt safety sensors accurately to the current machine process. Intelligent algorithms are making it possible, for example, to move away from digitally activated safety technology in favor of a continuous machine response based on the movement of the person involved. This means that the worker approaching the machine no longer triggers a complete shutdown, but rather an appropriate reduction in the working speed, or adjustments to the directions of movement.

              Safe Motion in action

              “Safe Motion” is the best technology currently available. It ensures the safety of persons at all times, allowing production to continue uninterrupted. This results in significantly fewer downtimes and unintended shutdowns, shorter cycle times, and an increase in the efficiency and availability of the machines and plants.

              Functional safety in human-robot collaboration (HRC)

              Where humans and machines now work more closely but also more safely together, functional safety will take today’s production systems an important step closer to greater flexibility. If the ultimate goal is complete collaboration – where humans and robots share the same workspace and carry out their work concurrently – then it makes sense to develop solutions that also enable coexistence and cooperation. With 70 years of experience and knowledge to draw upon, SICK has assembled an extensive portfolio of safety solutions in its product range.

                • Safety controllers - Flexi Soft

                • The software-programmable safety controller

                  • Modular adaptation to the particular requirement means optimum scalability and therefore cost savings
                  • Intuitive configuration software featuring comprehensive functions for straightforward engineering
                  • Rapid verification of the safety application: The configuration software provides documentation and a wiring diagram
                  • The main module's diagnostics interfaces and the configuration storage facility in the system plug enable rapid commissioning, component replacement, and troubleshooting, resulting in minimum downtimes
                • Safety systems - Safe Robotics Area Protection

                • Open access for safe productivity

                  • Free, safe access to cooperative robot applications for less downtime, optimal work processes and high productivity
                  • Highly flexible and future-proof solution thanks to easy tailoring of the systems to the specific robot application and production environment
                  • Time-saving configuration of the systems, in part directly via the robot hardware
                  • Detailed documentation, compliant with relevant standards
                  • Low costs as the system is easy to integrate into industrial robot controllers, thanks to generic or manufacturer-specific variants for Universal Robots, FANUC, KUKA and Yaskawa
                • Safety light curtains - deTec

                • Because we take safety to the next level

                  • Increased productivity and short downtimes thanks to extensive and innovative diagnostic options
                  • Safety and automation combined: IO-Link makes cost-effective system design possible
                  • Muting provides maximum productivity and safety in differentiating between people and material
                  • High availability: smart presence detection prevents unwanted switch-offs
                  • Easy commissioning and configuration without the need for software, saving time and money
                  • IP65, IP67, and IP69K enclosure ratings available, plus variants for explosion-hazardous areas, ensuring maximum reliability in harsh environments
              • Innovations

              • For us, innovation means creating something new or improving something that already exists so we can continue to support our customers in becoming more successful. The foundation for doing this is always our products – high-quality and tailored to your requirements. In the following, we will present you with our newest products.
                  • Safety systems - AGV Dynamic Weather Assist

                  • Greater availability of AGVs due to weather-dependent speed adjustment

                    • Thanks to the dynamic and weather-dependent protective field switching of the outdoorScan3, you increase the availability of AGVs in outdoor areas
                    • Even with heavy precipitation, your AGVs continue driving at reduced speed
                    • Consistent and reliable material flow, even under harsh and changing weather conditions
                    • Low-wear operation of your AGVs due to fewer unwanted emergency braking procedures
                  • Photoelectric sensors - G6

                  • Way above the standard – the economic way to business class

                    • PinPoint LEDs (with visible red light and infrared light) or variants with a laser light spot enable objects to be detected reliably and are therefore suitable for a broad range of applications
                    • Superior optical performance and robustness thanks to the ASIC from SICK
                    • Quick and easy mounting and high durability thanks to the metal inserts with M3 thread
                    • Easy installation and adjustment with user friendly potentiometer and highly visible indicator LEDs
                    • Variants with a stainless steel housing and IP69K enclosure rating ensure a long sensor service life in demanding washdown applications
                  • Fibers - LLX

                  • The highest level of flexibility and economic efficiency - fibers from SICK

                    • Simple installation
                    • Solutions for difficult-to-access installation sites
                    • High degree of economic efficiency
                    • Compact mechanical engineering thanks to the minimal space requirements of the fibers
                    • Solution for a wide range of detection tasks


                  • Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) Shelter Solutions

                  • Space and protection for measurement and analysis technology

                    • High availability, long service life and minimal maintenance requirements of the installed technology thanks to the protection from adverse ambient conditions
                    • Ex-version shelters also enable the use of non-ex-analyzer systems in explosion-hazardous areas
                    • CSC certification enables low-cost transport on shelter ships and does away with the need for seaworthy packaging
                    • Minimized risk of transport damage to the measurement and analysis technology
                    • Quick installation as only the shelter needs to be connected
                    • Easy access to mounting plates and racks facilitates maintenance work


                  • Track and trace systems - ICR System

                  • Efficient sorting of objects at the highest conveyor speeds

                    • Throughput of more than 18,000 objects/h at conveyor speeds of up to 4 m/s
                    • Conveyor belt widths of up to 1,600 mm are covered
                    • High-resolution image quality (200 dpi) for the best read rates, OCR results, video coding and vision applications
                    • Completely integrated code reading and vision solutions without requiring an additional PC/server
                    • Monitoring option thanks to decentralized image archiving
                    • Reduced shadow effects and minimal system footprint thanks to the 55° camera skew angle
                    • Simplified and cost-efficient cabling due to Ethernet line network topology
                  • Photoelectric sensors - W4F

                  • The highflier in intelligent automation

                    • Solution for particularly challenging detection tasks in tight installation spaces
                    • Very high reliability through powerful background suppression and excellent detection of flat, highly-reflective and transparent objects
                    • Two switching points as well as the output of distance values expand the application possibilities
                    • Flexible use thanks to high optical reliability
                    • The highly-visible light spot combined with the intuitive BluePilot operating interface enables set-up in mere seconds
                    • Maximum monitoring and process reliability thanks to intelligent monitoring and predictive maintenance
                    • As Smart Sensors, fit for Industry 4.0


                  • Incremental encoders - DLS40

                  • Slim and compact incremental encoder that fits many applications

                    • The compact design facilitates the integration of the encoder even where installation space is limited and helps reduce machine size
                    • The flange with integrated housing enables a very compact and cost-efficient design
                    • A wide variety of output signal options makes it easy to find the right solution for every application


                  • Safety controllers - Flexi Compact

                  • Safety under control – compact, easy and efficient

                    • Usability optimized: time-saving planning of the safety application and easy commissioning
                    • Efficiency increased: higher productivity thanks to fast production startup, short response times, and comprehensive diagnostic options for efficient machine and system operation
                    • Future-proof guaranteed: flexible solutions with modular hardware, forward-looking technologies, and end-to-end data availability for Industry 4.0 applications
                  • SICK AppSpace SensorApps - Intelligent Inspection

                  • 2D machine vision solution powered by deep learning

                    • Simplified solution development in complex machine vision applications not possible with traditional rule-based machine vision
                    • Example-based approach and easy-to-use user interface that makes it quick to learn without the need for a vision expert
                    • Low cost of total ownership as deep learning network runs directly on the camera without additional hardware
                    • Reliable inspection to reduce waste, avoid production downtime, and improve productivity
                    • The SICK Nova Tools plug-in support with source code access offers customization capabilities to all SICK AppSpace developers
                  • Laser surface motion sensors - SPEETEC 1D

                  • Captures motion. Without contact.

                    • Opens up new possibilities for measuring sensitive, soft or smooth objects
                    • Optical sensors avoid damage to, and contamination of the surfaces being measured and ensure a high product quality
                    • Slip-free measurement increases the measurement accuracy thereby optimizing productivity and process quality
                    • Thanks to the use of class 1 lasers, no expensive laser protection measures and no specially trained personnel are required
                    • High measurement accuracy, including in start-stop operation and at short measurement lengths
                    • Easy to incorporate into existing applications thanks to the standardized encoder interface and compact dimensions
                    • Rugged and maintenance-free
                  • Position sensors - MPS-G

                  • The precise position sensor for grippers and miniature cylinders

                    • Definition of two, three or more switching points to differentiate between gripper positions and several objects
                    • Simple measurement of components with absolute position value
                    • Reproducible detection of very small object tolerances
                    • Completely protected due to flush installation of the sensor head
                    • Optimizes costs in orientation detection of objects and vibration monitoring in sensitive manufacturing process as additional sensors are not needed
                    • Optimizes processes and predictive maintenance of pneumatic systems by monitoring the drive performance
                    • Simplifies temperature monitoring in systems due to integrated temperature sensor
                  • Motor feedback systems rotary HIPERFACE DSL®

                  • Sensor hub for intelligent servo motors that “say” when maintenance is required

                    • You can implement Industry 4.0 requirements such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance through the collection of additional sensor data in the servo motor.
                    • Increase the availability of your machine with reliable condition monitoring and targeted maintenance
                    • You can minimize the time and money needed for development thanks to the existing HIPERFACE DSL® infrastructure in servo controllers.
                    • The synchronous detection of position and vibration data increases the forecast accuracy of when a component will fail.
                    • Additional cabling is not required.
                  • 2D LiDAR sensors - DistanceGuard

                  • Reliable and anonymous distance measurement

                    • Simple and reliable compliance with distancing rules based on legal stipulations, for example
                    • Quick adaptation to local conditions or changed regulations
                    • Assistance in controlling flows of visitors
                    • Flexible and inconspicuous installation due to compact dimensions
                    • Anonymized data processing: No recording of personal data such as images or videos
                  • SICK AppSpace SensorApps - Quality Inspection

                  • Your quality assurance needs quickly solved

                    • Automated quality analysis and verification of details to improve production yield and speed
                    • Reliable inspection to reduce waste and avoid production downtime
                    • Customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality products
                    • Free up staff for more fulfilling assignments by eliminating dull, dangerous or dirty work tasks
                    • Your special inspection needs quickly solved with a custom tool
                    • Ability to create your own customized solutions
                    • The InspectorP6xx selection of 2D cameras fits various performance needs
                    • Embedded training makes learning quick and convenient
                  • 3D LiDAR sensors - PeopleCounter

                  • Anonymous and reliable people counting

                    • Anonymized people counting in public spaces
                    • Read out of current utilization of space
                    • Reliable identification of the direction of movement of people at entrances and exits
                    • Reliable differentiation between humans and objects: Humans are detected and objects are not considered due to their contours.
                    • Quick and easy commissioning

                  • 2D machine vision - InspectorP62x

                  • Easy. Compact. Versatile.

                    • Ready to solve machine vision tasks right out of the box
                    • Fits in small spaces and tight angles
                    • All-in-one design for simple stand-alone operation
                    • Industrial communication and digital IOs allow for flexible system integration
                    • Easy start for anyone with the included and pre-installed Quality Inspection SensorApp
                    • Extend or replace functionality through a growing collection of SICK Nova Tools or SensorApps from SICK AppPool, or through custom development if needed
                    • SICK AppSpace, SICK Algorithm Library and HALCON provide exceptional flexibility
                  • Safety laser scanners - microScan3

                  • The rugged safety laser scanner – extremely intelligent

                    • Very high machine availability and productivity thanks to the patented safeHDDM® scanning technology
                    • Flexibility for safe automation processes due to simultaneous protective fields, contour detection fields and detailed data output
                    • Safe integration into different control systems via EtherNet/IP™ CIP Safety™, PROFINET PROFIsafe, EtherCAT® FSoE, I/O etc.
                    • Saves time during commissioning and diagnostics thanks to the intuitive Safety Designer software, multi-color display and system plug
                  • Software for Integration - Safety Machine Analytics

                  • Get transparency about your safety system

                    • Quick and easy integration of software into your system
                    • Complete transparency about the machine status and causes of failure in safety systems
                    • Increased machine availability due to quick troubleshooting
                    • Increase in effectiveness due to reduction of safety-related events
                    • Optimization of processes due to analysis and comparison of KPIs
                    • Location- and end device-independent access to safety systems
                  • Multiple light beam safety devices - deTem

                  • More efficiency with safety

                    • Increase productivity in access protection as well as entry and exit monitoring with muting thanks to the processing of sensor data
                    • Minimize installation work and profit from standardized implementation of the deTem into your machine design
                    • Take advantage of the benefits of quick and easy device alignment
                    • Save time and money thanks to easy commissioning and configuration
                    • You can also count on the deTem in harsh environments
                  • SICK AppSpace SensorApps - Dolly Positioning

                  • 3D snapshot - position determination for picking up dollies

                    • Short process times for dolly pick-up
                    • Increases efficiency of automated guided vehicle systems in logistics
                    • Low maintenance effort due to stable app hardware combination
                    • Easy integration on automated guided vehicle systems
                    • Automated and reliable position determination for nearly any dolly
                    • Based on SICK AppSpace and makes it possible to load application-specific Key Apps to the sensor using SICK AppManager.
                  • SICK AppSpace SensorApps - Pallet Pocket Detection

                  • 3D snapshot - for the detection and position determination of pallet pockets

                    • Automated detection of the pallet pockets of nearly any pallet type
                    • Reliable position determination of pallets
                    • Short process times for pallet pick-up
                    • Increases efficiency of industrial trucks in logistics
                    • Low maintenance effort due to stable app hardware combination
                    • Easy integration on industrial trucks
                • Product portfolio

                    • Automation light grids

                    • Whether large or small, fast or slow, shiny, transparent or dark – SICK offers a broad portfolio of high-performance light grids for the reliable detection and measurement of objects, persons, and vehicles and for presence and protrusion monitoring. With numerous designs and performance variants to choose from, our light grids offer the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications.
                    • Distance sensors

                    • SICK has a wide range of optic and ultrasonic solutions that measure from sub-microns to kilometers. They solve measuring, detecting and positioning applications using triangulation and time-of-flight modes. Sensors using triangulation are ideal for short-range, highly precise measurement. They can inspect miniature parts, thickness and shape, etc. Time-of-flight sensors work at longer distances, are not influenced by reflectivity or ambient light − perfect for positioning AS/RS, rail cars and gantry cranes.
                    • Fiber-optic sensors and fibers

                    • When installation space is extremely limited or the objects to be detected are tiny, fiber-optic sensors are the ideal solution. If it is necessary for even higher requirements to be fulfilled, such as sensing range, temperature resistance, material durability or a flexible mounting process, the intelligent combination of sensors and fiber-optic cables can provide the perfect solution. A wide range of fiber-optic cables with application-specific optical heads ensure that every need is met.
                    • Identification solutions

                    • Product traceability and anti-counterfeiting solutions require reliable automatic identification products. SICK offers the three most common industrial identification technologies: laser-based scanners for 1D codes, image-based 1D and 2D code readers, and RFID readers. Integrated interfaces enable the readers to communicate inside industrial networks and innovative functionality makes commissioning and operation easy.
                    • Inductive proximity sensors

                    • Millions of inductive proximity sensors are currently in use in virtually all industries. They detect metal objects without contact, and are characterized by a long service life and extreme ruggedness. With the latest ASIC technology, SICK's sensors offer the ultimate in precision and reliability. SICK can provide the right solution to meet your requirements every time – from cylindrical or rectangular standard sensors with single, double or triple operating distance, to special sensors for explosive zones and harsh environments. Our sensors are the intelligent, reliable route to implementing industry-specific and customized solutions to any task involving automation.
                    • Machine vision

                    • Vision solutions are ideal for automated inspection and measurement tasks. SICK’s 2D and 3D vision cameras can be used to solve a wide range of applications where there is a need to measure, locate, inspect and identify. Our vision products are built for industrial environments, carefully designed to leverage SICK's 60-plus years of experience with industrial sensors.
                    • Magnetic cylinder sensors

                    • Innovative cylinder sensors from SICK. Features like ease of handling, the option of an analog output, optimum switching characteristics, suitability for use in the food and beverage industry, support for the latest IO-Link technology, and universal mounting options with our comprehensive range of adapters, magnetic cylinder sensors from SICK are equipped for all installation locations and conditions.
                    • Photoelectric sensors

                    • SICK's vast range of photoelectric sensors offer precise optics and advanced technology, creating market-leading solutions with sensor intelligence. By using the latest SIRIC® and LED technologies, these sensors offer the highest level of operational reliability regardless of any interference factors. Additional sensor information can be used to simplify modern production processes.

                      This extensive range of photoelectric sensors is used in many automation applications around the world.

                    • Safety switches

                    • Safety switches are indispensable in any application where safety is required for people and machinery. They are used for protecting movable physical guards, determining the position of dangerous movements, and the safe stop function. The portfolio is divided into electro-mechanical and non-contact safety switches, safety locking devices, and safety command devices.

                      In conjunction with safe control solutions, SICK offers ideal complete solutions from a single source.

                    • Analyzer - CEMS solutions

                    • Tailored for measuring emissions
                      SICK's CEMS solutions are analyzer solutions that have been specifically designed for measuring emissions at power plants, industrial facilities, or on ships. CEMS solutions can be used to measure pollutants and reference quantities and to perform data processing on the results in accordance with the relevant national or international legislation.
                    • Analyzer - Process solutions

                    • Forward-thinking solutions for process measurement technology
                      Industrial processes and systems vary widely depending on the nature of the production method involved. In turn, this means that the associated measurement tasks and process-related requirements differ a great deal as well. SICK provides solutions and complete systems based on its extensive experience within the field of process measurement technology.
                    • Array sensors

                    • Line-for-line further ahead – array sensors
                      Array sensors operate on the proximity scanning principle. They detect even the smallest edges based on differences in grayscale values within the field-of-view. Positioning of, for example, a paper web based on the web edge or a contrast line is only one of many possible applications. Widths, diameters, and gaps can also be detected. In reflector mode, the array sensors can even detect transparent materials.
                    • Capacitive proximity sensors

                    • Detection of metallic and non-metallic objects
                      Sometimes you just need to know what is hidden behind a surface. For example behind a wall or cover, or what is inside in a storage container or shipping container. Capacitive proximity sensors are ideal for level and feed monitoring. From solid material, such as paper or wood, to granules or liquids, they reliably detect the status of the product during the production process and final inspection. Is there something behind that cover? Is the filled package really full? How much paint is still left in the tank? For capacitive proximity sensors, these are easy questions to answer. Capacitive proximity sensors from SICK are never far from the action. Sensing ranges between 1 and 25 mm allow them to be used in nearly all installation situations, making them extremely adaptable for a wide range of applications. These sensors are also remarkably resistant to faults. Impurities, contamination, dust, and airborne spray particles have little effect on them, nor does electromagnetic interference. No wonder they are installed in a wide range of industries, such as food, automotive, or in storage and conveyor systems.
                    • Magnetic proximity sensors

                    • Magnetic proximity sensors with maximum operating distances and a minimal design
                      SICK offers an extensive portfolio of magnetic proximity sensors in metric (MM) and rectangular (MQ) configurations. Magnetic proximity sensors provide long sensing ranges that can reliably detect magnetic objects, with entirely new application options opened up due to the smaller magnets. MM sensors in NAMUR design for the use in explosion-hazardous areas complete this comprehensive product family. MQ sensors offer all the advantages of a magnetic proximity sensor in a compact plastic housing. Magnetic proximity sensors are designed specifically for use in harsh environments and are unaffected by dust, heat, or vibrations. Typical fields of application are also those where other sensors reach the limits of their technology.
                    • Color sensors

                    • Focus on color
                      Color sensors detect the color of a surface. The sensors cast light (red, green, and blue LEDs) on the objects to be tested, calculate the chromaticity coordinates from the reflected radiation and compare them with previously stored reference colors. If the color values are within the set tolerance range, a switching output is activated.
                    • Contrast sensors

                    • SICK – The pioneer in contrast sensors for more than 60 years
                      Contrast sensors are primarily used in packaging/printing machines for the detection of printed or control marks. SICK's line of KT contrast sensors detects even the smallest contrasts at the highest speeds, such as print marks on foils or packaging. They detect minute grayscale variations between the mark and the background on matte, shiny or transparent surfaces. A variety of device types with different contrast resolution methods and teach-in versions are available to meet wide-ranging requirements.
                    • 2D LiDAR sensors

                    • Reliable measurement data, irrespective of the mounting position
                      2D LiDAR sensors (2D laser scanners as well) are suitable for performing detection and ranging tasks on surfaces. Regardless of the angle of installation, SICK 2D LiDAR sensors operate with consistent reliability and accuracy, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. For navigation, detection, or measurement: 2D LiDAR sensors supply reliable measurement data for a whole host of tasks.
                    • 3D LiDAR sensors

                    • Scanning in three dimensions
                      3D LiDAR sensors (3D laser scanners as well) detect their environment nearly gap-free, regardless of whether the objects move or not. That is why 3D LiDAR sensors are ideally suited for tasks such as collision protection on automated vehicles or the scanning of objects.
                    • Radar sensors

                    • Developed for maximum availability
                      Whatever the weather, radar sensors provide reliable detection of any object which falls within their detection cones. This makes them ideal for collision avoidance and driver assistance.
                    • Scattered light dust measuring devices

                    • The reliable way to detect low dust concentrations
                      Light scattering by dust particles is a measurement principle that allows even very low concentrations of dust to be detected. Depending on the system-specific requirements, either forward scattering or backward scattering can be used in this context. Both measurement principles return stable and reproducible measurement results, regardless of the gas velocity, humidity, or dust particle charges.
                    • Transmittance dust measuring devices

                    • Maintaining a clear sightline even when dust concentrations are high
                      Transmittance dust measuring devices transmit light through the entire duct. With this type of measurement, light attenuation indicates the concentration of dust inside the duct. These measuring devices are specially designed for medium to high dust concentrations and large duct diameters. Consequently, they are equally suited to emission and process monitoring as they are to hall monitoring applications.
                    • Gravimetric dust measuring devices

                    • Easy setup, accurate measurement
                      Gravimetric dust measurement devices extract a partial gas flow from the duct under predefined conditions and use a filter to separate out the dust particles. The amount of dust is ascertained by weighing the filter. The differential pressure is measured to determine the extracted volume. These two values are then used to calculate the concentration of dust in the duct with a high level of accuracy. Gravimetric dust measurement is ideal for calibrating other dust measuring devices and for taking the kinds of comparative measurements that are required by the relevant authorities.
                    • Incremental encoders

                    • Versatile, compact and flexible – Incremental encoders
                      Incremental encoders generate information about position, angle, and rotation counts. The resolution is defined in the number of lines or pulses per rotation, which the encoder transmits to the control unit for each rotation. The current position can be determined by the control unit by counting these pulses. A reference run can be necessary when switching on the machine.
                    • Absolute encoders

                    • Flexible, compact and reliable - absolute encoders made to measure!
                      Absolute encoders generate information about position, angle, and rotation counts in type-specific angle steps. For this, a unique code pattern is assigned to each angle increment. The number of code patterns available per revolution determines the resolution. Each code pattern forms a unique reference, and is therefore an absolute position. There is therefore no need for a reference run after switching on. A singleturn encoder measures the absolute position within a revolution. A multiturn encoder not only provides the position within a revolution but also the number of revolutions.
                    • Safety encoders

                    • Safety in motion – functional safety encoders
                      SICK's reliable encoders assist in the implementation of safety functions, facilitating safe and efficient machine operation. This is backed up by SICK's many years of safety expertise, an international service and training network, and a range of optimized system solutions. Functional safety encoders generate information about position, angle, and revolution counts, with a particular emphasis on mechanical and electrical safety. By offering these encoders along with reliable control solutions, SICK can offer all of the various components required for the implementation of comprehensive safety solutions under one roof.
                    • Wire draw encoders

                    • Wire draw encoders - made-to-measure solutions for your applications
                      Wire draw encoders consist of a wire draw mechanism and an encoder. The rotation of the drum, which is proportional to the length being measured, is recorded and output by an encoder. This facilitates positioning on linear measuring paths. SICK's wire draw encoders support a large selection of interfaces and facilitate easy system integration for applications in challenging industrial settings. Different performance classes make it possible to select the ideal device for the application at hand.
                    • Linear encoders

                    • Measuring with absolutely no contact - with linear encoders from SICK
                      Linear encoders detect linear movements as absolute position values without making contact. No reference run is required for the wear- and maintenance-free encoders. Different constructions with high resolution and rugged design enable use in a wide range of applications and industries.
                    • Measuring wheel encoders

                    • Tactile measurement of linear movements directly on the measurement surface
                      Measuring wheel systems use a wheel to record linear movements, which they then convert to speed or position values. These systems do not require a reference point on the surface to be measured, making them well-suited to measuring a wide range of surfaces. The integrated spring ensures that the wheel exerts a consistent pressure on the surface, thereby guaranteeing slip-free measurement.
                    • Flow measurement technology

                    • Flow measurement technology is used in nearly all industries. SICK has the tools to meet this many-faceted challenge and offers a comprehensive product portfolio of innovative sensor technology. Whether as custody transfer meters or measuring devices for monitoring and control: Flow measurement technology from SICK always works safely and reliably on the basis of the most up-to-date technology - even under difficult process and ambient conditions.
                    • Fluid sensors

                    • Optimized control of process parameters is the main driver for increasing efficiency and reducing input of valuable resources. Whether it's pressure measurement, temperature measurement, level control or flow metering – SICK offers a wide range of solutions for measuring process variables for liquids, gases and bulk solids and protecting against overfill and dry run. SICK devices are rugged and easy to use. Innovative sensor technology enables accurate, universal measurement independent of material type.
                    • Fork sensors

                    • Simplicity, flexibility, and precision – combined in a single fork sensor.
                      SICK fork sensors combine senders and receivers in a single housing, meaning that they can be adjusted quickly. Thanks to the precise, focused light beam and the high detection accuracy, the sensors also detect very minor light attentuation differences. Many different fork sizes, straightforward mounting, and exceptionally high ambient light immunity are just some of the advantages of these fork sensors.
                    • Gas Analyzers

                    • SICK offers a broad range of gas analyzers based on a variety of powerful measurement principles. With its in-situ and extractive measurement technology for equipping complete facilities, SICK can also provide solutions for a variety of systems and complex measurement tasks.
                    • Glare sensors

                    • The Glare sensor detects and distinguishes glare on even surfaces. It also provides maximum reliability and saves costs. Previously, gloss on object surfaces was a disruptive factor that regularly had engineers breaking into a sweat.

                      Now, gloss properties are a distinguishing criterion for process control – regardless of color, transparency or pattern. And it will be engineers’ eyes that shine, not their brows. Equipped with intelligent Delta-S-Technology, Glare is a further milestone in customer-oriented sensor development. Once again, SICK is confirming its leading position in opto-electronic sensors for the detection of a range of objects.

                    • Inertial sensors

                    • Knowing the position of objects is essential for process automation in mobile applications in particular. SICK offers a wide range of inertial sensors for this purpose. The product portfolio ranges from conventional static through dynamic inclination sensors which deliver accurate position information at all times, even in accelerated applications.
                    • Integration products

                    • Integration products from SICK enable easy connection and networking (optical or wired) of a wide variety of sensors at the field level as well as transmission of sensor data into the cloud. In keeping with Industry 4.0, the data is provided directly or in preprocessed form in order to operate higher-level processes such as predictive maintenance, track and trace and quality control.
                    • Localization and positioning solutions

                    • Logistic processes in the field of warehousing and production must be efficient. A significant increase in efficiency can be achieved through the detection of position and speed in track-bound and free applications, the tracking of objects, and localization of mobile platforms as well as AGV system fleets. SICK offers comprehensive localization and positioning solutions for these purposes.
                    • Luminescence sensors

                    • The bright idea for fluorescent material
                      Luminescence sensors detect visible and non-visible marks that illuminate when using ultraviolet (UV) light. Fluorescent material and marks are reliably detected independently of their pattern, colors or surface conditions on any material. Luminescence sensors emit UV light with a wave length of approximately 375 nm. Fluorescent substances convert the UV light into long-wave visible light, which is then received and evaluated by the luminescence sensor.
                    • Motor feedback systems

                    • Commutation, position and speed measurement with the corresponding number of interfaces used to require three sensors. Today, SICK motor feedback systems offer these functions in a single device. A consistent mechanical interface allows for a high level of flexibility. SICK motor feedback systems are also setting standards for electrical interfaces such as HIPERFACE® and HIPERFACE DSL®. They meet important requirements including temperature resistance, high resolution, and multiturn design. Certification to SIL2 permits implementation of the Machinery Directive as per EN ISO 13849.
                    • Laser surface motion sensors

                    • Bundled laser power for precise motion detection
                      Using a laser-based sensing system, the laser surface motion sensors detect the movements of object surfaces. The sensors utilize the Doppler effect to determine the speed, length, direction, acceleration and position of objects on surfaces. Using a sophisticated algorithm, the sensors evaluate the Doppler shift caused by the
                    • Opto-electronic protective devices

                    • Opto-electronic protective devices are the first choice in order to implement maximum productivity for machines and plants. Unlike fences and doors, they do not limit during handling or material transport and provide a better view in the machine room. The broad portfolio comprehensively meets the requirements of hazardous point protection, access protection, and hazardous area protection. Coordinated complete systems can be built using a SICK-specific interface.
                    • Pattern sensors

                    • From pattern detection to rapid position identification
                      The pattern sensor is a proximity-scanning opto-electronic sensor. Distinctive patterns in an image are used as a reference for the subsequent, accurate detection and positioning of objects. A stable switching signal is generated at high speeds with an intelligent algorithm for signal processing regardless of reference marks. It is typically used in the packaging industry.
                    • sens:Control - safe control solutions

                    • As well as focusing on increasing productivity, intelligent machine design also delivers optimum quality and safety. sens:Control – safe control solutions by SICK meet these requirements. The product portfolio includes safe series connection, safety controllers and safety relays. The products impress with easy commissioning, modularity, and optimum integration into automation processes – for optimum interaction between human and machine.
                    • Safety systems and solutions

                    • In addition to reliable safety components, SICK also offers solution-oriented services and certified, ready-to-install safety systems in order to provide protection for machines and plants. When implementing their projects, plant operators can rely on experienced safety experts from SICK and receive comprehensive, economical safety solutions from a single source.