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Seika Sangyo Yamaha Industrial Robots
  • Offer Profile
  • Yamaha Robotics offers one of the widest variety of single axis, cartesian and pick & place robots available on the market today. With payload capacities up to 80 Kg and cycle times as short as 0.45 seconds, Yamaha Robotics can supply one of the most effective and economical robot solution available for your application.
Product Portfolio
    • Transervo Series - Stepping motor single-axis robot

    • With the TRANSERVO series YAMAHA provides compact and economic linear axis type. Instead of a complex controller, it is equipped with a simple driver unit.

      TRANSERVO uses a stepping motor with magnetic resolver. By this, the advantages of stepping motor (cheap, vibration-free stop) and servo motor (precise, high speed, high payload) are combined into one axis, which makes TRANSERVO interesting for many different applications. Handling is easy and design is compact, so automation can become even more efficient!

    • FLIP-X Series - Single-axis robots

    • Within the FLIP-X series, you can select between 6 types and 30 models, depending of the requirements of your application. They can be used for assembling, inspection, handling or component transfer. All models come with a high precise servo motor and strong linear guides with a 4-row circular groove.

      Due to the rigid ball screw structure results in low maintenance costs and long usability. The service life based on the payload can be calculated at the YAMAHA website.


      • Possible stroke: 50 mm - 3050 mm
      • Max. payload: 1-160 kg
      • Max. repeated positioning accuracy: ± 5 mµ (0,005 mm)
      • Double carrier: available in standard spec
    • PHASER Series - Linear motor single-axis robot

    • The PHASER robots provide superb performance in long distance transport due to YAMAHA's in-house linear motor technology.

      Unlike to ball screw systems, there is no reduction in the maximum speed even when travelling long distances which results in a significant improvement of the cycle time.

      By using YAMAHA's patented magnetic scale and other in-house design components, cost factor and performance are combined in a desirable way. Therefore PHASER robots can have cost advantages even when used in standard applications.


      • long stroke and high performance through flat motor with metal core
      • motor with magnetic shank: lightweight, compact and minimized snapping


      Maximum stroke: 4050 mm
      Maximum speed: 2500 m/s
      Repeated positioning accuracy: ±5 µm
      Maximum payload: 160 kgs

      160 kg maximum payload capacity of MF type

      The MF robot adopts a flat type magnet. It can transfer heavy object with high speed and high accuracy.

      Standard double carrier set-up

      Costs and space are reduced compared to the use of two single-axis robots. Additionally, the axis alignment is not needed and the same tools can be used by both carriers. This shortens the set-up time. Anti-collision control is implemented in the RCX controller as a standard.

      Lower noise level and longer service life

      Comparing with ball screw type robots, there are fewer sliding and rotating parts, so the operation is amazingly quiet. Because coil and magnet are free of contact, the whole system is wearless and requires very low maintenance.

    • XY-X Series - Cartesian robots

    • The YAMAHA XY series stands for highest accuracy and flexibility for a broad range of applications.

      Cartesian systems are ideally suitable for serving a larger area with heavy payloads, as well as for small-sized solutions. Especially if space is only available aloft or if high precision is needed, they can be a price-competitive alternative to articulated robots.

      The XY series has several different models which can be combined with each other and individually adapted.

      The following models are available:

      • Arm type
      • Gantry type
      • Moving arm type
      • XZ type
      • Pole type
      • Dual synchronous drive
    • YA Series - Articulated robots

    • With the YA-series Yamaha offers a wide range of manipulators for general handling, assemply and placement applications.

      6-axis robots

      The 6-axis robots range from the ultra-light YA-RJ with 1 kg payload up to the YAR6F with 6 kg payload and longest reach in class (1422mm).

      Main features:

      • Ultra light and compact
      • Flexible mounting
      • Long reach
      • High speed control cycle

      7-axis robots

      The 7-axis robots open up new possibilities due to the very high degree of motion like a human arm. It can reach behind objects and used in narrow space.

      Variations from 5 to 20 kg payload are available.

      Main features:

      • Flexible Arm Move w Elbow Axis
      • Very low positioning
      • Reach behind the objects
      • Flexible Mount
      • Cables and Air Tube inside robots
      • High performance simulation
      • Put arm in narrow space
      • Down sizing
    • LCM - Linear Conveyor Moduls

    • High-speed and high-accuracy transfer
      Drive: linear motor with flat magnet core
      Module lengths: 640 mm / 480 mm / 400 mm
      Max. possible stroke: infinite
      Max. speed: 3,000 mm/sec.
      Max. acceleration: 2G
      Max. load mass: 15 kg
      Repeated positioning accuracy: ± 0.015 mm, ± 0.010 mm with RFID correction

      An expanding, next-generation transport system
      Flexible set-up of the slider's acceleration/deceleration, forward/backward movement, positioning, and other actions.
      The variety of possible line structures has been greatly expanded to supersede conventional belt and roller type models.

      A modular structure that allows easy layout change
      The length of the transfer line can be adjusted freely by adding, removing or rearranging modules. Excess modules can be stored for maintenance work.

      Create a new transfer environment
      Loss-free transport that was not possible with conventional conveyors can be achieved with LCM100.
      Reduce losses while increasing profitability.

      Lower noise level and longer service life

      Comparing with ball screw type robots, linear motor engines have fewer sliding and rotating parts, what makes the operation amazingly quiet. Because coil and magnet are free of contact, the whole system is wearless and requires very low maintenance.

      Major benefits of LCM100:

      • High-speed movement
      • Round travel is possible
      • Direct positioning
      • Smooth deceleration and stop
      • Work on the slider is possible
      • Removable slider
    • SCARA - Pick & Place / Assembly robot

    • The most distinctive feature of the Yamaha Scara robots is the completely beltless structure.
      As the tip rotation axis is directly connected to the speed reduction gear, this achieves the overwhelming high-rigidity, high-speed, and high-accuracy.

      This robot is used in a wide variety of processes and applications, such as production equipment for electrical and electronic components, and small precision machine components requiring the precise assembly, and assembly, handling, and transfer of large automotive components.