Company Profile

In 1991 specialists of the Ultralight Aircraft Department organised Limited Liability Association Aeros and starting from November began to manufacture new wings: sports hang glider Stalker-14 and wings for trike Stranger which became Aeros\' \"business cards\" for the few next years. 1997. In for a penny – in for a pound. Our rivals presented a number of kingpostless hang gliders designs and we took the challenge… Within 1997 year more masterly designs of sports hang gliders Stealth 14 KPL and Stealth 13 KPL were prepared for manufacture. Oleg Bondarchuk, as well as the name Aeros / Stealth, started to take regularly upper lines of prestigious international competitions. Over 70 Stealths and over 100 Strangers were manufactured. New trike wing Stream was put into production, this wing could lift maximum takeoff weight 450 kg. More and more often one can hear over his head rustling of fabric of which paragliders were made; AFNOR system certification trial of a paraglider Rival (Performance). Competitions showed that it was a worthy rival not only to home designs but to many foreign ones as well. Serial production of Rivals started. 1999. Three world records were set in Australia on the Stealths: As there was nothing else to remove from a hang glider\'s wing, the next evolutionary step did not keep us waiting long. RIGID WING. By no means a sailplane, but not a hang glider already. We have designed and built our own rigid wing (ultralight sailplane with beam aerodynamic control). The wing received its working name – Stalker. At last world paragliding community woke up and created Formula 1. We were prepared for it long ago, so, we started to produce paragliders of Standard class Mister X and Accent. At present a paraglider Accent is undergoing certification trials in compliance with AFNOR standards in France. Manufacture of a trike wing Still – 17 has started. This wing can be controlled merely by your fingers. Manufacture of a trike Aeros – 2 has started. 2000. By the beginning of the year about 50 high-qualified specialists are working in Aeros company, who provide a complete design and production cycle for any ultralight aircraft. At present the company Aeros exports its products to 39 countries of the world without the CIS. Of course, we have lots of plans, and that explains why it took us so long to appear on the web. Just absolutely no time for keying!

Product Range

  • Hang Glider
  • Kite surfing
  • Kiteboard
  • Paraglider
  • Paraglider, harness
  • Paramotor
  • Rigid Wing
  • Trike
  • Ultra-Light
  • Wing