Company Profile

For over 10 years, Firebird has been a worldwide leader in producing paragliders – former users have included World Champions, numerous National Champions and World Records have been achieved with Firebird wings. Success like this has come from investing in space – age technology and top quality materials. Our design team uses the very latest in CAD technology combined with an unrivalled experience in testing and flying paragliders. We are a team of qualified engineers, designers, test pilots and economist, but more importantly, we are all pilots. But even with our highly sophisticated design techniques it is still the people that make Firebird paragliders what they are, unique. Dani Loritz, test acro pilot, instructor and designer, has been working with Firebird for the last 15 years. However, on 2001 he has assume the responsibility of development with Specialized Designing Software. Kev Payne, ex military and instructor for the British Army, involved with Firebird for over 10 years, and recently join the management team.

Product Range

  • Paraglider for competition
  • Paraglider for occasional flying
  • Paraglider for schooling
  • Paraglider for thermal flying
  • Paraglider for X-C flying
  • Paraglider, general
  • Paraglider, harness