Company Profile

Pegas has been developing paragliding equipment since 1989. Kites were added in 1993. Now the power kiting production is on par with paragliding production. Our power kites\' design is based on that of paragliders canopies. We use the same materials and production technology. This assures highest quality and reliability of our kites. Years of experience in developing and manufacture of canopies and kites means our kites and paragliders are of top grade. Kites are manufactured from a special light and very strong fabric. The aerodynamic shape of kite is achieved by pressure of air filling the canopy. Very strong and durable Cousin Dyneema lines with minimal stretch are used.

Product Range

  • Buggy
  • Kite surfing
  • Kite Wing
  • Kiteboard
  • Paraglider, general
  • Sand and kite