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Pro Design

Company Profile

In 1986, when paragliding had just started in France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, PRO-DESIGN was founded by Armin Graf and Herbert Hofbauer, both being professional hang glider pilots and students at that time. Since the foundation of our company in 1986 we have only put models on the market once our design-team and our test-pilots were 100% sure about the flying characteristics of the gliders. Thorough development work, use of top-quality materials, constant quality control in poduction as well as with the finished goods prior to delivery, provide maximum quality in the entire chain starting from development, to production up to delivery to the customers.

Product Range

  • Paraglider for competition
  • Paraglider for occasional flying
  • Paraglider for schooling
  • Paraglider for thermal flying
  • Paraglider for X-C flying
  • Paraglider, backpack
  • Paraglider, general
  • Paraglider, harness
  • Paraglider, headset
  • Safeties, safety parachute