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Company Profile

ETA Heiztechnik - A Passion for Perfection…

The beginning of the ETA Company can be traced back into the year 1996 and is marked and developed by individualists. Individualists, for who benefits is not the most important thing, but who emphasize on conviction. The conviction, that the production of boilers that use renewable energies are an important contribution to the protection of the environment and the containment of the greenhouse effect.
ETA Heiztechnik was founded in December 1998 and since then, dedicates itself to the production of heating boilers for renewable energies.

ETA has specialized in heating boilers for wood. Fifteen employees (from a total of 110 employees) are dedicated to develop the technology for wood, including the electronics and control components. Emphasis is on safety and user comfort.

As in the automobile manufacturing process, selected suppliers produce all our components according to our construction plans. As a result, we can deploy the most adequate material for every part of the boiler.
The assembly of the boiler is done in-house. Therefore, all parts can be checked before being assembled. All ETA heating boilers have Lambda controlling.

The result is high quality in the upper section of today’s technology.

ETA has its own product development and long experience with wood as fuel. In our extensive training center, we offer trainings and seminars for planners and plumbers. As a result, the know-how for modern concepts, assembly, initial operation and maintenance is shared with our partners and guarantees a solid knowledge for successful heating with wood.