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  • PlanET is your first address for the building of biogas plants. We are one of the TOP 5 plant builders in the world with more than 300 successful realized projects. No matter what substrates you want to use – slurry, waste or Caucasian grass: The right return will convince you of our plant concepts.
Product Portfolio
  • BioGas Systems and Products

      • PlanET Vario

      • 100% of our Customers are satisfactory of our PlanET Vario

        No such thing? Just ask our customers! We already have and they all responded with ‘very likely’ and ‘likely’ to the question ‘How likely would you be to purchase the PlanET Vario solid charging system again?’ We have also used many responses to our customer survey as an opportunity to improve the technology even further. For very sticky or long-fibre substrate, for example, there is a second loosening auger to ensure smooth further transportation.

        If you wish to feed both solid and liquid substrate into the digestion process, our PlanET eco® flow is the optimal technical solution. This is where solids are poured into the AD plant via a pipeline, a system which is particularly beneficial for customers who wish to feed several digesters at the same time. As a special added extra, PlanET Vario offers you a 5-year warranty for conveying strings. Such is our service commitment to you.

      • PlanET Bio Mix

      • The efficient mix of substrates makes the difference

        Difficult substrate? Several digesters? The combination between vertical mixers and the unique PlanET MultiRotor auger input is eminently suitable to reliably feed several digesters with substrate. The strengths of PlanET Bio Mix consist in its ability to decompose and mix uniformly. A frequency converter each and a motor per helical mixer guarantee an individually adjusted operating capacity with minimized own power consumption. Only PlanET offers such advantages for your biogas plant. Come and see PlanET Bio Mix for yourself. Arrange a visit with the regional consultant in your area.
      • PlanET pumping technology

      • Safe, simple handling and high-performing

        Safe, odourless pumping of slurry from one tank and into another? No problem with the PlanET Compact Distributor. We supply you with this technology module in its compact design, pre-mounted on a distribution block, and with an integrated rotary lobe pump for stress-free substrate management. The rotary lobe pump allows you to draw and apply pressure in a single pipeline, to which you can connect up to six tanks. This means that the PlanET Compact Distributor is eminently suitable for re-powering and extension projects. If you wish to integrate your pre-tank into your slurry infrastructure, our specialist consultants will check whether a mixing pump can pump slurry directly into the digester or whether the two systems can be combined. You will have a safe, simple, high-performing solution whatever system is deemed best for your needs.
      • PlanET eco® mixers

      • Optimum agitators, good biology - excellent efficiency

        You will not achieve satisfactory plant efficiency without optimally designed agitating technology. The substrate will only be uniformly mixed and allow you to get the best out of your system (input, system) if agitators match the tank size and the substrate type. The patented PlanET eco® agitator series offers you all types of time-tested agitator technologies, from submersible mixers and large wing agitators through to paddle agitators – low own power consumption at all times. These agitator always features a long service life and are wear-resistant.
      • PlanET eco® cover

      • Strong high-tech gains better desulphurisation

        Synthetic high end texture instead of wooden beam layer: PlanET eco cover® desulphurises biogas intensely and reliably inside the digester and thus delivers the required gas quality for your CHP unit. Your benefit: you do not incur any investment or operating costs for biochemical filters. This polyethylene (PE) fabric offers enough surface as an adhesive layer for hydrogen sulphide and is also more stable and more maintenance-friendly than comparable structures. As a further development of the classic wooden beam cover, PlanET eco cover® is a decisive step towards greater efficiency, targeted cost reduction and corrosion resistance in contemporary biogas technology.
      • CHP

      • Full capacity for pilot injection engines and gas CHP

        PlanET AD plants demonstrably offer optimum gas yields, which will allow your CHP to run at full capacity, whether you use a pilot injection or gas combustion engine. Over 8,000 operating hours per year are the rule rather than the exception with PlanET. We will gladly advise you whether a pilot injection unit is best for your AD plant, the electrical efficiency of which has now reached up to 47%. Or you may decide on a gas CHP which is particularly suited to projects which include heating concepts due to its high thermal efficiency. You will always benefit from our unique availability of spare parts and materials procurement at a local level. PlanET Biogastechnik is also the exclusive service partner for Schnell Zündstrahlmotoren AG.
      • Gas drying

      • Optimum gas quality for satellite CHPs and micro-gas networks

        Is your CHP directly next to your biogas plant? If so, PlanET’s underground gas drying system is ideal for using raw biogas in your CHP. PlanET engineering offers you a practical container solution providing all necessary gas processing steps for transporting raw biogas to a satellite CHP. This technology container delivers gas drying and high-grade sulphur removal in a compact module. If required, it can feature a two-chamber disposable filter to ensure the combustion engines are available on a continuous basis. The gas technology module is thus your ideal solution for re-powering projects. Speak to us!
      • Gas flare

      • Maximum safety for you

        The PlanET Biogas Flare stack is available in three versions and can feature fully automated controls. Your added safety is reflected in the numerous technical features: the EN-certified burner controls take over the start-up process. The PlanET flare stack also features a low pressure warning device in its safety chain and CEE sockets and changeover switches on the control cabinet. The upstream compressor ensures that safe combustion is possible in the event of an emergency, even under the most difficult weather conditions. The flare stack can also be put into operation using an existing emergency power generator in the event of a power network failure. Easy and safe handling for a maximum of satisfaction in use – compare for yourself!
      • PlanET hygienisation container

      • Gas storage for tomorrow's energy

        A central technical element of the demand-oriented electricity production is the gas storage. Because even if the CHP rests, the production of biogas continues. On the structural basis of a double-walled air-supported roof the PlanET gas storage Flexstore XXL offers large storage volumes and highest safety standards. Thanks to their round shape, the air-supported roof possesses a much bigger gas storage volume than conical roofs do.

        But the shape isn’t the only benefit: the film material is designed for durability and is reliably fastened to the AD plant by an innovative new sealing system, which is easy to maintain at the same time.

        Hygienisation for biogas production

        Pasteurization is a necessary step in AD plants which are used to digest slaughterhouse waste, by-products and food waste. Digestate may only be re-used as fertilizer if the substrate has been heated to a minimum of 70°C for over 60 minutes. Co-substrates usually digest more quickly than energy crops, so the retention times are shorter. Reliable income for you with PlanET: despite short digestion periods, our co-substrate plants achieve exceptionally high gas yields.

        The solution also lies in adapted biogas technology in this case: designed especially for co-substrate plants, the PlanET hygienisation container can supply several digesters with processed substrate at the same time while a slow rotating agitator guarantees optimum fluidity. We offer you added safety with an integrated overspill and overfill protection devices. The whole process is logged in the PlanET control system. This is how contemporary co-fermentation works.

    • Services

        • Planning

        • Close cooperation for a successful planning of your biogas plant

          PlanET Biogas Group will accompany you from the beginning. Every PlanET biogas plant is designed in close coordination with the building owner. A site visit, technical and biological assessment, the pre-engineering (e.g. relevant drawings for the permit process) and the consulting during local meetings with suppliers such as concrete construction companies are part of the planning phase. Your own PlanET project team appraises the floor space required, the existing substrates and the exact process flow. Hidden resources and potentials are detected and contribute to the planning.

          A nationwide survey among 2.500 biogas operators in Germany underlines the outstanding quality and efficiency of PlanET biogas plants. Building an efficient biogas plant starts with a perfect planning, which specially includes experienced know-how regarding substrates and biology. We are proud to present one of the highest purchase rate among leading biogas companies.
        • New construction

        • Construction with high quality equipment for your biogas plant - trust the quality leader

          Thanks to our innovative modular construction units (SYSTEMBIOGAS), we offer biogas plants with maximum flexibility in regards to possible expansions or efficient repowering and technical add-ons. All components are equipped with connection-ready interfaces (plug & play), meaning that expansions or changes can be made easily and cost-effectively at any time. The product range includes farm-scale biogas plants for energy crops and agricultural residues, 100% liquid manure or dung as well as “Waste to Energy” projects for industrial substrates.
        • RePowering

        • Repowering with the experienced quality leader

          Many biogas plants are not operating at their maximum capacity. This has an enormous impact on the feasibility of the plant. PlanET’s repowering concept provides customers focused technical and biological advice and solutions to optimize the plant performance and to increase the reliability and efficiency. Our experienced tailor-made service includes: Site visit to your biogas plant, examine site conditions, technical requirements and data, evaluate a customer focused concept, recommend technical and biological solutions.

          Example 1: Micro Crushing

          There is a variety of process technology methods of treating substrate in order to increase the gas yield of your feedstock and to improve your plant efficience in general. PlanET Biogas Group offers you a biochemical micro crushing process with PlanET DesiUs and a mechanical solution with the PlanET Gorator®.

          Example 2: Up-to-date solid charging system

          Do you operate with a reliable and efficient feeding system for solid input material like manure or energy crops? Does your solid charger convince you by low consupmtion, low effort and easy handling? If not, learn more about the unique PlanET Vario. The only solid charging system with a 5-year warranty for conveying strings.

        • Technical service

        • Maximum capacity thanks to professional service

          PlanET Biogas Global offers different types of technical services. They are diversified depending on agreements and conditions between PlanET and our local partners. In any case we care about a stable operation of the AD plant and our clients can trust in 15 years of biological and technical experience. Modern control engineering assist the communication between our operators and PlanET experts and guarantee a successfully running biogas plant.

          Any of our service concepts is designed to prevent disturbances by using comprehensive, intelligent security mechanisms. In case of problems with the operation of your plant, we will be glad to assist you by our service consultants. Our experienced technicians can often localize and solve the defect via remote maintenance. Should it be a mechanical problem, on-site solutions will be found in close cooperation with our local partners.

        • Biological Service

        • High end service for a stable operation of your biogas plant

          You won’t operate an efficient biogas plant, if biology doesn’t work well. A complex mechanism based on micro-organisms is more or less responsible for your gas yield. Our in-house service laboratory in Germany carries out the complete range of analyses and provides an interpretation of the results. The result contributes towards a quick start-up procedure and a stable operation of your biogas plant.

          Checking the substances for gas yield, fermentation progress, nutrients and harmful substance content enables an optimal feeding of your biogas plant. Gas yield and gas quality tests provide important characteristic values in order to ensure the economic viability of the biogas plant. Standard analyses include measuring the conductibility, pH-value, the amount of volatile organic acids and the buffer capacity. Additional analyses are acetic acids, prop ionic acids, n-butyric acid, iso-butyric acid, n-valeric acid, iso-valeric acid as well as dry matter, organic dry matter and concentration of ammonium.