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    Manufacturer of gas technical components for bio, sewage and landfill gas plants.

    Wherever gas is produced from biogas plants, landfills and sewage plants, cleaned or used, we stand ready to service our customers and build long term partnerships by delivering:
    • professional consulting services
    • high-quality and ecological products
    • rapid delivery
    • comprehensive customer
    • service and support
Product Portfolio
  • EXTRACT - Digester equpiment

      • Gas dome GAD

      • Gas domes serve to collect and discharge the produced gases as well as support for various additional digester installations such as mixers, foam traps, inspection windows, pressure safety valves and measurement components.

        ennox gas domes are configured according to the customer's individual requirements. Special designs for the integration of a mixer are also available. We can also allow for unusual digester forms or space saving combinations of components.

        Our engineers are happy to support you in developing the optimal solution.
      • Foam trap FDS

      • "Under certain conditions foam can accumulate in the digester as a result of the fermentation process. If allowed to enter into the pipework, the foam can result in blockage, damage or impair the functionality of safety devices.

        The gas dome integrated ennox foam trap utilizes a light curtain detection system, which reliably recognizes any build-up of foam and prevents the ingress of such foam into the pipework.

        With the compact assembly directly on the gas dome, the detection and counter-measures are immediate, therefore requiring no installation of a return pipe system for the accumulated foam back into the digester.  As an option, the foam trap can be provided with a fully automatic controller as well as with mechanical over/under pressure safety valves."
      • Spraying unit PSD

      • Floating covers or sludge accumulations forming on the substrate surface in the digester can be combated with a pivoting stainless steel spraying unit PSD.

        Normally the spraying unit is welded into the gas dome or manhole cover, can be rotated 360° and can pivot within the space available.

        The water connection can be achieved with a STORZ or GEKA type coupling, alternatively with a standard threaded connection.
      • Manholes MHR, MHL and MHL2

      • Manholes serve to allow unrestricted and safe access to digesters as also an entry point for materials and other components. They are installed either in the cover or the lateral wall according to the application.

        ennox delivers modern manhole units for either lateral or top assembly in a variety of sizes and designs to suite your individual needs.

        As well as the traditional design with a screwed fastening construction, we also offer a hinged version, inside opening with quick lock.

        ennox manholes are manufactured almost entirely of 1.4571 stainless steel and can, upon request, be fitted with sensor openings or other additional fixtures for measurement components.
      • Inspection window IW

      • It´s always better to check yourself....
        The easiest method to check the fermentation process in a digester is with a glance through our inspection window!

        Quality glass materials and manufacture, many years of experience and an extensive range of accessories guarantee the meeting of the strict inspection requirements in biogas technology.

        ennox inspection windows can be installed directly into the digester roof, in a steel or concrete wall or integrated together with other components in the gas dome or manhole cover.

        Accessories such as spraying units, screen wipers and lights are also part of our program. We can complete your installation with the most up-to-date color zoom camera systems with data storage, data processing and relay via internet.
      • Support & Service

      • It is not our goal to simply sell our product to the customer. It is our goal to define the correct solution for our customer's individual application requirements and to offer support throughout the entire specification process with our technical competence, to give the customer all the information required in order to decide, with good conscience, for ennox.

        Our engineers have accumulated many years international experience and are true professionals in biogas technology. We are happy to offer our engineering expertise during design and specification right through to installation and after-sales support. Further to the implementation of the project we are also at your side! During the last decades the servicing of machines, systems and components has come more into focus.

        The quality of our customer service associated with the purchase of an ennox system is just as important for our customers as the performance or the price.
        We offer service or maintenance agreements for all our products and solutions as well as inspections of existing systems. For such services we provide only experienced and fully authorized personnel according to TRBS.
    • PURIFY - Gas Treatment

        • Condensate pot COP

        • Bio or sewage gas is saturated with water vapour. Condensation can occur within the pipework systems of digester systems as a result of fluctuating temperatures. The ennox condensate pot allows for the collection and controlled discharge of any condensation water accumulations.

          The gas flows through the condensate pot where it is channeled within the pot through a separation chamber. The reduction in gas flow velocity and the influence of temperature fluctuations cause the water vapour in the gas to condense and collect at the bottom of the pot.

          The collected condensate can be discharged from the point of collection either with a siphon or an automatic discharger.
        • Ceramic fine filter CFP

        • Gas from bio or sewage processing systems are often contaminated with water vapour or very sparsely distributed small particulate matter, which, when used for example in CHP units can cause operating problems or even damage. For the fine cleaning of the gases before utilization an ennox ceramic fine filter is used.

          In the ennox ceramic fine filter the fine particles contained in the gas are captured by a special fire-clay filter (Pantel). Condensate collects in the form of a moisture layer on the surface of the material and drips into the collector below.

          An automatic discharge system with level indication can be installed in the base of the digester upon request.
        • Sediment trap SET

        • Fine sediment and foam particles in the saturated biogas originating directly from the digestion can make it´s way into the pipework system. In order to eliminate sediment accumulation in the pipework an ennox sediment trap can be used.

          The trap is installed after the reactor directly in the pipework. With a special nozzle at the trap inlet the saturated and contaminated gas is set into a spiral motion. The particulate matter separates from the gas on the side walls and passed into the collection point with the extracted water vapour.

          Discharge is carried out with a siphon. Additionally a spray and control connection can also be installed.
        • Gravel filter GFR

        • The gas removed from biogas digestion or fermentation units can be heavily contaminated with foam particles, various particulate matter and water vapour. A pre-filtration of the gas (often adequate enough) can be achieved with the use of an ennox gravel filter.

          The gas flows through the ennox gravel filter layer where large particulate matter and water vapour is left behind. The water collects at the bottom of the filter where it can be drained with a siphon assembly.

          Following heavy contamination of the gravel filter the spraying unit can be used for rinsing, avoiding the need for opening the digester unit. As an option a gravel removal opening can be installed.
        • Condensate accumulator COA

        • Condensation from saturated biogas collects at the lowest points in the pipework, in bends etc. This can negatively influence the effective operation of biogas systems.

          ennox condensate accumulator is installed at the lowest point in the pipework. The condensate gathers in the container where it can be discharged through a manual tap and/or an automatic siphon.

          As an option ennox will supply a level indicator or an automatic discharger.
        • Active carbon filter ACF

        • Biogas can contain large quantities of poisonous hydrogen sulphide depending upon the fermentation process and which input materials are used. This gas can cause permanent damage to gas engines or other consumers of the biogas.

          The majority of the hydrogen sulphide gas can be effectively removed by using an ennox active carbon filter ACF.

          In addition, the active carbon filter can be used for the removal of damaging siloxane from the biogas, furthermore for the neutralization of unpleasant odours in outgoing air and tanks.
        • Gas chill dryer GCD

        • Biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas contains not only water vapour but also a whole host of additional impurities such as hydrogen sulphide, NH3 and siloxane, which, when processed in the utilization system can not only lead to a reduction in efficiency, but also result in damage to the system.

          The dehumidification of the gas before processing is a basic preliminary requirement in order to permit an efficient usage of the biogas and an investment in the sustainability of the utilization system. With the ennox gas chill dryer the gas to be processed is passed through a heat exchanger where the cooled gas can expel any moisture which drips and is collected as condensate. According to the technical requirements of the installation a post-warming or an economical and ecological energy recovery system can be implemented into the system.
      • STORE - Gas Storage

          • Low pressure gasholder

          • For temporary buffering due to fluctuations in gas production or inoperable production systems or consumers, a storage of the produced biogas is required.

            ennox has developed the NOXstore gas holding system for the zero pressure or fluctuating pressure storage of biogas from the digester. The storage of the biogas/sewage gas is made in a cylindrical gas bag which is freely hung in a building or silo. The silo serves in this case as an effective supporting and protective construction.

            The storage systems are designed according to the latest governing international standards and regulations i.e., DWGW, ÖWAV, DWA, SUWA, safety regulations for biogas systems. The gas bag is manufactured from a high quality polyester membrane (non-flammable, fungus repellant and methane/UV resistant) utilizing the most modern frequency welding techniques.

            ennox offers not only the design, construction and installation of the gas storage system, but also the subsequent ongoing inspection and maintenance of the system by fully qualified and authorized personnel.
          • Double membrane gasholder

          • For temporary buffering due to fluctuations in gas production or inoperable production systems or consumers a storage of the produced biogas is required.

            The holder is made up of two spherical shaped polymer membranes (other forms are also possible), lying one inside the other. The external membrane is maintained in a stable form with the use of an air blower. The external membrane then serves as protector for the inner membrane against the influence of environmental factors such as wind or snow.

            The biogas is contained within the inside polymer membrane. The pressure generated by the blower is transferred evenly over the inside membrane. This maintains a constant system pressure within the biogas reactor.

            Double membrane gasholders are available in various sizes, pressure classes and construction types. The design and specification of such systems is carried out according to the individual application requirements.
          • Pressure increase blower

          • Digesters and biogas reactors are normally designed and built to cover relatively low system pressures due to cost implications. In order to carry out effective cleaning of the system, operation of a consumer or transfer of the biogas, it is necessary to increase the operating pressure in the pipework.

            We supply our customers with radial ventilators for the increase of system pressure for biogas operations. Our radial ventilators offer distinct advantages over traditional systems for pressure increase and are punctuated by high reliability, operating flexibility, low maintenance and long life expectancy.

            The ventilators can be either directly driven or equipped with a belt drive. They are suitable for use in ATEX zone 1.

            Delivery is possible either as a single blower or skid-mounted as a complete blower station with piping, assembly and instrumentation.
        • UTILIZ - Gas Flare

            • Manual gas flare ECO

            • THE robust and maintenance free flare suitable for small biogas systems, special installations or when an automatic gas flare is not specified.

              The ECO flare is manufactured entirely from stainless steel and equipped with high quality components (i.e., ATEX certified flashback prevention, DVGW certified manual flap...).

              Ignition of the electrode is carried out with the simple press of a button located in the control cabinet.

              The complete equipment for automatic operation is available for easy retrofit. An ignition system rated for 12VDC is available upon request.
            • High temperature flare NOXtreme

            • High temperature combustion in gas flares is required when specific combustion parameters must be adhered to (TA Luft, governmental or local regulations) for reasons pertaining to the environment. One such parameter includes, but is not limited to, the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen oxide (NOX).

              With special burner technology and a suitable combustion chamber suitable for temperatures > 1000°C, the ennox high temperature flare provides for and controls the correct combustion temperature. Our flares are designed to satisfy even the most demanding applications.

              At the heart of the NOXtreme flare control is the fully automatic control from the NOXmatic unit, which, if required can be extended to meet the actual project demands. The temperature control of the combustion process can be achieved either with a manual or automatic combustion air regulator
            • Biomethane flare NOXmatic BM

            • Modern and large biogas systems for biogas upgrading to natural gas quality is becoming ever more popular. Here the biogas is treated for the complete removal of all unwanted gaseous materials and fed into the gas network or alternatively used as fuel in vehicles.

              Here the technical requirements of the gas flare become even more critical, as the flare is now not only to be suitable for use with pure biogas, but also must be compatible with biomethane with a methane content of > 95%. This is no problem for our modern NOXmatic BM flare for biogas and biomethane. With flexible burner technology we can combust both materials safely, efficiently and with low emissions.

              The broad range of accessories for the NOXmatic standard flare is also available to our customers. With this offering we are able to meet all the individual requirements of our customers and their applications.
            • Automatic gas flare NOXmatic

            • Our core business is the most up-to-date quality gas flare technology for a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly combustion of gases from landfill, bio and sewage gas systems.

              Our fully automatic flare NOXmatic with its extensive range of accessories can be suited for every low and medium temperature combustion application. With various burner systems we can cover the complete spectrum of power requirements in single or multi-stage operation.

              The NOXmatic flare is manufactured entirely from stainless steel and equipped with high quality components (i.e., ATEX certified flame arresters, DVGW certified automatic and manual valves...).

              All control and monitoring functions are achieved with an individual programmable controller, which also governs the signal transfer with the main controller.
              NOXmatic flares can be delivered worldwide with a capacity from 100kW to 20MW.
            • NOXmatic / NOXtreme CDM

            • Since the implementation of the Kyoto treaty in February 2005 the world has seen a widespread development and tightening of regulations governing greenhouse emissions. The Kyoto treaty has provided an incentive for industrialized and developing nations alike to invest in the reduction of emissions.

              To get the required CO2 – certificates out of JI- and CDM projects it is necessary not only to ensure the correct and sustainable treatment of the methane gas according to local regulations, but also to reliably collect and save the data in a manner which inhibits any possible manipulation.

              ennox delivers the required gas scrubbers, pressure stations, flare and additional measurement and recording components for your JI/CDM- project.
            • Landfill gas cleaning and safe incineration

            • Every year, millions of tons of household garbage and other refuse are deposited in landfills around the world. Bio-chemical decomposition processes of organic bonds in these landfills produce up to 150 - 250 m³ of landfill gases per tonne of household garbage. 

              Due to a methane content of up to 60%, landfill gas ranks number six on the list of climate-disrupting methane producers worldwide, but it is also an important source of energy with enormous potential if used sensibly.

              Up to a content level of approximately 40% methane, landfill gas may still be recovered usefully in modern block heating plants. The important factor in this case is an effective and project-specific pre-cleaning process for the gas.

              We can help by providing you various gas cleaning systems, gas drying systems, and activated carbon filters, and pressure increasing stations. The components may be used as individual models or delivered as a complete system that is built into a container.

              Landfill gas featuring less than 40% methane content is no longer sensible for use as energy and may be incinerated in an environmentally safe manner in special enclosed ennox high-temperature gas flare systems. Toxic and ozone-harming components of landfill gas are destroyed thermally in the process.

              For temporary uses or when technologically possible, open landfill gas flares may also be used. We will provide you the right gas flare for any application including the correct incineration process!

              ennox is one of the world's leading providers in the area of preparation and recovery of landfill gas, and its excellent know-how, flexible and enthusiastic engineering and production team is always ready for new challenges.