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  • Offer Profile
  • We erect turnkey biogas plants, develop biogas projects and we operate our own biogas plants.

    When dimensioning and conceptioning our biogas plants, we attach importance to flexibility. We develop a tailor-made concept for each bio-energetic feedstock, for each customer and for any kind of infrastructure.
Product Portfolio
  • Competences in Renewable Energy

  • We offer you the entire spectrum of renewable energies – with the experience we have gained in more than 250 completed biogas, wind power and photovoltaic projects.

    Renewable energies are the energy sources of the future. With the construction of biogas plants, wind turbines and photovoltaic plants, farmers, municipalities, energy supply companies, landowners, and developers form the backbone of the energy revolution whilst reaping long term benefits from the consistently profitable renewable energies. We support you in this – with individual and cost-effective complete solutions, sound developer and user knowledge, and many years of expertise in the area of green technology.

    In BioConstruct you have found a dedicated, solid, and reliable partner for the planning and realization of your renewable energies project. Over 15 years of experience in plant construction and project development make us one of the leading experts in the technology of tomorrow. We know how biomass, wind, and sun can be efficiently and economically used for heat production and electricity generation, and we support your project from the outset.

      • Plant construction

      • Renewable energies are increasingly important. An ever growing number of businesses and private households, as well as energy companies, are backing the sustainable creation of electricity and heat from renewable raw materials. Many countries in the world support the expansion and use of renewable energy – this also includes aid and subsidies in the creation and operation of a biogas plant.

        BioConstruct plans, builds, and maintains individual AD-Plants for farms and agricultural purposes as well as medium-sized communal plants and industrial waste treatment plants (waste to energy). Farmers, in particular, benefit from a biogas plant on their own farm: the gas generated from solid manure, liquid manure, grass and energy crops can be directly used for electricity generation and building heating or fed into the national grid for profit with a connected, on-site combined heat and power unit (CHP).

        The installed electric capacity of biogas plants ranges from around 30 kW to several megawatts. How much electricity is generated by the plant is dependent upon the amount of biogas produced. A farmer can expect to produce 400-500 m³ of biogas per livestock unit per year. Up to 7,000 m³ of biogas can be produced from one hectare of field grass, or even more from energy-rich plants such as turnips or maize. This means that the construction of a biogas plant is not only beneficial to climate and environmental protection, but also a sustainable investment in the farm’s future efficiency and profitability.

      • Planning, permitting, and financing

      • Four points have to be taken into account in the planning and development of a biogas plant: the availability of raw materials, the selection of the right technology, the qualification of future management, and financing options, including the use of all available subsidies. Once all such questions have been answered and sensibly integrated into an individual concept, then you can begin constructing an AD-Plant that is secure in the long term, of low maintenance, and profitable.

        BioConstruct accompanies you through this entire process – from the first idea to construction, commissioning, and beyond. We support you in your profitability calculations and answer your questions on operation, energy utilisation, and biogas financing. We make facts and figures transparent for you, so that you can precisely understand the anticipated costs and profits of your individual requirements.

        With our modern SCADA system, BioControl, we ensure that large and small biogas plants always give their best performance whilst working at optimum profitability. The corresponding software was developed by BioConstruct engineers and is also suitable for retrofitting older biogas plants. This allows you to adjust your plant perfectly to your needs (e.g. for summer or winter) – and get a precise overview of the individual sequence of operations at any time.

      • Our service, too, is all about sustainability

      • As leading experts in biogas engineering we undertake the monitoring and maintenance of your biogas plant following legally required maintenance intervals. Our repair and replacement parts service is always available to you as a plant operator – as is an emergency service that's available around the clock for rapid troubleshooting. Furthermore, we offer mobile feeding for the bridging of production stoppages. You can also use the BioConstruct expert and biogas services if you operate a plant by a different manufacturer.
    • Biogas Service and Maintenance

    • We are among the best on the European biogas market! See for yourself!
        • Plant construction

        • Would you like everything from a one-stop-shop? Without interface and cost risks? Then we are just the experienced plant construction firm and general contractor to help you. We will provide you with the entire plant, starting with earthwork and infrastructure and going right up to the successful test run. We have already supplied more than 250 turn-key projects with investment sums of more than € 15 million – this is the kind of experience only BioConstruct can offer you!
        • Operational management

        • Especially when it comes to biogas plants, the "human factor" is crucial to economic success. Thanks to our more than fifteen years of experience in plant operation, we are now attending to the management of more than twenty projects at home and abroad. We provide operating staff on site and function as an agency for the operating company. In the commercial sector in particular, ever more complex laws and directives are putting great demands on the experience of plant managers. Here are but a few key words: electricity tax reimbursement, declarations of conformity, personal energy usage, medium-voltage guideline, environmental reports, and so on and so forth. We will be happy to help you take care of your plant!
        • Financing

        • In the past fifteen years, the BioConstruct Group has moved an investment volume of more than € 120 million for renewable energy plants through funding the group procured on its own. Structuring the financing and raising the necessary outside or equity capital are our core tasks in this regard. We contributed about 30% of the necessary equity ourselves and are thus bound to the projects for the long term. This creates trust and security among our partners – after all, there are no better plant constructors than those who have invested in their own technology!
        • Engineering

        • Our staff's broad store of knowledge provides the best foundation for engineering power plants of all kinds, converting sunlight, wind or biogas into power. We will be there to help you in every phase of the project – in the draft stage, applying for permits or with the detailed planning and calling for bids. For the construction phase, we have an experienced team of construction engineers and project managers who will always keep the quality, budget and schedule of your project under their control.
        • Services: Mobile feeding

        • Do you have a biogas plant with a direct feed into a container? Have you ever thought about how you would continue to feed your biogas plant if this container was out of order due to an overhaul? Or what would happen if your feed should have to shut down for a while due to damage? We have a solution at hand in the form of our mobile feed: our mixing container has a powerful chopper pump to thoroughly mix liquid and solid substrate before they are used. It is connected to your second or secondary fermenter – simply plug and produce!
        • Services: Process control engineering

        • Our BioControl 2.0 gives us a process visualization program at the latest state of the art. It is compatible with all types of controls (for example, Siemens S7) and can therefore be added to existing plants without any problems. This software, programmed by our own technicians, lets us offer you everything a plant operator needs:

          • Load management
          • Electricity production adjusted to demand
          • Farm monitoring
          • Electronic operating logs
          • Daily management reports
          • and much more
        • Services: Spare parts

        • Owing to our purchasing volume, we can get very good prices from component manufacturers. We will be glad to let you share in the savings! With our own warehousing, we strive to have especially critical components in stock at all times so we can make them available to you quickly in the event of an emergency.
      • Selected references: Biogas

          • Bukovec

          • City: Holýšov
            Since: 2009
            Power: 1 x 600
            approx. 50% solid manure
          • Dahlenburg

          • City: Dahlenburg
            Since: 2007
            Power: 3 x 500
            Satellite CHP unit, Heat use, Municipal utility company
          • Götzberg

          • City: Henstedt
            Since: 2007
            Power: 1 x 549
            Dry fermentation, Heating of greenhouses and pig barns
          • Holterdorf

          • City: Melle
            Since: 2010
            Power: 2 x 190 kW
            approx. 40% solid manure, Micro gas distribution system with satellite CHP unit in 600 m distance
          • Linne

          • City: Bissendorf
            Since: 2009
            Power: 1 x 190
            Connection of barns and existing manure storages for input supply to the biogas plant, The biogas plant is almost solely operated with slurry.
          • Deblinghausen

          • City: Steyerberg
            Since: 2012
            Power: 2 x 400 kW
        • Selected references: Wind

            • Frotheim/Isenstedt wind farm

            • City: Espelkamp
              Since: 2003
              Anzahl: 2 wind turbines
              WEA-Typ: SÜDWIND S-70
              Leistungsumfang BioConstruct: Project development
            • Gehrde wind farm

            • City: Gehrde
              Since: 2014
              Anzahl: 4 wind turbines
              WEA-Typ: ENERCON E-115
              Leistungsumfang BioConstruct: Project development, construction
            • Lübesse-Sülte-Uelitz I wind farm

            • City: Lübesse
              Since: 2004
              Anzahl: 17 wind turbines
              WEA-Typ: NORDEX
              Leistungsumfang BioConstruct: Project development