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Business Profile

We erect turnkey biogas plants, develop biogas projects and we operate our own biogas plants.

When dimensioning and conceptioning our biogas plants, we attach importance to flexibility. We develop a tailor-made concept for each bio-energetic feedstock, for each customer and for any kind of infrastructure.

In order to guarantee a maximum of economic viability and operational safety, we equip your biogas plant with components, which have proven with long-term operation.

And about all what we do, our concern is not only to aim for a high profitability, but particularly to reach a protection of the climate and the future of our children by means of our active dedication to the construction of environment-friendly power plants. In our business premises we consume current, that is won to 100 % by renewable energy. our premises are exclusively heated by wood, harvested in nearby forests. And - if you understand a little bit german - we would be glad to present you at the foot of this page our "Peru-Project" in which we support children in Lima, Peru.

Think global, act local, that's what we pursue - every day!