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  • Biogas storage solutions from Sattler Ceno TOP-TEX are prime quality products, highly appreciated for their future - and safety-oriented approach. Whether double membrane biogas tanks, pole-supported biogas roofs, gas bags or storage lagoons, Sattler Ceno TOP-TEX offers a wide range of premium products for all your storage requirements.

    All our biogas holder solutions are based on experience, and this is the key to Sattler Ceno TOP-TEX's position as one of the leading and biggest suppliers for gas holders worldwide. Our own Research & Development unit ensures that all kinds of tasks and new application fields are implemented and developed using state of the art technology, also in the future. This competence also enables us to develop customized biogas holder solutions together with our clients.

Product Portfolio
  • ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING | Biogas storage systems | Sattler Ceno TOP-TEX

      • Biogas Storage

          • Biogas Roof double-layer | BGR II

          • The pole-supported double-Shell biogas roof consists of an outer membrane and inner membrane which forms the biogas storage space.

            The central pole supporting the culmination point ensures that the double-shell biogas roof withstands all kinds of external loads, such as snow, rain and wind loads etc. The double warped surface prevents the roof from pumping and fluttering in the wind. Both membranes are fastened to the outer wall of a steel or concrete tank. The gastight design protects the gas holder against under- and overpressure on the gas side. Level metering systems provide electronic signals about the filling level inside the gas membrane, which can be used for the plant control system provided by the client. Since this storage system is depressurized, it may only be combined with other depressurized products, such as a single-shell biogas roof.

          • Gas Bag

          • Gas bags can be manufactured in the shape of cylinders or angular cushions. This depressurized gas storage System is mounted inside buildings and/or steel or concrete tanks.

            Their shape is frequently determined by the space available for them. Cylinder-shaped gas bags are used either in a horizontal position in buildings or suspended in steel and concrete tanks. Depressurized gas bags are mostly filled and emptied via outlets in the stable top or bottom surfaces. The filling level is measured using a rope length system. In order to achieve good measurement accuracy, it is possible to load down the horizontal gas bag with weights. This ensures a regular movement of the membrane. Gas bags must be surrounded to withstand external loads.

            The membranes are manufactured from polyester fabric that is PVC-coated on both sides. Different membrane types are used, depending on the prevailing static, legal, and customer requirements.

          • Double Membrane Gas Storage – Tank Mounted | DMGS TM

          • The versatile ¼-spherical to ¾-spherical gas storage solution which is installed directly on top of steel or concrete tanks, complementing the functionality of the tank.

            Tank-mounted double membrane gas holders consist of a formative outer membrane and of an inner membrane that hermetically seals the fermentation space (gas-tight seal). The pressure generated inside the intermediary space by a permanently functioning supporting air blower keeps up the outer membrane, such that the gas holder withstands all kinds of external loads. Much like the DMGS, this gas holder type also uses the patented AIRFLOW-SYSTEM. Both membranes are anchored to the crown or to the outer wall of the steel or concrete tank using clamping rails with a positive and non-positive fitting. The positive fitting is secured by a rope welded into the outer rim of the membrane.

            A substructure prevents the inner membrane from plunging into the substrate and from being destroyed by agitators. The braces and central pole are designed to assume the required loads. We provide you with static calculations including proof upon request.

          • Double Membrane Biogas Storage | DMGS

          • The 3/4-spherical gas holder represents the traditional stand-alone external vessel with many volume choices of gas storage at high pressures.

            The Sattler double membrane gas holder consists of a formative outer membrane and of an inner and a floor membrane forming the actual gas space. All membranes are produced in-house and thus ensure Maximum Quality. A permanently functioning supporting air blower Feeds air into the intermediary space between the inner and outer membranes, at a slight over-pressure. The supporting air enters via the patented AIRFLOW-SYSTEM. This Permits regular air intake across the entire construction height of the Sattler double Membrane gas holder.
            In the standard configuration, a specially designed blower with a flat characteristic pressure curve combines high operational safety with Maximum profitability. The operating pressure in the double Membrane gas holder thus remains constant, regardless of the amount of gas taken in or flowing out.

            The supporting air helps to hold the shape of the outer membrane. This enables the gas holder to withstand external loads, such as wind or snow. At the same time, the inner Membrane is also under slight pressure. This "operating pressure" serves to recirculate the Biogas stored in the plant.

            The filling Level of the stored Biogas is measured either via ultrasonic measuring or using the rope length method. A purpose-designed inner Membrane ensures an ideal measurement Signal. This is key in ensuring productive Operation of the biogas holder.

            All three membranes are durably mounted on the existing foundations using a gas-tight clamping ring. A hydraulic safety valve serves to prevent damage to the Sattler double membrane gas holder in the (hardly likely) event of overpressure occurring in the tank.

        • Emission reduction

            • Biogas Roof single-layer | BGR I

            • The CENO biogas Roof is essentially mounted and sealed to be gas-tight, and manufactured as the BGD-1s model. This cover shapes the biogas space without storage volume. A central pole or mast holds the biogas roof in shape. This enables the biogas roof to carry all kinds of external loads such as snow, rain, wind loads etc. Its optimized design and manufacturing – the CENO biogas roof has a double warped surface – prevents the roof from pumping or fluttering in the wind. Prestraining of the CENO biogas roof is done using a tensioning device near the central pole rather than via the crown of the tank, which would mean more stress on the membranes. This essentially contributes to a longer service life of the CENO biogas roof.
              The membrane of the biogas roof is mounted to the external wall of steel or concrete tanks and sealed gas-tight. A safety valve seals the cover against under- and overpressure on the biogas side. The CENO biogas roof system is frequently applied for covering permanent storage depots and is also suitable for covering fermenters. It not only acts as a gas-tight seam but also as a roof, and thus reduces investment costs.

              Plant concepts with more than one tank allow for the combined use of single-shell biogas roofs and air-supported double membrane gas holders. In such a case the single-shell cover is designed to meet the pressure requirements of the DMGS.

              Our competent staff will be happy to inform you about the various models and variants on offer, and accompany your project from the design stage to the legally prescribed checks.
            • High Silo Roof | HSR

            • The low-emission tank-top CENO high silo Roof (HSD), which is mounted directly on top of steel or concrete tanks, also prevents the Substrate or Fermentation residues from being rained on.

               Whether concrete or steel tank: the CENO high silo roof is the ideal solution for low-emission, but not for gas-tight, tank covers in many biogas applications. The statically secured design and construction of the roof enables maximum resistance against wind and snow loads. Sattler Ceno Biogas's long-standing experience has influenced the design of the high silo roof. The roof has a characteristic shape that prevents it from pumping or fluttering in the wind. This lastly contributes to a profitable and safe Operation of the biogas plant. At the same time, this design reduces the load on the membrane material and contributes to a Long Service life of the CENO high silo roof.
              A central pole ensures the required prestrain of the high silo roof and carries external loads such as wind and snow.

              This Feature also prevents the Emission of biogas, and the CENO high silo roof is thus an important environmental benefit. The roof also supports our clients in the profitable and optimized running of the plant. The cover prevents the stored slurry from being watered down, thus increasing the Nitrogen content, hence its fertilizing qualities. The use of Mineral fertilizers can therefore be widely reduced. Another Advantage of a more concentrated slurry is the larger storage capacity of your silo.

              The CENO high silo roof is a convincing solution both in agriculture and in industrial Biogas applications, due to its sophisticated design and versatile use.

          • Lagoons

          • Lagoons offer the most economical solution for storing substrates and Fermentation digestates. Various covering Solutions and accessories allow an optimal Management of the lagoon. The need for large-volume storage capacities has increased, in particular in the field of biogas plant construction. Silage lagoons are highly customizable in shape, form and operation to meet specific needs and local conditions. Where an additional reduction of emissions is required, you may wish to use our thoroughly tried and tested floating cover. In addition Ceno – a novelty – has silage lagoons with integrated high-volume gas holders. These are used as post-fermenters and/or as storage for fermenter residues in the construction of new or the conversion of existing lagoons. Special service and operating platforms ensure their optimal use.
            Fore more than two decades now Ceno has been specializing in the construction of silage lagoons for liquid manure and holds the general technical inspectorate approval in accordance with JGS (slurry, liquid manure, liquid silage residues) requirements. Due to the premium material and up-to-date manufacturing and welding techniques, hundreds of Ceno silage lagoons are now in use to the fullest satisfaction of our clients.
              • Noise and Flood Protection

              • Sattler Ceno TOP-TEX offers functional and practical solutions for sound-proofing and flood protection. A mobile flood barrier made of a special technical fabric provides rapidly deployed flood protection. Mobile walls install fast, effective sound-proofing on building sites, at event venues, and wherever temporary sound protection is needed.
                  • Noise Protection - CENO-WALL

                  • Permanently installed, heavy noise protection walls are self-evident today regarding continuous noise development, such as due to road traffic. In contrast, protection against temporary sources of noise causes significant difficulties. Construction sites, open-air concerts, leisure time and sporting events, but also machines creating intensive noise, are located at continuously changing locations and can only be operated for a limited period of time. The Ceno noise protection wall is specifically developed for this purpose and ensures mobile and effective noise protection, wherever it is required.

                    The inflatable noise protection wall as an efficient solution
                    Dual-shell, inflatable noise protection walls made from synthetic material membranes nearly attain the same effect as concrete walls. In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institut für Bauphysik (IBP) (Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics) and Stuttgart University, Ceno has designed these special membrane elements for temporary noise protection and legally protected it by a patent.
                  • Flood Protection - CENO-TUBE

                  • Those wishing to protect themselves from flooding must not leave it to chance...
                    Climate researchers around the world have agreed for a long time: Flood catastrophes, partially with devastating flooding of complete residential areas or sensitive habitat of the animal and plant world is becoming more frequent.
                    Therefore, effective flood protection is essential. The CENO-TUBE enables flood protection up to 2.60 m high in a very short time without additional transportation of material and using heavy-duty equipment.

                    In the event of a crisis, the hoses of the CENO-Tube are unrolled and immediately filled with the water present. Because of the low empty weight, quick transportation is possible, also in distant and remote areas.

                    Fields of application

                    The hose system provides efficient and frequently proven solutions for three different fields of application:

                    • Flood protection
                    • Drainage of construction sites and
                    • Industrial retention of water
                • Halls and Industry

                • The combination of constructive and manufacturing competence in connection with our in-house mechanical engineering and construction capabilities facilitates the rapid translation into industrial standards. Both serial production and low volume production are possible at short notice and under economical conditions. Ceno Membrane Technology does not consider itselve as a manufacturer of low-cost mass products but as a partner for customers looking for technically demanding products and components. A vast machine park - from the computer-controlled cutter through to state-of-the-art welding machines and special tools - assure the best possible processing in each detail. High-performance production lines facilitate the quick delivery even in the case of major contracts.
                    • Covering of halls with tarpaulins

                    • Ceno Tec manufacture high-quality roof tarpaulins, gable segments and side curtains for all current halls skeletons made of aluminium or steel.
                    • Protective Umbrellas

                    • The versatile protective umbrellas can be used as weather protection means during outdoor jobs (such as welding and constructional works).

                      The umbrella is made of a cotton cloth of different qualities, ranging from water-repellent to water pressure and decay-resistant or flame-retardant. In addition, only proven and solid umbrella stands made of aluminium are used. The umbrella comes in three different standard sizes.