Business Profile

EnvironTec is a young, innovative company from Austria.

Our company is headquartered at Lake Constance on the northern fringe of the Alps right in the Heart of Europe, the “Vierländereck”, where the borders of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland meet. This gives our team the best starting position for our international activities – worldwide!

Our many years’ experience have led to our specialisation in the development, production and marketing of gas-technology components for a wide variety of fermentation gas applications in the bio, sewage and landfill gas area.

Our product portfolio ranges from fermentation gas reactor equipment to all gas purification and gas storage components right through to gas utilisation in flare systems. We are also happy to conduct the planning, conception and delivery of complete gas conduits and systems as well as their maintenance and inspection on behalf of the customer.

Over the past few years we have (further) developed our gas flare, a product we now deliver in great quantities and various specifications around the world. In addition to the fully automated “standard – biogas – flare” we also build simple, manual gas flares for the small-systems area as well as enhanced high-temperature combustion systems and special flares for CDM applications, tank system cleaning and landfill gas combustion.

EnvironTec Biogas Solutions’ only philosophy is to supply products that are as robust and uncomplicated as possible, sensible to use and offer the best possible quality – at fair prices. All our employees have installation-site experience and know our products down to the last detail. We would be happy to place this knowledge and our experience at your disposal – call us and put us to the test!