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Business Profile

Bollegraaf was founded in 1961 as Machinefabriek en Plaatsnijbedrijf
H. Bollegraaf. Founder Hartog Bollegraaf was a car dismantler and trader in scrap metal, but was born with a love for making things. He started producing vertical balers, and built a reputation for the highest quality machinery.

Developing the technology with sustainability in mind, the range grew from vertical, via semi-automatic to the current fully automatic baler with a pre-press flap. The concept quickly took root and Bollegraaf developed from a single Dutch business into a multinational company.
In 1989 Heiman Bollegraaf took over the business from his father. Under his direction, during the 1990s and the first ten years of this century, Bollegraaf became a global player in recycling and waste processing equipment, with expertise in complete state-of-the-art recycling installations. As his retirement approached, Heiman Bollegraaf sold a majority of the shares to ABN AMRO Participaties in 2015.

Our core competence is sorting waste; whatever your waste stream may be. With more than 55 years of experience, Bollegraaf is one of the most skilled providers of turnkey solutions.

Our Mission
To develop and manufacture recycling and sorting systems that take care of the environment, improve people’s quality of life and health through meaningful innovation, and the sustainable use of our planet’s limited resources.

Our Vision
To be the global leader in turnkey recycling systems by offering sorting solutions that provide our customers with the highest return on their investments and delivering the best customer experience in our industry.

Our Strategy
Bollegraaf’s strategy has three pillars:

The Team
Proactive leadership will create one Bollegraaf by ensuring the whole team has full ownership and alignment of our vision/mission and strategic plan.

Grow sales and service revenue by focusing on customer service and becoming the supplier of choice.

The Product/Solution
Deliver cost effective assembly, manufacture and on-site installation of our customer's requirements by executing SMART planning.