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  • Offer Profile
  • Our marsyntex® filters for separating solids and liquids and filtering out dust are used in many industrial sectors. Our strength lies in meeting the individual and specific requirements of our customers.

    In order to determine the best solution, we stay in close dialogue with our customers. Our experienced sales engineers analyse your process and machine requirements and prepare a competitive offer that meets your personal expectations.
Product Portfolio
  •  marsyntex® filters for separating solids and liquids and filtering out dust 

      • Filter cloths

      • Filter cloths from Markert are used in filter presses that separate the solid and liquid parts of masses. Depending on the filtering process, we fabricate our filters as:
        • Simple filter cloths
        • Barrel neck cloth filters
        • Overhang filter cloths for chamber, frame and membrane filter presses
        • Leak-proof filter presses

        We guarantee simple installation, optimal separation of solid material and easy filter cake removal. Our easy-to-clean filters also have high chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance as well as transverse stability, which prevents the formation of creases.

        Our cloths designs are structured by the following characteristics:
        • Fabric type (i.e. material and bind)
        • EPDM hose connection or with a special fabric
        • Double- or single-layered
        • Sealing rim coating
        • Sealing rim and cam reinforcement
        • Velcro fasteners
        • Eyelets or welded binding holes
        • When required: Undercloths or backing cloths
      • Filter belts

      • marsyntex® has a broad assortment of textile filter belts for vacuum belts, tower presses and screening belt presses. We also provide textile machine components in maximal widths and lengths.

        The smooth operation of the machines takes first priority. Other important factors are:
        • Uniform fabric structure across the entire width and length
        • Good wear resistance
        • Straight profile
        • Good transverse stability
        • Smooth and stable edges for flawless edge control
        • Simple installation

        marsyntex® filter belts for screening belt presses must transfer higher tensile forces, resist bending and withstand enormous surface and linear pressures.
      • Rotary filter cloths

      • Vacuum-powered drum filters are the primary filters used for the continuous mechanical separation of large solid-liquid mixtures. To ensure their efficiency, it is critical that they are built precisely, are easy to install, have a long service life and separate materials optimally.

        marsyntex® filters – as belts or as segments – are typically used as rotary filter cloths in mining and in the chemical and food industries.

        We produce filters that are specific to your application in the following designs:
        • Sewn or welded
        • Tailored to the width and length of the drum
        • For lateral guides, such as those equipped with rubber profiles or those which are specially sealed or coated
        • With fasteners made from stainless steel or other materials
      • Other filters

      • In addition to the principle applications for which our marsyntex® filters are used, the Markert Group also caters to special requirements. Our technology comprises a large assortment of other important filter systems. Here are examples of machine types for which we produce customised filters:
        • Disc filters
        • Centrifuges
        • Gaudfrin filters
        • Nutsche filters
        • Funda bags
        • Moore filters
        • Amafilter products
        • Plane filters
        • Pressure cylinder filters
        • Anode filters

        We guarantee that every filter we produce is perfectly constructed, easy to install and will fit your application perfectly. Our filters boast a long service life and high performance. Our broad selection of fabric quality also plays a role. We are mindful of functional, chemical, thermal and mechanical properties.
      • Loading hoses

      • Loading hoses ensure the effective and emission-free discharge, loading and mining of bulk materials under any weather conditions. These systems have enjoyed over 40 years of success at Markert.

        The products are made with high-end polyester or polyamide material, which is coated for its specific application. The material is either coated on one or both sides, which guarantees the best possible functionality. We also offer food-safe certification upon request.

        Loading hoses can be fitted to your specific situation on site in the following designs:
        • Single or double hose
        • The rings can be equipped with loops for cable transport or, on request, with cable guide eyelets.
        • We use spirals, which are mounted on the outside surface of the hose to regulate folding.
        • Depending on the application, we offer sewn-in rings made from galvanised or copper-coated industrial or stainless steel.
        • We use ground wires to discharge any possible static charge.
      • Dust filters

      • We provide perfect solutions for gas filtration with our filter hoses, filter pockets, filter bags, filter covers, fluid bed driers and ring filters. They have stood the test in the chemical, metal and mineral industries, as well as at power stations and incineration plants.

        Increase productivity and safety, decrease maintenance and operation costs – this is our approach. Low pressure loss, practically emission-free, constant volumetric flow, optimal raw materials and the right additional fittings are the critical factors of success.

        marsyntex® dust filters distinguish themselves by their:
        • Long service life as a result of quality manufacturing
        • Easy installation and accuracy of fit
        • Resistance against high temperatures and mechanical stress
        • Broad selection of felt for a wide array of specific applications
        • Easy-to-clean material
      • New Filter: PINKment

        • highest separation efficiency
        • extremely clear filtrate
        • greater efficiency
    • Areas of application

        • Mining

        • Long service life at high mechanical loads – our marsyntex® filters meet this demand from the mining industry The relationship between optimal drainage and easy filter cake removal must also be considered.

          Our products – whether filter press cloths, disc filters, belt filters, leaf filters or rotary filters – excel in both drainage and cake removal and are therefore being used successfully around the world.
          Examples of use
          • Production of aluminium, coal, kaolin, zinc, copper, iron, nickel and gold
          • Mining intermediate products
        • Food

        • We comply to the strict regulations on contact with food, both in terms of the material we use and integration into the production process.

          The areas of application in this sector are highly diverse, which is why we have a broad assortment of products for the food industry.
          Examples of use
          • Sugar production
          • Beer filtration
          • Palm oil filtration
        • Waste water

        • Protection of the environment and our natural resources are important to clients in the industrial and communal sector – not least because of strict laws and regulations.

          The Markert Group’s experience in the development of marsyntex® filter cloths and belt filters lead to excellent and efficient results for drainage.
          Examples of use
          • Sewage sludge drainage
          • Gypsum drainage
          • Flue gas desulphurisation
          • Filtration of industrial sewage
        • Chemical & pharmaceutical industries

        • In the production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, you will find Markert marsyntex® filters as cloths for chamber and membrane filter presses, centrifuge applications, belt filters and drum filters – each designed for a specific application.

          During development, our engineers focus on the best possible service life, selectivity, accuracy of fit and easy filter cake removal.
          Examples of use
          • Production of silicates and pigments
          • Production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
      • The Market Production System

          • Our production method

          • Comprehensive knowledge and constant progress are our pillars of success. Furthermore, our internationally popular products are produced in-house. This is the only way that we can deliver on our promise of quality: "Made in Germany".

            Our filters are made using high-tech materials such as polypropylene, polyamide, polyester, polyacrylonitrile, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polyvinylidine fluoride (PVDF) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

            These materials are used to spin yarn in the form of mono-, multi- and mono-multi-filaments and staple fibers, and to turn it into fabric. The next step is refining and careful finishing of the fabric.

            Most of our manufacturing processes are highly automated, but skilled manual craftsmanship still has its rightful place in our highly modern factory. Quick, perfect results are the product of automation and manual craftsmanship. This allows us to tend to your needs quickly and flexibly. We constantly strive to improve quality and innovation for all corporate areas and procedures. The Markert Production System leads to higher quality in all of our production processes. Our organization is characterized by flat hierarchies, regular training sessions and exemplary management.