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Business Profile

One of the major ways in which Panasonic Industrial Europe supports businesses is by providing equipment for manufacturing facilities.

Our comprehensive lineup ranges from devices as small as the tip of a finger to equipment for entire factories. We are ready to help your company's business integrating our technology with yours at production sites worldwide to create hit products for the 21st century.

Panasonic Industrial Europe gives our customers the convenience to source a great majority of their components, peripherals, automation equipment, industrial batteries and much more from a single supplier and thereby easing the procurement process.

Take advantage of our global network and see what a difference it can make to your company.

Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe, Robot and Welding Division is the European division of the Panasonic Robot and Welding business. We provide industrial welding robots and welding power sources with a wide range of robotic application. Our robot systems of the PerformArc series are equipped with the TAWERS WG3 System or with robots of our TA-G3-series. Our aim is to contribute to European Industry through 'all in one' robot & welding solution.