• ROBOTICS 21XX is the online show of manufacturers of industrial robots, service robots and robotic research
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Robotics Expo
  • A1: Industrial Robots Industrial Robots

    • 02
      • Articulated Arm Robots

      • 6-axis robots with articulated or jointed arm used for tasks such as welding, painting, handling and assembly.
    • 03
      • Scara Robots

      • Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm with 3 and 4 axis for pick and place, assembly, and packaging applications.
    • 04
      • Parallel Robots

      • Parallel manipulator robot & hexapods with parallel kinematic design for handling, positioning, pick&place etc.
    • 05
      • Cartesian and Linear Robots

      • Linear / Cartesian robots for conveying, dispensing palletizing stacking, CNC & industrial assembling applications.
  • A2: Industrial Robot Applications

    • 07
      • Mobile Robots

      • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), mobile & autonomous robots for safety, inspection, material handling etc.
    • 09
      • Robot Processing

      • Industrial Robots performing cutting, drilling, soldering, gluing, milling, sheet metal working, forming...
    • 10
      • Robot Painting

      • Special industrial robots for coating & painting applications and robot painting components manufacturers.
    • 11
      • Robot Welding

      • Welding robots, for arc welding, spot welding, robotic clinching & components such as wire feeder & power sources.
    • 12
      • Robot Handling

      • Robots for automated handling processes such as sorting, picking loading, palletizing and packaging.
    • 14
      • Robot Assembling

      • Assembly robots and supplies for production and manufacturing assembly processes.
  • A3: Personal and Service Robots

    • 15
      • Clean Room Robotics

      • Cleanroom robots and supplies for medical or lab applications, aseptic production and handling.
    • 16
      • Service Robots

      • Service Robots for domestic, healthcare & scientific applications such as handicap assistance, guiding robots...
    • 19
      • Entertainment Robots

      • Fun robots, interacting robots, robots for kids, humanoid robotic, edutainment robots and robot toys.
  • A4: Universities Robotics

  • A5: Engineers and Suppliers

  • A6: Robotic Tools

  • A7: IT Powered Robotics

  • A8: Power and Electronics

  • A9: Motion Components

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    • collaborative robotics
    collaborative robotics

    State-of-the-art lightweight robot

    Voith Robotics

    State-of-the-art lightweight robot technology paired with the assets and domain know-how of Voith [...]

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    • collaborative robotics
    robot industry 4.0

    High performance collaborative robot

    Rethink Robotics

    Sawyer is the revolutionary collaborative robot designed to execute tasks that have been impractical to automate with traditional industrial robots [...]

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    • shuttle
    mir500 shuttle

    Automate your internal transportation of heavy loads and pallets


    The collaborative MIR500 safely maneuvers around people and physical obstacles. With its advanced technology and sophisticated software [...]

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    • collaborative robot
    robot industry 4.0

    Man and machine


    Robots can work alongside humans to improve productivity and product quality in a process called Man Robot Collaboration [...]