• ROBOTICS 21XX is the online show of manufacturers of industrial robots, service robots and robotic research
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Robotics Expo
  • A1: Industrial Robots Industrial Robots

    • 02
      • Articulated Arm Robots

      • 6-axis robots with articulated or jointed arm used for tasks such as welding, painting, handling and assembly.
    • 03
      • Scara Robots

      • Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm with 3 and 4 axis for pick and place, assembly, and packaging applications.
    • 04
      • Parallel Robots

      • Parallel manipulator robot & hexapods with parallel kinematic design for handling, positioning, pick&place etc.
    • 05
      • Cartesian and Linear Robots

      • Linear / Cartesian robots for conveying, dispensing palletizing stacking, CNC & industrial assembling applications.
  • A2: Industrial Robot Applications

    • 07
      • Mobile Robots

      • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), mobile & autonomous robots for safety, inspection, material handling etc.
    • 09
      • Robot Processing

      • Industrial Robots performing cutting, drilling, soldering, gluing, milling, sheet metal working, forming...
    • 10
      • Robot Painting

      • Special industrial robots for coating & painting applications and robot painting components manufacturers.
    • 11
      • Robot Welding

      • Welding robots, for arc welding, spot welding, robotic clinching & components such as wire feeder & power sources.
    • 12
      • Robot Handling

      • Robots for automated handling processes such as sorting, picking loading, palletizing and packaging.
    • 14
      • Robot Assembling

      • Assembly robots and supplies for production and manufacturing assembly processes.
  • A3: Personal and Service Robots

    • 15
      • Clean Room Robotics

      • Cleanroom robots and supplies for medical or lab applications, aseptic production and handling.
    • 16
      • Service Robots

      • Service Robots for domestic, healthcare & scientific applications such as handicap assistance, guiding robots...
    • 19
      • Entertainment Robots

      • Fun robots, interacting robots, robots for kids, humanoid robotic, edutainment robots and robot toys.
  • A4: Universities Robotics

  • A5: Engineers and Suppliers

  • A6: Robotic Tools

  • A7: IT Powered Robotics

  • A8: Power and Electronics

  • A9: Motion Components

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    KUKA’s KR AGILUS Robot challenges Timo Boll again


    Extra Time in the battle between KUKA’s KR AGILUS Robot and German table tennis idol Timo Boll. [...]

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    • collaborative robot
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    FANUC's CR-35iA collaborative robot


    The robot with a payload of 35 Kg is designed to collaborate with worksers on heavy repetitive jobs [...]

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    • industrial robot report
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    Market for industrial robots growing


    According to IFR by 2018 400,000 robots will be sold annualy. The total market volume of industrial robotics including [...]

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    • soft exosuits and exoskeletons
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    Research of wearable soft exosuits


    Whether it’s a stroke, an amputated leg or arm, a spinal-cord injury the extra strength to do some real heavy lifting, or that additional mobility in old age [...]