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  • Retail

  • Added value for stores, malls and museums.
    • RFID & NFC
      • Tory

      • Inventory. Nightly or on-demand. Autonomously.

        TORY performs autonomous on-demand inventory in stores using RFID. He will also determine the physical locations of merchandise. His very high read rate, autonomous navigation and great usability allowed him to excel in every test and trial.


        • Dimensions: 500 mm x 500 mm x 1500 mm (H x L x W)
        • Ground clearance: 15 mm
        • Maximum velocity: 1.0 m/s
        • Dead weight: 60 kg
        • Battery life: 14h operational time / 6h charging time
        • Autonomous charging station
        • High-performance integrated RFID antennas
        • Autonomous navigation and 3D obstacle avoidance
        • Safety bumper socket
      • SCITOS A5

      • Guide. Entertainer. Attraction.

        SCITOS A5 is a highly versatile mobile service robot made for interacting with humans and guiding to products or exhibits. The robot is able to autonomously approach people and communicate with them using speech output, head gestures and its touch display. While driving to its goal point, it will continuously avoid obstacles and localize itself using the structure of the environment. Additional sensors or markings on the ground are therefore not required.


        • Stores
        • Museums
        • Exhibitions
        • Trade fairs
        • Offices
        • Airports


        • Playback of videos or slides
        • Automatic return to the charging station when necessary
        • Playback in different languages
        • Autonomous localization and navigation without structural changes
        • Customizable appearance
        • Hide-and-seek and quiz games to entertain children


        • Height: 1,5 m
        • Dead-weight: 75 kg
        • Battery life: up to 18h on a single charge / 5h charging time
        • 2 year warranty
      • WeRobot

      • Performances. Personal VIP agents. Autonomous guides.

        WeRobots are high-class service robots that communicate between themselves and with their environment using a multitude of features. They inform and consult visitors and offer interactive entertainment. WeRobots can act in unison and interact with humans in their environment. These robots are made for entertainment, display of information and as personal VIP customer support agents. They are developed in cooperation with Attraktion! GmbH and are available here.


        • Shopping malls / department stores
        • Science centres
        • Exhibitions / trade fairs
        • Airports
        • Restaurants


        • Synchronized dancing (formations)
        • 15,4″ multi touch HD screen
        • Camera and microphone
        • Direct management of content using a Content-Management-System
        • Autonomous localization and navigation without structural changes
        • Anti-theft device
    • Industry 4.0

    • Mobile robots as production agents!
      • RELIABLE
        • SCITOS G5

        • Mobile base

          SCITOS G5 is our universal mobile base which is suitable for a multitude of applications thanks to its modular construction.


          • Dimensions: 570 mm x 735 mm x 610 mm (H x L x W)
          • Differential drive
          • Ground clearance: 20 mm
          • Maximum velocity: 1.4 m/s
          • Dead-weight: 60 kg
          • Load capacity: 50 kg
          • Battery life: 18h on a single charge / 6h recharging time
          • Embedded PC with Intel i7-CPU and Wi-Fi
          • Safety bumper socket
          • Ready for public use
        • SCITOS X3

        • SCITOS X3 is a mobile base that was developed specifically for transportation, mobile manipulation and narrow environments.


          • Dimensions: 436 mm x 710 mm x 470 mm (H x L x W)
          • Differential drive
          • Can turn on the spot
          • Ground clearance: 15 mm
          • Maximum velocity: 1.4 m/s
          • Load capacity: 100 kg
          • Dead-weight: 50 kg
          • Battery life: 18h on a single charge / 6h charging time
          • Embedded PC with Intel i7-CPU and Wi-Fi
          • Safety bumper socket
        • CogniDrive Software

        • Autonomous navigation

          CogniDrive is a software system that enables vehicles to navigate to arbitrary goal points in an environment. Its localization uses existing environmental structures, so additional sensors or markings are not required. By integrating low-cost depth sensors, obstacles close to the vehicle can be perceived and avoided in 3D. The navigation behaviour is highly configurable and customizable to user needs via a multitude of parameters. CogniDrive is used in all of MetraLabs’ service robotics applications, but can also be integrated into other automated guided vehicles.

          CogniDrive is modular: The localization, path planning and obstacle avoidance modules can be used separately or together, depending on the use case. This enables customizing the software for specific applications. For example, the localization module can be used on its own and can be combined with existing controllers. This is especially useful if existing means of localization tend to fail in certain parts of the environment, e.g. due to pollution of visual markers. All modules operate on a virtual map of the environment structure which can be precisely taught during commissioning or constantly estimated by the vehicle during operation.

          Different sensors can be integrated for environment and obstacle perception, and their measurements can be fused depending on the current situation. Ultrasonic sensors, cameras and laser range finders of different manufacturers, as well as sensors using various physical principles for 3D perception, have been integrated successfully. By using the existing safety laser scanners of the AGV the expenditure for additional sensors can be minimized.

          CogniDrive can be adapted to various drive systems (e.g. differential or tricycle drives). To achieve optimal navigation performance, both the kinematics as well as the geometry and dynamics of the vehicle will be considered for path planning.
        • SCOUT

        • Transport in clean production environments

          SCOUT is an automated guided vehicle specifically designed for flexible transport of materials in semiconductor fabs and other clean production environments. SCOUT is developed and distributed by Fabmatics USA Inc., a specialist for semiconductor automation with sites in Dresden (DE) and Salt Lake City (USA).

          The SCOUT-Family includes the following products:

          • SCOUT®reticle for reticle transportation
          • SCOUT®4four for HA-200 boxes / SMIF Pods
          • SCOUT®active with 6 axis robot
          • SCOUT®triax with 3 axis system
          • SCOUT®roro with roller conveyor system

          SCOUT® incorporates MetraLabs’ service robot technologies. It navigates autonomously and doesn’t require any guidance systems on the ground or ceiling. Once programmed it is able to transport materials and products between arbitrary points in the factory, perform measurements and handle tools – all without requiring control personnel to be present.