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Company Profile

Montech has been developing and manufacturing automation equipment since 1963. We became pioneers in this field by producing the first modular pick and place device for the watchmaking industry.
Today the range of Montech products has grown to over 500 standard components - our units and basic systems are employed in a wide variety of industries.
All Montech products satisfy stringent demands with regard to:Flexibility,Precision,Economy,Stability,Dependability,Userfriendliness.
We warranty our products for at least 2 years.
Our warranty includes free replacement of components or complete subassemblies found to be defective.
We also guarantee to repair all subassemblies and supply spare parts for a period of 10 years.
Montech products have a high mechanical efficiency and an economical energy consumption
We manufacture goods with a long useful life.
We strictly avoid ecologically critical materials and processes.