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  • Offer Profile
  • Robot System Products has a long tradition in developing, producing and marketing robot peripheral equipment for all the major robot brands. The philosophy is to bring
    standard, high quality products that needs the minimum of installation time and maintenance without adding limitations to the robots performance. With the head quarters based in Vasteras, Sweden, Robot System Products has it’s own
    representation in many countries and through agencies around the world.
    Robot System Products is the only company that can offer a
    complete Tool System solution for the major robot brands.
    RSP Plug & Produce Tool System is easy to install, puts no limit to
    working range and are available in 3D CAD models.
Product Portfolio
  • Tool changers

  • Robot System Products tool changing systems are low weight, compact and robust with several incorporated safety features, making RSP tool changers the fastest and most reliable on the market. Depending on model and options, electrical signals, weld and servo power, data, water and compressed air are transferred from the robot side to the tool.

    RSP’s TrueConnect™ system is a patented advanced device locking technology, that automatically lines up the electrical connector pins before making contact, eliminating side-loading which drastically minimizes wear and maximizes operational life.

    Advantages RSP Tool changers:
    • Robust design for high torque applications
    • Fast locking --> 0,3s
    • Absolute positioning repeatability
    • Low maintenance and high uptime
    • 3D CAD models for Robot CAD systems
    • Swivels

    • With Robot System Products swivels you can provide compressed air, water electrical and data signals as well as weld and servo power to your tools with robot motion capabilities fully maintained. Axis 6 is allowed to rotate freely without limitations by hoses, cables or other obstacles and together with our hose packages there are no limits to axis 4 and 5 as well.

      With RSP swivels, the low weight, high corrosion resistance and a minimum of service requirements will enhance your productivity and maximize uptime in all applications involving substantial robot motions.

      Advantages RSP swivels:
      • Free rotation axis 6
      • No limits to axis 4 and 5 when used with RSP hose packages
      • Air, water, electrical and fieldbus signals
      • Weld and servo power
      • Low weight and high corrosion resistance
      • Low maintenance and high uptime
      • Swivel Tool Changer

      • Robot System Products swivels with tool changers unite the best out of two technologies. With the TrueConnect™ tool changing mechanism integrated with our swivel technology, absolute positioning repeatability and large tolerances at docking is combined with full motional freedom of your robots – axis 6 is allowed to rotate freely without being limited by hoses, cables or other obstacles. Low weight, high corrosion resistance and a minimum of service requirements will maximize uptime and consequently enhance your productivity in all applications involving substantial robot motions.

        Advantages RSP swivel tool changer:
        • Fast docking with high tolerance
        • Absolute positioning repeatability
        • Free rotation axis 6
        • No limits to axis 4 and 5 when used with RSP hose packages
        • Low weight and high corrosion resistance
        • Low maintenance and high uptime
        • Spot welding

        • RSP offers Tool changers, Swivel tool changers and Swivels dedicated for spotwelding applications.
            • Tool Changer Spotwelding

            • These spot-welding Tool Changers are designed for transformer guns powered by air cylinders or servo motors.
            • Swivel Tool Changer Spotwelding

            • The Swivels with Tool Changer combine the best of both worlds to maximize your flexibility and productivity. Proven and robust design ensures the highest possible reliability without limiting the robot's performance or working range. These products are the obvious choice in applications that involve several welding guns or material-handling tools and a lot of robot movement.
            • Swivel Spotwelding

            • Our family of Swivels provide all media-supply to your transformer guns without limiting your robot's motion capabilities. The swivel eliminates cables and hoses, which make it easy to do computer simulations and off-line programming. With low weight, high corrosion resistance and minimum service, our swivels will shorten your cycle-times, enhace your productivity and maximize uptime.
          • Valve Units

          • Our family of Valve units is made for mounting on any type of robot. Air and electrical connections is combined into one compact unit. The Tool changing function built in to the unit controls the air supply to the other valves which simplifies the programming of the robot. Sensor interfaces, field buses, and vacuum modules are available options.

            Advantages RSPs valve units:
            • Designed for robot mount
            • Tool changing function integrated
            • Standard (ISO) valve interface
            • Field bus compatible
            • Integrated electrical connection box
            • Vacuum module available
            • Reduced installation time with standard connections
            • Hose Packages

            • Dressing robots worldwide
              The hose packages will simplify the installation of extra cabling for all material handling applications. Together with our swivels, the upper arm hose design allows the robot to move freely and with no force to the application cabling. Without swivel there will be a limitation to the movement of axis 4-6. The design of the hose package has a well proven technology and gives your cabling a longer lifetime. The hose package includes all necessary bolts and brackets for your robot.

              Advantages RSP hose packages:
              • No tension and longer life on cabling
              • Quick and easy installation
              • Proven technology
              • Modular design
              • Unrestrained Axis 5 & 6 robot movements, when coupled with RSP swivel product
              • Grippers

              • RSP grippers
                  • Smartgrip

                  • This highly flexible gripper palletizes any type of pattern thanks to the multiplacing function with its 10 variable vacuum zones, which also enable quick product and pattern changes. The fast and reliable grip and release function provide fast pick-and-place with greater versatility. The gripper is designed for optimal operation with minimum maintenance.
                    • Other

                      • Vacuum System

                      • • Vacuum generates close to suction cup
                        • 35% faster than same ejectors on robot body
                        • Easy to change and clean ejector unit
                        • Low compressed air consumption
                        • IP 67 Washable
                        • Kit includes mechanical and pneumatic parts, air filter, cables and documentation
                        • Safety

                        • Prevents the robot from self-destroying.

                          • Fast stop after arm release.
                          • Gives a signal so that peripheral equipment doesn?t get destroyed.
                          • Can be mounted on new and old IRB 340.
                          • Rugged construction with no moving electrical cable.
                          • Standard product, kit includes mechanical sensors, box with pressure switch, air filter, Safety relay, cables
                          • between manipulator and cabinet, documentation and mounting instruction.