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Company Profile

Welcome to the Cybernetic Intelligence Research Group, part of the School of Systems Engineering at the University of Reading. Cybernetic intelligence is the study of intelligence and its application. It is an approach characterised by its emphasis on sub-symbolic knowledge representation and bottom-up (ie. data driven) problem solving. Cybernetic intelligence describes theoretical, mathematical and philosophical aspects of consciousness and intelligence and their application to the design of intelligent machines and the control of complex systems. The group has gained an extremely high international reputation, as evidenced by the large number of requests for group members to visit key international research institutes and conversely for their members to visit the group, together with corresponding global media interest in the labs. The group has witnessed considerable success in the field of autonomous intelligent robotics. In collaboration with the bioengineering unit of the ISRG, pioneering research has been undertaken into hurnan-computer implant technology, utilising a radical new direct interface to the nervous system.

Product Range

  • Applications for neural technologies, miscellaneous
  • Artificial neural networks (research and technology)
  • Basic scientific research
  • Bionics/neurobionics
  • Diagnosis and quality assurance by means of neural networks (research and technology)
  • Interpretation and simulation of nerve signals
  • Manufacturing optimisation by means of neural network systems (research and technology)
  • Neuro-research and technology, neuro-sciences
  • Neuron electronics